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Recieved: 1999/12/10 20:02
Subject: Re: [K-list] Another poll. Samadhi
From: Ckress

On 1999/12/10 20:02, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

Thanks Robert, Ville, Jerry, Amanda, et. al. for your insightful comments on
my last post. Amanda mentioned Nietzsche, who apparently also lost the
distinction between personal self and universal Self... he was in and out of
mental institutions throughout his life, and during one of his
hospitalizations, he announced, "Rejoice! I am God, and I have created this

In a message dated 12/9/1999 9:28:58 AM Pacific Standard Time,
Robert_WeilATnospamscientia.com writes:

> I've known K-activated ppl who have continued to behave as they had done
> before, albeit slowly changing. The seeing of cause and effect seemed to be
> mediated through the belief systems that the person had developed up till
> then. Their ability to see through others' automated lives did not seem to
> do a 180 degree turn to their own beliefs. However, they were able to learn
> lessons beyond the conditioned responses of ppl around them, and often
> could see the quality of a person's behaviour as an expression of that
> person's Self. This did not stop them taking advantage sometimes. If they
> wished they could help the other ppl along, but it was no panacea. Seems to
> me that much stuff still needs to be drawn through the fire before one can
> say that one is cleared of egotistical motives.

His paragraph mentions concepts that often come up in discussions of
spirituality. I'd like to address a couple of them (apart from the context
of Robert's observation about the course some people seem to follow).

(1) Most people live automated, conditioned lives.
Did anyone else notice this in their childhood? I mean, were you aware of
how robotic and inauthentic adults were in their words, attitudes and
behaviors? Most children are far more real until they reach adolescence,
which is why young children are such wonderful teachers for reconnecting to
the spontaneity of being.

(2) Belief systems
I read an article some years ago about spiritual conversions taking one of
two paths. The most common across the board is when one's prior belief
system is found to be restrictive, self-damaging or otherwise dysfunctional,
and is consequently traded in for a different belief structure. A very
simplistic example: "Whoever dies with the most toys wins" is replaced by
"Life is a gift."

On this path, every targeted belief is replaced by a different belief or
affirmation (often an opposite one). To give only a few of endless possible
examples: "I'm worthless" becomes "I'm valuable." "The world is full of
evil" becomes "Nothing is real but love." "I'm powerless" becomes "I'm
empowered" (or if you're in AA, "I'm in control" becomes "I admit that I am
powerless..."). "Money and fame will bring me happiness" changes to "Christ
is my salvation." "I'm angry and miserable because of external provocations"
becomes "I'm reacting this way because of my ego." In this overhaul of
programming, one is constantly monitoring one's thoughts/words to eliminate
old "wrong, destructive" beliefs and upgrading to new "positive, healthy"

The author of the article had labeled these paths but I forget what. I'll
rename them the Travelling-with-brand-new-luggage path and the
Travelling-lite-path. With the Travelling-with-brand-new-luggage path, one
continually tells oneself "this is what I should be thinking/feeling/doing"
or "This is what I know to be true, so I will evaluate everything according
to how much it supports this truth."

The Travelling-lite-path is when the old beliefs are set aside for a
"beginner's mind" approach to life. One's life becomes a very interesting
moment-by-moment experience of adventure, discovery and ever-deepening
awareness, with no guarantee of where it will lead. Beliefs may still be
held, but in an open palm, ready to be chucked if something arises that
seriously invalidates them. There's a lot of letting go and learning to get
out of your own way on this path. At times there's a sense of doing a high
wire act without a safety net, which makes it exhilarating but also
potentially more dangerous than sticking with the tour guide's recommended
handrail bridge route.

On the Travelling-lite-path, all you need carry with you is an ability to be
attentive, self-honesty and a love of exploration. It has to come from love,
otherwise you won't have the courage or endurance to allow yourself to find
out what's really happening, because some of the surprises aren't so
pretty... and some are more amazing and beautiful than you ever could have

Lots of us are on a combination of the new-luggage and no-luggage trips.
Eventually we settle in with the one which is best suited to our nature.



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