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Recieved: 1999/11/21 18:05
Subject: Re: [K-list] If There Is A God...
From: Ckress

On 1999/11/21 18:05, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 11/19/1999 5:57:57 PM Pacific Standard Time,
revoATnospamerols.com writes:

> If there is a god, why is this earth such a hell? How could a god,
> he-she-it, bring into being such a world where all of nature, beautiful
> as it may be, "lives" by killing.
> And look at "great" American companies that oppress their workers,
> making life miserable for the many at the bottom so that an evil few at
> the top can amass more wealth than anyone could possible need...how can
> any self respecting god allow this?

Mark Twain had an answer to this which often gave me dark-humor satisfaction
during times when my own heart wailed inconsolably at the suffering and
atrocity in this world. Twain said, "God is a malign thug."

I no longer believe this (but still find it funny). I perceive real evil in
the world, yet I've come to understand that it serves a spiritual purpose.
What I'll call the pastel shades of Love -- experienced as bliss, peace,
happiness, and the utter contentment of the cosmic-uterine pre-birth, pre-ego
oneness -- usually get shattered on this plane. Then the heart feels
bewildered and horrified and outraged and cannot comprehend what Intelligence
would throw sentient beings into this pit of hell. But in time it discovers
that the vibrant colors of Love -- all the most dynamic stuff -- come into
being here in this place of constant friction and challenge and ferocious,
sometimes monstrous teachings.

It isn't until the soul has passed through these fires that its greatest
creative potential can unfurl, when it learns it can dance with the Darkness
as well as rest in the blessed embrace of the Light. I don't mean this
flippantly. The "dance" is serious and asks a great deal from you, and it
can't be learned from a book or seminar or from reading what I'm saying here.
 But in some way you eventually come to understand that fertile/desolate,
beautiful/hideous, yin/yang, creation/destruction are a necessary pulse that
beats in every iota of the manifest universe.

It's a living koan: an impossible, glorious, absurd, sublime, staggering,
exquisite, incredible conundrum which can drive you up the wall until,
eureka, it suddenly starts to make sense. (I'm just beginning to get the
drift of it myself.)



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