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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/08/30 17:27
Subject: Re: [K-list] Entities
From: Ckress

On 1999/08/30 17:27, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

Jill wrote:
>Could some of you explain the difference or relationship between entities
and those who are simply hanging around after death?<

The astral realms have many types of inhabitants. Some are people "on the
other side," some are human helpers, some are very evolved guides and
teachers, some are humans who have passed over but remain earthbound as
ghosts. Some of the entities were never human or incarnate, some are not
actually beings at all but rather trapped energies (usually connected to a
place or object involved in some traumatic human experience) or thought
forms. If you're open to perceiving these entities and energies, the
difference is something you intuitively sense, or at least that's how it
works for me.

Jill wrote:
> do you experience entities mostly in meditation, in sleep or in normal
waking consciousness?<

In all 3 for me. Often they are very brief but memorable encounters. For
instance, once while I was sitting talking with a friend at his dining room
table a whistling sound came from somewhere within his house. I immediately
knew the whistle noise was an impish entity -- not evil, but more of a
trickster astral critter. I wondered if my friend was aware of it too, so I
asked if he had heard the noise.
"Yeah," he said, "that happens every once in awhile."
"What is it?"
He shrugged. "My roommate thinks its some kind of spirit, but it's
probably just the water heater."
The moment after he said that, the whistle noise came again, but this
time it was much sharper and louder and was unmistakably emitting from
directly beneath the table WHERE WE WERE SITTING. Whatever it was sounded as
if it had practically jumped into our laps!
My friend and I froze. He had an expression on his face that said,
"Please tell me that didn't just happen." But we both knew it had, and we
knew it blew away his water heater theory. All the same, to break the
tension with some tongue-in-cheek humor, I said, "You're right, it sounds
like the water heater."
He let out a very nervous laugh and said, "Yeah."
I don't know whatever became of the astral whistling critter. My friend
and his roommate moved out a few months later, and the next people who moved
in were also friends of mine who never noticed any strange whistling noises
while they lived there.



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