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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/09/02 19:11
Subject: Re: [K-list] A Twist on Entities
From: Ckress

On 1999/09/02 19:11, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

Bob Maurer wrote:

>The love and pursuit of enhanced consciousness will give rise to bliss and
understanding without gods or demons or attachment to ignoble motivation.<

Is this a religious credo you ascribe to or are you speaking from personal
experience? i.e., do you experience nothing but bliss and pure
understanding? If so, hats off to you! I consider my own entity experiences
more on the level of lint -- and my accounts of them as harmless blather
about non-monumental facets of my personal journey -- rather than being
particularly ignoble, unless you consider anything but absolute perfection to
be ignoble.

Ville Vainio wrote:

>these experiences seem to be little more than "tripping" on meditation...
which is not (IMHO) compatible with more evolved religious ideas.<

Precisely! IDEAS are philosophical abstractions or intellectual
interpretations of experiences. In his book "Play of Consciousness," Swami
Muktananda told how he had regarded entities/spirits/deities and the like to
be superstitious delusion of no significance to serious seekers until he
encountered them himself, firsthand. I personally find cruelty, disease,
homelessness, starvation, etc. much more incompatible with more evolved
religious ideas than any entity I've run across. Yet to me, that doesn't
therefore render these things inconsequential or imaginary distractions on
the path to higher awareness.

Ville Vainio wrote:

>One really can't expect everyone to attain any kind of realization during
the initial period...<

Spiritual development isn't hierarchal; you can attain very "high" levels of
realization and have so-called lower level experiences AFTERWARDS as well.
This has been my experience. You don't just get to the finish line, collect
your $200 dollars and luxuriate in Nirvana for the rest of time. It's not a
linear process. It swings and swirls and spirals.

If you never encounter a spirit/deity/demon and are glad of it, swell. It's
no big deal. I've never come face to face with a great white shark or a
black hole in space and I don't particularly want to. But because someone
else has, does this mean I'm a finer person or more evolved than they are?
Weird logic to me...



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