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Recieved: 1999/09/30 05:32
Subject: Re: [K-list] Huh?
From: Martin Thompson

On 1999/09/30 05:32, Martin Thompson posted thus to the K-list:

14:10:32 Wed, 29 Sep 1999
 at CKRESSATnospamaol.com writes:
>Whenever I hear someone attach an ironclad explanation to anything, I take it
>with a grain of salt. I've found too many things which can't be adequately
>or unequivocally explained. And there is so much which doesn't depend on
>explanation to be valuable and meaningful, and too many things which are
>cheapened or dishonestly dismissed by our mania to explain them away. I'm
>not saying that trying to understand how and why something works is wrong;
>this basically masculine approach is very useful in all sorts of
>applications. But it produces arrogance and a false sense of security to
>assume it's possible to get our hands/minds on the blueprint of the universe
>(or of the psyche, or the spirit, or even the mind), especially when we
>intend to use the blueprint to bend everything to our personal
Thank you for ranting. It certainly is the case that scientific
"explanations" are ultimately little more than descriptions, in fact.
The mathematical precision of those descriptions makes them precisely
useful, and the verbal picture of the description makes the ideas easier
to follow for a primate brain. But they are not really explanations.
Consider: what is a force? Or energy? Or matter? We have to accept these
as given as our simple minds have no way to grasp the reality through
rational thought, it seems. Different cultures and different times come
up with different descriptions, and some are perhaps more useful in some
ways than others. The scientific method is certainly handy for getting
detailed, objectively observable, testable descriptions.
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