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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/11/26 20:31
Subject: Re: [K-list] carnivores/vegetarians.
From: Ckress

On 1999/11/26 20:31, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 11/26/1999 2:00:03 PM Pacific Standard Time, Druout writes:

> El wrote: <<The
> energy of the plants and flowers was unbelievably blissful and serene, and
> most awesome of all were the trees. I felt them to be in a state of
> just luminous, pure love-satchidananda almost too beautiful for me to bear.
> Then a day later, the mail came and it was mostly a heap of junk mail.>>
> Dear List,
> Perhaps this is another case of the ego trying to reassert its dominance.
> Once our brains start "thinking" again, pain, fear and guilt and the belief
> that evil exists reappears--trying to negate the "truth" of the samadhi
> experience of oneness/love.
> Love, Hillary

Both through experience and logic, "the samadhi experience of oneness" is
non-dualistic and all-inclusive. Which means it can't be negated or
exclusive of anything, including suffering, thought, or anything that exists.
 It's not an polarized either/or condition.

My ego was there when I merged with the consciousness of the samahi-trees and
it was there the next day when I got smashed by the realization that so many
were being killed for such idiotic purposes. I could have sworn that what I
felt for the trees on both days was love, but what does an ego-ramus like me

Another thing: "ego" and "attachment" are primarily Eastern Patriarchal
religious terms. I notice they get hurled around liberally here, as if we
all agree that they're serious spiritual defects/obstacles. If someone were
to say, "Hey, that's a sin" or "You're violating the Sabbath day!" wouldn't
most people here consider that a matter of personal religious belief?

Having a self (aka "ego") in relationship (aka "attachment") to other
incarnate beings in this world (aka "gross plane") is considered an honorable
and positive thing in the indigenous/shamanic traditions.



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