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Recieved: 1999/08/30 06:23
Subject: Re: [K-list] Entities
From: Ckress

On 1999/08/30 06:23, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

It strikes me that the evil entity question of "Are they real or are they
Memorex?" [ancient audiotape ad slogan] goes beyond demons being scary to the
place in us which wants to understand the universe in a holistic, inclusive
way. I'd like to share one of the lessons I was given by a demonic entity
(though to this day I don't know whether it was actually a creature from the
lower or higher realms, but to me, that part doesn't matter).

The experience happened some 20 years ago during a meditation. Suddenly I
was confronted with a nightmare-vivid entity that seemed to be conveying to
me: "What are you going to do about THIS?" Naturally, my first impulse was
to stop the meditation, jump up and involve myself real fast in other
activities. But something made me pause and try to stay with it a bit
longer. I'm thinking, "This sure is freaky. How do I relate to a demon
without getting myself in deep trouble?"

Then it occurred to me to try to connect to it on the highest and cleanest
level I could, which meant with honesty, respect and appreciation. But what
was there to honestly appreciate about a bad-assed ghoul out of hell glaring
at me? Well, aside from its horrible appearance, it seemed to be a powerful
being, so I ventured, "You're the most magnificently horrible looking
creature, but I bet you have the power to appear even more terrible-looking."

It immediately responded by altering its appearance to look more hideous,
still staring at me intently. Okay, I thought, we seem to have some kind of
weird rapport going. I said to it, "That's fantastic, but I bet you can look
even more terrifying than that." We went back and forth with this exchange
several more times. Each time it assumed a more grotesque appearance than
before, and each time I responded with praise. I could sense it was enjoying
the rare opportunity to show off how ghastly it could look and it was basking
in my appreciation of its power. Note that my intent was not to summon evil
from it, but simply to relate to it on its own terms without compromising

Suddenly, it changed into the most spectacular looking being I have ever
seen. It shone with unearthly colors so brilliant I could not have said if
at that moment it was an apparition of something demonic or something holy.
All I knew was that I was absolutely floored and from the bottom of my heart
I exclaimed, "MY GOD, YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!"

At that moment, it vanished. I just sat there stunned, trying to figure out
what had just happened. And it dawned on me that what had transpired in my
brief relationship to the entity had in fact been an exchange of love. With
this came the understanding that nothing is too alien to be unreachable and
that combined respect, appreciation and honesty can allow amazing things to

Did this experience convince me to stop regarding anything as evil?
Obviously not if you've read my previous posts. Trying to make myself see or
feel or perceive things in a "higher" way (if that is really what it is)
would be dishonest for me, and thus a rejection of the
respect-appreciation-honesty that made it possible for me to experience a
real communication with the entity. I don't want anyone to misconstrue what
I'm saying as a formula for dealing with threatening entities. I think it
worked well for me because I had no idea what was going to happen. If
someone were to try to manipulate a demon by using a similar flattering
approach, it might backfire, since demons are telepathic and know if they're
being conned. I doubt I could ever safely use the same technique with a
demon again, precisely because NOW it is a technique with expectations
attached, instead of a creative response to a woo-woo situation.

Honesty, respect and admiration are pretty good cards to bring to any table,
but they necessitate approaching every situation in a vulnerable way, without
prior rehearsal of what to do or say. Anyway, this has turned into a
cumbersome attempt to say that perceiving entities as demons -- and being
wary of them -- doesn't mean one can't also honor them for their role in the
wondrous workings of the cosmos.

End of strange story/sermon.



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