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Recieved: 1999/11/16 19:59
Subject: Re: [K-list] shamanic healing
From: Jenell

On 1999/11/16 19:59, Jenell posted thus to the K-list:

With me, it's the other way around. i exerience their pain, sometimes
other physcal sensations, but no 'detectable physcial symptoms' in/on


CKRESSATnospamaol.com wrote:
> Sent this a couple hours ago -- seems like it vanished, so I'm trying again.
> I know that some people on this list have a calling as shamanic healers and
> they have experienced the phenomena of unintentionally taking on illnesses
> from others. I thought this might be of interest to them. It's told by the
> Ojibway medicine woman, Betty Laverdure (from the book "Wisdom's Daughters:
> Conversations with Women Elders of Native America"):
> "A friend is hypoglycemic. She's had some kind of surgery, and she had some
> sores about this big and they were just filled with pus. They were draining,
> draining, draining for about a year. She'd go to the doctor and they'd drain
> them. she wouldn't tell me. But one day she was telling the youth and
> elders about her suicide attempt. So she had these sores and I was close to
> her and I knew they were painful. One day, she announced, "They're gone!
> All gone!"
> "Her skin was just soft and "They're gone."
> "So I didn't think anything of it till I went to take a bath. I had those
> damn things right here on my stomach. Still got the scars. They didn't
> hurt; they didn't itch. I knew right away they were my friend's sores.
> "I put a bandage over them so they wouldn't rub on my clothes. They were
> yellow. There was pus in them. I could see them, but I didn't feel them.
> They didn't hurt. They weren't sore. They weren't itchy. I couldn't
> understand it.
> "I found out that my friend had lost hers and I had just taken them. They
> healed that way. I put the dressing and I put the slave, and I bandaged
> them. They healed over but left real dark scars, is all I have now. I
> didn't know I was doing that. I felt bad because she had them. I was close
> to her.
> "You never know when you get sick if you took it from somebody. Now my heart
> condition had to be taken from somebody or I wouldn't be getting over it and
> finding less and less symptoms... The EKG indicates I have a heart problem.
> They've taken all these tests. And, yet, I don't have all of the symptoms.
> My ankles never swell. I don't have any angina. I don't have any heart
> pains... The doctor asks why I'm taking this [prescription heart medication]
> and suddenly I realize I don't have heart problems; this is somebody else's
> and it'll go away. I'm on one medication yet as a precaution."
> El


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