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Recieved: 1999/09/06 14:19
Subject: Re: [K-list] MSM?
From: Ckress

On 1999/09/06 14:19, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

Jacques asked about MSM. I wrote a review on the book "The Miracle of MSM:
The Natural Solution for Pain" in the latest issue of Shared Transformation
newsletter. Here it is:


The M.D. authors, Dr. Jacob and Dr. Lawrence, are pain specialists "with
nearly ninety years of combined clinical experience treating severe and
debilitating pain problems." The book is filled with case histories of
people with a wide range of painful physical conditions these doctors were
able to help with MSM.

A nontoxic nutritional supplement (a sulfur metabolite of DMSO), MSM isn't a
cure for anything, but works to reduce inflammation and muscle spasms,
promotes healing of injuries and normalizes the immune system. It has
provided substantial relief for conditions such as chronic back pain,
fibromyalgia, bone and joint pain, and many forms of arthritis. MSM also
relieves allergies of all sorts (to pollen, animal dander, food and chemical
sensitivities, etc.) and protects against many of the damaging effects of
autoimmune diseases like lupus. There is really something to this. After
taking MSM for a week to see if it would relieve my spine pain, I was
astonished that my lingering bronchitis was nearly gone! I'd had it for 6
months, ever since I'd been sick with a virulent respiratory flu in January.

The authors are honest to admit that MSM doesn't work for everyone, but when
it does, it can result in remarkable improvement. The recommended beginning
dose of MSM is 750 mg. twice a day. The doctors suggest gradually increasing
the dosage up to 2-8 grams per day (more or less as needed) for relief. Some
people noticed improvement within several days, but it usually requires a few
weeks (and in severe, longstanding illnesses, sometimes months) before the
full effects are evident.


In cases of severe or longstanding chronic conditions, the authors say that
some people need as much as 10-30 grams of MSM a day (but usually worked up
to gradually).



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