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Recieved: 1999/11/13 06:43
Subject: Re: [K-list] Voodoo
From: Jenell

On 1999/11/13 06:43, Jenell posted thus to the K-list:

Obviously your and my spirit guides are Brothers! But after mine
impressed that upon me, the need to tell the truth, be honest, real,
authentic, he added something else, and went about assuring me he meant

That was, 'Do so, and then trust me to handle any problems that might
seem to arise of it.' I've been in a number of situations now in which I
did that, and really felt I was going to have to accept some unpleasant
consquences for it, but he has come through for me in a most amazing
way. I've also learned that some of the most intimidating people when
you start being trully authentic, once they've come up against your rock
solid stand, either come to respect you, or are so scared by you they go
crawl under a rock somehwere, or find themselves 'loosing it' and
turning into looking like babbling idiots when they try to continue
attempts to tear you down.
CKRESSATnospamaol.com wrote:
> Jenell wrote:
> >Something I've begun to wonder about is there being possibly something that
> 'attracts' us toward the cultural aspects, espeically aspects of
> spiritualuity and religious form, of our genetic, racial heritage, even when
> we havn't been exposed to it, or seem to not been attracted for any mental
> reasons we can discern.<
> This was true for me. My great-grandmother was Native American, and like
> Jenell, I had no exposure to this part of my heritage or spiritual culture
> while growing up, and only mild interest in it before K awakened. But over
> the past 8 years, this is the tradition that I have been most drawn to
> explore, especially in it's heart-centered aspects.
> The first spirit-guide to appear to me after me K rose was a Native American
> elder/medicine man, who, when I asked him what I should do, spoke only three
> words: "Tell the truth." I was taken aback, not because I'd been prone to
> dishonesty, but because boldly telling the truth to the world can get you
> crucified real fast. I tried to explain this to him but he just stared me
> down. Turned out it was really the perfect advice for me and radically
> altered my spiritual focus. Until then, I'd spent my life trying to live up
> to an impossibly high ideal of who I thought I should be. Concentrating
> instead on just telling the truth has allowed me to become more authentic,
> more centered, and more tuned into whatever is happening within me and around
> me. I later came across a quote from Krishnamurti that described this very
> thing: "As long as you are trying to be something other than what you
> actually are, your mind merely wears itself out. But if you say, "This is
> what I am, it is a fact that I am going to investigate, understand,' then you
> can go beyond."
> El


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