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Recieved: 1999/09/29 13:17
Subject: Re: [K-list] Huh?
From: Lesley Richardson

On 1999/09/29 13:17, Lesley Richardson posted thus to the K-list:

--- CKRESSATnospamAOL.com wrote:
> A somewhat tangential rant: Western (and
> Patriarchal) cultures, with their
> emphasis on controlling, manipulating and conquering
> nature are focused on
> understand HOW and WHY things work, which can be
> useful in all kinds of
> material and social operations. The more
> feminine-oriented (mostly
> indigenous and shamanic) cultures are more concerned
> with WHAT is than how
> and why it is. They interpret phenomena as
> manifestations of an observable
> but essentially unknowable Mystery.
One of the problems we face is when the
masculine/feminine duality is out of balance, which is
is on our planet at present. Both have much of value
to provide. I'm female, but it's only since I accessed
and started to express the masculine aspects of my
being that I've been able to start to really change.

The HeartMath Institute has some very interesting
research that explains what is happening with
different kinds of meditation and attention with our
various endocrine and nervous systems. For me, this
information helps explain the phenomena I experience
and that makes all the difference. It's different for
others, and that's OK.
The following link has some fascinating scientific
explanations for why different types of energetic
teachings work differently. If your internal guidance
works better for you, that's fine. I like to take
everything into account, from Tarot readings, to
animal signs, to scientific research. I believe the
Cosmos gives us messages in every single moment
through every thing we encounter as part of what the
Australian aborigines call Divine Oneness.
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