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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/11/11 07:14
Subject: Re: [K-list] Black magic and misuse of Power?
From: Ckress

On 1999/11/11 07:14, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:


Since you wrote your response to me as a on-list message, I'll do likewise
for now. I didn't expect you to be too pleased with my spiel, but I didn't
intend it to hurt you. I wasn't aiming at the messenger, just the message.
Guess I missed the target...

I think you know by now that I have a fond regard for you. As I've told you
privately, I admire your exceptional intelligence, wit, ability to stand your
own ground, broad-mindedness, iconoclastic individuality, and the skill and
stamina you've demonstrated as facilitator of this list. Most of all, I have
appreciated your mental/emotional strength, which has been a gift to me in
ways I don't think you understand. My mind tends to be unsparingly critical
when confronted with ideas that strike me as harmful, but if I try to curb
this less-than-lovely part of my nature, I become so concerned with trying to
be nice that I lose the thread of what I want to say. Since most people seem
to me too fragile to withstand my go-for-the-jugular style, I usually keep my
mouth shut. But you seem to have such amazing resilience I've felt I could
just let it rip and you'd be okay. Maybe I've overestimated you in this
sense, or maybe, as you've said, this is just a very difficult time for you.
I'm sorry if I came across like a rabid pit bull.

I'd also like to respond to a few points you raised. Much of the
"metaphysical/map of reality" you described has built up a lot of momentum in
New Age circles over the past decade or so, which is why I find it a highly
charged subject. The fact that so many people buy into it worries me and I
think it's already doing as much harm as its religious predecessors. While I
focused on the us/them aspect in my last post, the self-created reality part
of it bothers me too.

To give an example of how far its reach has already extended, last year my
fairly conservative HMO's flyer (sent to members several times a year)
featured an article by a M.D. promoting positive thinking. The gist of the
article was that since we create our own reality through our thoughts and
beliefs -- here's the whammy -- patients should believe their medications are
effective and without side effects. If this doctor really believed that
patients can control their reality this easily, why not tell them to heal
themselves and save the HMO a load more $$ (and put himself out of a job,

This article, by the way, came out after national news of a report in the
journal of the American Medical Association that adverse drug reactions in
the U.S. cause more than 100,000 deaths a year. The think-positive article
seemed to me to be an insidious attempt to guilt trip patients to ignore any
bad effects they might experience from their prescription meds, and make them
feel personally responsible for any damage they might suffer from the drugs.
This could make some patients afraid to admit to themselves or to their
families or their doctors that the drugs weren't helping them (or were
seriously hurting them).

I suspect that the self-created reality advocates on list will see this as an
isolated incident where the principles are being twisted to serve corporate
interests. But I feel we'll see a lot more of this in the future.

While I don't contest that thoughts have power, to me, reducing the whole of
experience to what-you-think-is-what-you-get is too simplistic. The level at
which I am the sole agent creating experiences isn't the same level at which
I'm El Collie, a soul in an incarnation interacting with other souls and
other forces/intelligences and divine power which far surpasses my limited
comprehension on this plane.

I know this is opening a new can of worms, but since I've stuck my neck out
this far, I may as well say that I think fate has as much, and maybe more,
bearing on our experiences here than our daily choices/thoughts/beliefs. By
"fate" I mean that either we ourselves, or guardian beings responsible for
our spiritual development, design the course of our lives before we take
birth, so that much of what happens to us and even the basic way we deal with
what happens has been preordained. The more I've studied astrology, the more
this seems apparent. My entire life is spelled out in my chart in such
detail it's chilling, and I've seen the same thing in other people's charts
so often I can't account for it in any other way. The only thing the chart
doesn't show is the level of awareness/heart at which the experiences will be
met. Charles Manson's chart, for instance, shows that he will be an
extraordinarily influential person and receive wide public attention. It
doesn't show what level of spiritual development he'll attain, only that he's
fated to be famous.

Back to the "Lightworker" label, usually self-applied (but not always; I've
had well-meaning people call me this too). It disturbs me because it implies
that some of us are really doing good with God/Goddess on our side, which
simultaneously implies that others are not of our high spiritual caliber.
You're right Angelique, I'm definitely not a paragon of humility. Humble
people are so gentle and sweet, I wish I could be like them. But even with
my character foibles, my heart protests that we're all spiritual beings, all
stretching in our own way toward the light.

By the same token, healers aren't the only ones who have to deal with crap
here. How about instead of "Lightworkers" or "Shit eaters" we simply call
ourselves "human beings"?



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