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Subject: "Sweet personality" & marketing (was Re: [K-list] Another poll.
From: aposter

On 1999/12/09 05:10, Ville Vainio posted thus to the K-list:

On Wed, 8 Dec 1999 CKRESSATnospamaol.com wrote:

> Glenn Morris challenges the prevailing belief that "Kundalini makes
> you sweet and peaceful." Neither a fully awakened Kundalini nor
> enlightenment experiences guarantee a corresponding ennobling of
> character. Morris

Personally, I think that the external qualifiers for K are rubbish. If
someone feels universal compassion and kindness that is his thing, nothing
else. When I am doing regular meditations, I often feel very euphoric (in
a non-cognitive, non-enlightened way), like being on some sort of dirty
street drug. That causes many "noble" behavioural patterns, but there is
nothing "big" about it.

I really don't like the way spirituality is marketed for people for whom
it's not meant; those who are spiritually inclined are prone to walk the
path anyway, as they see it's the only way to go. In the past marketing
was necessary in order to keep the tradition alive, but in modern
information society it is just stupid.

> "Once the Kundalini has awakened, it goes in the direction that the
> personality has developed," Joan Harrigan warns. "If you want political
> power, you get charisma to get elected. If you want money, it goes toward
> business acumen. If you want spiritual development and have developed a
> virtuous lifestyle and eschewed the worldly distractions, then it goes to
> spiritual experience." (from a KRN conference audiotape) "The meaning of

Quite radical way of thinking, IMO... it seems to me that K directs you
into a spiritual path, and you will walk it, or try something else,
suffer, and then walk it.

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