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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/11/17 06:55
Subject: Re: [K-list] deities.
From: Ckress

On 1999/11/17 06:55, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

I'd thought I'd just remain spectator to the God/no-God debate, since my
feeling is that it's a personal issue which doesn't need to be resolved by
committee. Then I realized that my own slant on the subject is something
I've never seen or heard presented anywhere. So why not break new ground...
and wind up alienating everybody, LOL.

What I'll say here arises from an experience I had of God/Self/Void some 30
years ago. I'm not asking anyone to believe my interpretation of the
experience, just stating it as my frame of reference. The experience
annihilated my previous conceptions about the nature of reality and sent me
on a 20 year search through every religious, metaphysical and occult text I
could find, trying to see if anyone else had encountered what had been
revealed to me.

I discovered that nearly every tradition alluded to (or directly described)
my experience. Yet had I read any of this prior to my experience, I couldn't
have fully understood what they were saying, just as when I read Gopi
Krishna's K story years before my own K awakened, my idea of what he meant by
"luminous vital currents in the body" is a whole lot different from what I
know it to mean now.

All of this is a laborious prelude to say that
God/Source/Tao/Whatever-you-call-it is so fantastically, colossally
paradoxical that if you say:
(1) God exists -- it's true
(2) There is only Self -- it's true
(3) The Creator is in all things -- it's true
(4) God is nowhere -- it's true
(5) God is all there is -- it's true
(6) There is no God -- it's true

I'm not trying to be mind-fuck cutesy about this. The Center/Source is
omnipresent, so that from any vantage point or from any specific focus of
awareness -- i.e., any one of us -- no matter what the perception of it is,
it remains true. It's an infinite mobius strip paradox: God is and God isn't
and God never was and God always will be and magic is alive and God never
died and nothing is as it seems and everything is as it seems... and ALL OF

And having said that, most of you are probably now convinced that I'm
certifiably insane. Well, that's what you think. Now I must go ride my
purple llama into the prismatic cuisinart, tra la la ole'.



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