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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/12/13 21:40
Subject: [K-list] Levels of Consciousness
From: Ckress

On 1999/12/13 21:40, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

Gee, since I love to see my own words in print, thought I'd post more stuff
to the list (joke, sort of...)

My experiences of altered consciousness have revealed to me some of the
spectrum of reality levels. For analogy, say one is living in the basement
of a 30-story high rise. The basement = ordinary consciousness. If you
spend your whole life in the basement, that's all you know of reality. Then
one day you discover an elevator you didn't know was there, and you get
inside and it starts going up. Whoa! The door opens and you find yourself
on the 1st floor (astral plane). You're totally flipped. You had no idea
that this reality with all its strange inhabitants existed. While you're
there, in your excitement you may forget about life in the basement, but
eventually you find yourself back in your old subterranean apartment.

Time passes, then you're on another elevator ride to the 4th floor.
Everything is suddenly flowing-bliss and synchronicities and you're in
harmony with all of it and you want to set up permanent residence here,
ahhhhhhhh. Sorry, but it's back to the basement, kid. Then, on another day,
the elevator takes you to the 17th floor and it is awesome: Explosive
Ecstasy/Light/Light/Light! And... back to the basement, arrgh.

Apparently, most people find their way to the elevator through meditation. I
just sort of get beamed up. Just going about my business, when
presto-chango, I'm "not in Kansas anymore" (Wizard of Oz).

When you've only experienced the basement world, you're a spiritual innocent.
 And don't listen to those people condemning your ego; they don't know what
they're talking about. (Remember, I may be an idiot but I got the test
question right.) Once you've been on the elevator a few times, you retain
memory of every other level you've experienced, no matter which "floor"
you're on. Each level has its own set of characteristics which are
universally recognizable to anyone else who has been there.

It seems that the ultimate spiritual freedom/attainment is being able to move
at will from level to level. Apparently, while at the higher levels, some
people become indifferent to the "game plan" on the levels below and thus
have trouble experiencing compassion for those who are still living in
ordinary reality (like my husband worried about his catatonic samadhi-fied
wife). I've always chosen to retain a connection to those I love and this
heart-link has served as my anchor through every altered-state I've
experienced thus far. Maybe that's partly why I've never flipped into
psychosis or grandiosity in the beyond-the-beyond zones.



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