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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/11/16 16:38
Subject: [K-list] shamanic healing
From: Ckress

On 1999/11/16 16:38, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

I know that some people on this list have a calling as shamanic healers and
they have experienced the phenomena of unintentionally taking on illnesses
from others. I thought this might be of interest to them. It's told by the
Ojibway medicine woman, Betty Laverdure (from the book "Wisdom's Daughters:
Conversations with Women Elders of Native America"):

"A friend is hypoglycemic. She's had some kind of surgery, and she had some
sores about this big and they were just filled with pus. They were draining,
draining, draining for about a year. She'd go to the doctor and they'd drain
them. she wouldn't tell me. But one day she was telling the youth and
elders about her suicide attempt. So she had these sores and I was close to
her and I knew they were painful. One day, she announced, "They're gone!
All gone!"

"Her skin was just soft and "They're gone."

"So I didn't think anything of it till I went to take a bath. I had those
damn things right here on my stomach. Still got the scars. They didn't
hurt; they didn't itch. I knew right away they were my friend's sores.

"I put a bandage over them so they wouldn't rub on my clothes. They were
yellow. There was pus in them. I could see them, but I didn't feel them.
They didn't hurt. They weren't sore. They weren't itchy. I couldn't
understand it.

"I found out that my friend had lost hers and I had just taken them. They
healed that way. I put the dressing and I put the slave, and I bandaged
them. They healed over but left real dark scars, is all I have now. I
didn't know I was doing that. I felt bad because she had them. I was close
to her.

"You never know when you get sick if you took it from somebody. Now my heart
condition had to be taken from somebody or I wouldn't be getting over it and
finding less and less symptoms... The EKG indicates I have a heart problem.
They've taken all these tests. And, yet, I don't have all of the symptoms.
My ankles never swell. I don't have any angina. I don't have any heart
pains... The doctor asks why I'm taking this [prescription heart medication]
and suddenly I realize I don't have heart problems; this is somebody else's
and it'll go away. I'm on one medication yet as a precaution."



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