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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/09/19 06:04
Subject: Re: [K-list] A Bizarre Entity Story
From: Ckress

On 1999/09/19 06:04, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

Hillary posted a quote by a Swami who claimed that anyone with Shakti was
safe from harm from entities. On the soul level, this may be true, but
demons can play hardball with the body. I once had one slam into me from
behind so hard it caused my neck to whiplash. This was witnessed by a friend
who was more terrified by it than I was.

The miracle healer Padre Pio, whose K rose during his childhood (or at
birth), had run-ins with demons all his life. He also had continual
visitations from Jesus, Mary, St. Francis and other saints and at the age of
31, developed the wounds of the stigmata, which remained with him for the
rest of his life. His guardian angel enabled him to translate French and
Greek, languages he did not know, and he was on many occasions witnessed to
bilocate (be seen in two places at once).

In the book "Frontiers of the Soul," Michael Grosso writes:
"Once the iron bars of the padre's cell were found twisted out of shape after
a night he spent wrestling with demons. The monks never saw anything but
many heard the diabolic din. They often found the padre unconscious on the
floor beside his bed, covered with welts and bruises."

When a possessed woman saw him, "she growled in a deep voice, 'Pio, we will
see you tonight.' That night the friars thought the house had been struck by
an earthquake. The Superior rushed to Pio's room and found him on the floor
bleeding from the head. Oddly, there was a pillow under his head. Pio said
the Madonna had put it there. In the morning, the possessed woman (while
being exorcised by another priest) shrieked, 'Last night I was up to see the
old man. I hate him so much because he is a fountain of faith. I would have
done more, except the lady in white stopped me.'"

Grosso says that this incident is retold from a book written by John Schug,
and is based on accounts by "eyewitnesses not disposed to sensationalism.
Pio's face was so disfigured by the event he was unable to appear in public
for five days. On another occasion, he was found with the bones in his arms
and legs broken." Pio wrote in 1918: "I cannot describe to you how those
wretched creatures were beating me!"

>From what Jerry described, the sensations his friend describes seems to me
unlikely to be demons and is probably a combination of K manifestations and
extreme anxiety. However, in an off-list message to him, on the very slight
chance that his friend is experiencing entities, I made this recommendation
which is applicable for some of the protection rituals others have described.
 While performing cleansing rituals indoors, one should keep a door or window
open. Demons beating a fast retreat have been known to break window panes in
their rush to get away.



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