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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/09/02 20:43
Subject: Re: [K-list] A Twist on Entities
From: Ckress

On 1999/09/02 20:43, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

It occurred to me that some might be wondering if I really consider my own
entity experiences to be no big deal, why have I bothered to speak of them
here at all? Well, one, because they ARE my experiences and to me they are
as valid as speaking of my physical symptoms or any other aspect of the
Kundalini process. I also share my entity experiences because for others who
are having these kinds of encounters, many for the first time, it can be a
great comfort to hear that someone else has had them too. Aside from the
fact that the experiences themselves may be scaring the living daylights out
of them, from every corner they find themselves attacked for having them!
The shrinks say they're crazy, the culture at large says they're lying or
deranged or somehow wrong to perceive these things, and many religions
(Christian as well as Eastern) condemn or disparage them for having them.

The perception and interaction with spirits/deities/entities is a
time-honored element of the shamanic traditions. Some of us have been called
to that path... even if we never had any exposure or knowledge of shamanism
prior to our spiritual awakening. I personally think it can be as venerable
and holy a path as any other. If someone thinks otherwise, fine. Follow
what is right for you.



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