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Recieved: 1999/09/14 14:31
Subject: [K-list] Weather-magic
From: Ckress

On 1999/09/14 14:31, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

I've personally met people who could effect weather changes. I've witnessed
this happen on numerous occasions. One was a t'ai chi teacher who seemed to
have a wind ally. He hadn't been trying to make anything happen, but while I
was with him one day, we both noticed the wind was doing really weird things.

He and I had shared a picnic in the woods and were lying on a blanket on the
ground, just enjoying the beauty of the day. When he sat up, a gentle
breeze began to blow, which seemed like nothing out of the ordinary at the
time. Then he stood up and the wind suddenly became strong and gusty.
Again, it didn't seem particularly strange. When he sat back down, the wind
slowed to a gentle breeze. He looked at me and said, "Am I crazy or is the
wind following my lead?"

I suggested he lie back down and see what happened. He did, and the wind
came to a total stop. Nada. "Now sit up again," I said. The breeze came
right up with him. For the next few minutes, he went through a series of
test-movements just to prove to himself that it couldn't be a coincidence.
Up, down, sitting, lying down, up again on his feet. Every single time, the
wind instantly increased or decreased accordingly, always stopping the second
he lay down and whipping up vigorously when he stood. (This friend was also
a natural shaman who at that time had been trying to locate the Native
American healer, Rolling Thunder, in hopes he could study under him.)

In the late sixties, there was a lot of excitement going around the Haight
Ashbury about a concert where Donovan was reported to have stopped the rain.
It had been an outdoor concert with several thousand people in attendance
(details of just how many were there are blurry after all these years). At
the beginning of his set, it began to rain. Not so great when you're on
stage with a lot of electrical equipment. The audience was in a funk because
they thought the concert would have to be cancelled. But Donovan asked
everyone to chant with him to stop the rain... and after a few minutes of
this, it really stopped, and the concert proceeded with no further problem.

I don't have any personal ability to effect weather changes, but when I
really had a need in this regard, my prayers were answered. When I was a
single mother without a car, I had to do all the grocery shopping, trips to
the laundromat, etc. on foot. This was a double harassment during rainy
weather. (Thankfully, we don't get snow or ice storms here!) So I would
pray that the rain let up long enough for me to walk the mile to (and back
from) the supermarket... and invariably, it would. Then, the whole time I'd
be inside the store shopping, there would often be a downpour until the
moment I got through the checkout line. I'd be able to get home with
groceries/laundry dry, then soon after I was inside, the rain would continue
where it left off.

If you think that's incredible, here's a better one: we actually had a pet
rabbit who could stop the rain! Pogo was raised an indoor rabbit who loved
spending some time on our screen-enclosed back porch, but he hated wet and
cold weather. When he wanted to go out to the porch, he would thump his foot
loudly. But when it was raining the porch would get wet, and he'd want to
come right back in again, shivering and generally miserable about the whole

One day when Pogo thumped to go out while it was raining, my husband
playfully told him, "You'll have to ask your nature spirit friends to bring
the sun out for you." Within 15 minutes, the rain stopped, and Pogo enjoyed
several sunny hours lounging in his favorite spot on the porch. Thereafter,
any time he thumped to go outside during rainy spells, we told him to ask his
spirit friends to stop the rain. On very rare occasion, it didn't work (or
maybe he didn't bother to ask, who knows?)

Truth is stranger than fiction, eh?



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