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Recieved: 1999/08/30 16:57
Subject: Re: [K-list] Entities
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

On 1999/08/30 16:57, Mystress Angelique Serpent posted thus to the K-list:

At 06:23 AM 8/30/99 , CKRESSATnospamaol.com wrote:
>It strikes me that the evil entity question of "Are they real or are they
>Memorex?" [ancient audiotape ad slogan] goes beyond demons being scary to
>place in us which wants to understand the universe in a holistic, inclusive
   Yes, it depends on how you look at them.
  From the lower chakras good and evil are sharp dualities, "us and them".
There is separation and illusions of other that appear very real.
  From the crown, you are all that is and everything is a reflection of
your Self. At the crown demons are a manifestation of Goddess providing
polarity for our experience. Beings of light that take on the role of dark
to be the villains in our movies.

  Try it for yourself. With your awareness, find the point of consciousness
in your being, the spark of light that is the essence of you.. most people
carry it in their head, but it can be anywhere, even outside of your body.
Take this little star, and with your imagination move it around in your
body, as if it is a remote mini camera, and look at the world from the
point of view of different chakras. The perception from each chakra is
wholly shaped by the issues of that chakra, and so the world looks
completely different on every level.
  Someone complimented me on my writing, that it communicates on so many
levels.. it is so automatic for me to cycle up and down the chakras with
any issue, and look at something from all sides before choosing what to
communicate, that it has taken me a long time to notice *how* I do it well
enough to put it into words... slowing down the speed of thought.
  I have come across it expressed in many different forms, including an
acting teacher in 1988 who taught me how to appear drunk simply by focusing
on it as a ball of light wandering randomly around in my body.. and letting
my body follow it's movements. If your spark of consciousness is careening
around in your body like it's a pinball machine in slo-mo, then you will
stagger and weave.
  Moving the spark vertically up and down the chakras is balanced, seeing
on all levels. Moving it outside of your body thru time and space is OBE.
You can also move it around inside yourself in meditation, and find the
blockages and clear them systematically. That is probably one of the most
effective ways to speed up the K-process. By cooperating with it and
voluntarily giving up blockages.

> I'd like to share one of the lessons I was given by a demonic entity
>(though to this day I don't know whether it was actually a creature from the
>lower or higher realms, but to me, that part doesn't matter).
 :) This is a beautiful story.

> I'm thinking, "This sure is freaky. How do I relate to a demon
>without getting myself in deep trouble?"
  Goddess provides.. just give it love and appreciation.

> Well, aside from its horrible appearance, it seemed to be a powerful
>being, so I ventured, "You're the most magnificently horrible looking
>creature, but I bet you have the power to appear even more terrible-looking."
ROTFLOL!! Perfect.

> Note that my intent was not to summon evil
>from it, but simply to relate to it on its own terms without compromising
That's unconditional love. Loving it for what it is, without needing to
change it.
  You didn't know what it's reaction would be, it might have been "All the
better to eat you with" like the big bad wolf in Red Riding Hood.

>Suddenly, it changed into the most spectacular looking being I have ever
  Transmutation. Sacred alchemy. It turned inside out and showed what it
was made of..

> It shone with unearthly colors so brilliant I could not have said if
>at that moment it was an apparition of something demonic or something holy.
>All I knew was that I was absolutely floored and from the bottom of my heart
>I exclaimed, "MY GOD, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!"
Yes, exactly. Shine unconditional love on them as a reflection and they
remember what they really are, before they took on the bad guy role.
Lucifer was God's most beautiful angel, and so he was given the hardest
role, playing the bad guy in our lifetime movie scripts..

>At that moment, it vanished.
   It went into the light. It's work was done.

> I just sat there stunned, trying to figure out
>what had just happened.
   You transmuted your first demon!! Well done, sister! <applause!> Easy as
123. By giving unconditional love to the demon without negatively judging
it's horribleness, you demonstrated that you have evolved beyond needing it
to play that role. It's exactly the same with every appearance of
darkness, from demons to illness to car accidents. Offer any kind of
positive energy, from unconditional love and gratitude, to simple
appreciation, and it turns inside out to show it's silver linings.

> And it dawned on me that what had transpired in my
>brief relationship to the entity had in fact been an exchange of love.
Yes!!!! That is the key. Don't judge, just love. Simple simple.
  Nobody believes that the key to bliss is really that simple, so I offer
rituals that create more energy of thought-word-deed, keep the mind too
occupied to be afraid, and the sustained attention to a positive focus will
make up for lack of faith. With practice, each success making faith grow,
and the love sent out being returned multiplied.. the rituals can be
discarded like the "training wheels" that they are.
> With
>this came the understanding that nothing is too alien to be unreachable and
>that combined respect, appreciation and honesty can allow amazing things to
   Yes. :) It is all yourself reflected. Give it love.

>Did this experience convince me to stop regarding anything as evil?
>Obviously not if you've read my previous posts.
Why not? Where is the value in judgments of evil, that you want to keep

> Trying to make myself see or
>feel or perceive things in a "higher" way (if that is really what it is)
>would be dishonest for me,
Why? Higher and lower is all *you*, you are all that is. It is easy
enough to cycle perceptions up and down the Chakras, and perhaps odder to
insist on seeing the world from a single point of view... tho many folks do
exactly that.
   Moving your perspective around is natural, I think, even for fully
evolved creatures who live in the heart.

>and thus a rejection of the
>respect-appreciation-honesty that made it possible for me to experience a
>real communication with the entity.
I don't quite understand this. How can love be dishonest? You were not
faking it, it was genuine because it was spontaneous, but it would be no
less genuine as a conscious choice. That's what free will is, the choice to
love or fear.
   If you demonstrate by your actions that you are wise enough to be aware
that you have a choice, and choose to love, then the game is up, for them
anyhow. They co-operate.
  Your reactions were a middle path, of communication. From a lower chakra
you might have gone to war with "other", and thus by your fear become
vulnerable to it, you'd have given it consent to harm you.. from a higher
chakra you would have seen it's light essence from the moment it showed up.
>From the highest place.. there is only the light that is you.

> I don't want anyone to misconstrue what
>I'm saying as a formula for dealing with threatening entities.
   But it is one, anyways.. :)

> Anyway, this has turned into a
>cumbersome attempt to say that perceiving entities as demons -- and being
>wary of them -- doesn't mean one can't also honor them for their role in the
>wondrous workings of the cosmos.
   Right on! All things have purpose.


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