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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/12/08 23:21
Subject: [K-list] Scriabin and kinaesthesia
From: Jacques de Schryver et Linda Steven

On 1999/12/08 23:21, Jacques de Schryver et Linda Steven posted thus to the K-list:

CKress wrote :
The classical composer Alexander Scriabin seems to have
fallen victim to this
frailty. He recorded the following samadhi experience in
his private
notebook: "Something began to glimmer and pulsate and this
something was
one... This one was all with nothing in opposition to it.
It was
everything. I am everything."


Did you know that Scriabin was among the very few to have
true kinaesthesia ?

That means a mixing of senses ?

Those who read 'Mind of a mnemonist' by Luria know what
importance it has toward memory. I even wrote 80 pages about
that in one of my books in french (The Poor pupil's
Revenge', no it is not an autobiography ;-))) ). It is a
book on inference(induction versus deduction).

So my question is : who, among the Kundalites, feel they
have this mixing of senses ?

In the 'normal world' it is said about 1 out of 100 000.

Greetings from the pond, where the tickling of water is
yellow and curved, and where the taste of coffee is pointed
and grey (this is kinaesthesia).

Froggy Jacques

Jacques De Schryver et Linda Steven
Site de Linda : http://www.multimania.com/lsteven


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