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Recieved: 1999/12/04 20:02
Subject: Re: [K-list] Re: Another poll. Samadhi
From: Ckress

On 1999/12/04 20:02, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 12/4/1999 9:03:06 AM Pacific Standard Time,
GCWein1111ATnospamaol.com writes:

> Samadhi is definitely not the same as epiphany. lt refers
> generally to a profound state of ecstasy --- a complete merging of subject
> and object in its highest form. The traditions distinguish between
> (identification with an object, accompanied by higher thought forms) and
> nirvikalpa (identification with the transcendental Self only, devoid of
> content of consciousness). Some traditions refer also to sahaj samadhi, a
> spontaneous ecstasy while still in am embodied state. ( l got this from
> Feurstein's Encyclopedia of Yoga --- just a few excerpts)

What is meant by "object" in this context? I've had spontaneous shifts where
I've morphed into the consciousness of a tiger, a crocodile, a sunflower
(that was euphoric), and a whole garden of plants and trees. Also I once
tapped into the consciousness of an ant colony, again totally unexpected.
What a rush: a sheer liquid-symphony of energy. None of these involved
"thought" in the ordinary sense, but rather a sensory/instinctual or
astral/energy consciousness.

I've experienced the Self/Void state, devoid of ego/body but still a state of
primordial/source consciousness in which all creation was experienced as
illusion/maya/nothingness. When consciousness is totally absent, how is
there awareness of this state? Is it like a total blackout? If so, how does
it register in mind/memory?

I know that transpersonal experiences are very difficult to verbally convey,
and sometimes they get codified in spiritual literature in a misleading or
inaccurate way. I've had numerous epiphanies -- not mental realizations, but
different perceptual/awareness/experiential states, all of which are hard to
explain to anyone who hasn't "been there" in a similar way. Although it
seems arbitrary to me to break them into categories, if hard pressed, I'd say
mine have been either of an extreme expansion of consciousness "awakening"
type, or of a merging/consciousness "oneness" type.

Once, for instance, while listening to a street musician playing guitar and
singing in a park, I merged with his music. I was no longer hearing it, I
simply WAS it. Although I was in the back of a crowd of about 40 people
gathered to enjoy the music, when the musician finished his set, he walked as
if hypnotized straight through to me and seemed intent on connecting with me.
 I didn't tell him about my merge-experience (figured he'd think I was nuts),
but I knew that it had something to do with why he'd been drawn to me. We
went to a nearby cafe together and realized that we both felt as if we were
in an inexplicably altered state. We started talking about synchronicities.
He told me that although he'd never had a paid job, he never lacked money --
it just appeared from the universe when he needed it. The moment he said
that, a penny flew through the air from who-knows-where and landed directly
on our table. While it delighted us, neither of us were in the least bit
surprised. At the time, it seemed like the most natural thing in the world
that the universe would validate his statement...



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