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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/11/19 11:09
Subject: [K-list] Return of the dart board factor
From: winter mute

On 1999/11/19 11:09, winter mute posted thus to the K-list:

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999 20:34:08 CKRESS wrote:

>I believe that each of us is an equally important part of the whole,
>have unique stories and ideas which can enrich us all.

We share this ideal alike.

It's very good for newcomers to Kundalini to be able to
meet other ppl in the process and see the different
sides to it and last but not least the faces
behind it. :)

Reading ancient scriptures is ok, but meeting someone
with an open mind and friendly voice cannot
(almost) compare to it.

>Which doesn't mean we all need to sit politely with folded hands after
>someone has presented ideas we find objectionable, but making our
>disagreements known with as much decency and fairness as we can muster.

I suppose this is what's the problem.

Everybody with the exception of a very few here,
are still somewhat emotionally attached to their
own views and arguments.

And with some ppl in the process of finding their
views and arguments,
it is not strange egos get heated
and arguments fly in between.

Too much ojas, anyone ? ;) LOL !

The things is, as I see it, there is a difference
b/n presenting one's arguments with (or without)
passion and starting to attack someone's
character or personality (aka ego).

Of course, egos should shrink and usually do in
the process of K rising, but
I deeply suspect an ego has to get to a certain
size before it is able to deal with K most
or this theory may be just full of bull... ;)
anyway.... some ppl have a more sensitive ego than
others and we all have our particular buttons we
don't like seeing pushed.
(I know 'cause I obviously pushed some of yours some
time ago, El. :) )

>As I said in another post, there are spiritual
>skills which can't be developed in a pleasant, safe >environment.

Yes, but those will be found by ppl no matter
Some ppl even grow up in hostile environments.

And: giving room to ppl is in MHO by far the best
way to ensure spiritual (and otherwise) growth.

>Learning to stand up for what we are and what we value (even if it means
>standing alone and apart) while allowing others to do the same (even if we're
>sure they're dead wrong) is, in my opinion, critical to collective spiritual

As well as the vitality of the list.

And besides, I have a strong feeling if one is saying
something in here, there are many others thinking
the same thing but not saying anything.

I hardly think one is alone. :)

El, let me say, I'm not saying this to disagree,
in fact, I very much agree with you on this.

The first time it has happened. ;))

Best regards,


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