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Subject: Re: [K-list] Entities
From: Ckress

On 1999/08/29 17:10, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

Alan wrote:
>Where is this "Last Issue of Shared Transformation"<

Info on Shared Transformation newsletter is at

In an earlier issue on "Spirit Guides and Entities" I mentioned the
wave/particle debate as to whether astral beings were actually psychological
constructs or entities in their own right. My own response is "both." I
find it helpful to deal with them as both psychological projections AND as
external beings, just as I do with my dealings with humans or anything else.
 I don't find that one way of responding/perceiving necessarily cancels out
the other.

Most of the early cultures would think someone crazy if they asked if
spirit-entities were real, because their existence was so evident to them it
would be as if someone asked if rain was real. In modern times, anyone
asking the same question would be considered crazy for the opposite reason:
until recently, it was assumed scientifically ludicrous to believe that such
entities could exist, and anyone claiming to perceive them was branded a
schizophrenic and plied with antipsychotic drugs.

Recent list responses to the concept of astral beings shows how complex this
issue is. For instance, a paranormal experience may SEEM to be demonic if it
triggers personal or culturally-based fears, yet the actual experience may
signify something positive. One example is the serpent/snake which often
occurs in dreams, visions and other experiences of those with risen K.
Someone who didn't know that the early Christian Church defiled (or co-opted
for its own purposes) all the sacred emblems of the Goddess might
misinterpret a snake dream as signifying something evil. Yet the
serpent/snake archetypally symbolizes holy earth energy and spiritual

There are guardian spirits which seem terrible and fearsome but which are
without malice; their function is to prevent an immature soul from stumbling
into spiritual realities it isn't equipped to handle. Whether one regards
them as actual entities or psychological warnings of "Don't Go There," they
might be misunderstood as demonic also. The same mistake might be made when
encountering the "wrathful deities" portrayed in Eastern art.

As I wrote in my earlier article (issue #7), like Katherine, I've found that
even the most unevolved, demonic entity which pays me a visit is a messenger
of some sort. (Not that I always get the message right away, LOL.) But I
see everything on all planes as having a deeper symbolic meaning or message
for me. For example, Hitler's Nazi regime and the horrors of WWII and the
Holocaust carried a message to the human race of the danger of proclaiming
the superiority of one race (religion, person, etc.) over another. It was a
living lesson that something good can't be achieved by destroying everything
unpopular or different. Does this message mean that Hitler wasn't doing evil
but was instead a messenger of the Light? Maybe, but I don't buy it. I
think he was BOTH, just as an astral entity that my gut recognizes as malefic
is still malefic when, on another level, it has been employed to send me a
useful message.

Does the fact that it is malefic mean I should hate it? Not at all. To me,
it just means that I respect its nature and take necessary precautions to
protect myself from it in the same way I would if confronted by a rabid

Then there is the deepest level where everything is symbolic and nothing has
an independent existence, including the individual psyche. There is just One
Consciousness exploring its infinite potential. On this level, all else is
maya, illusion... and that goes for the highest Light beings as well as the
denizens of the dark realms. As Joseph Campbell remarked by way of
explanation of a series of mythological paintings of the ego-soul being
devoured by demonic entities: "Be not afraid... nothing is happening."

So depending on what vantage point you take, entities are (1) as real as you
or I; (2) psychologically important, if not literally real; (3) just more
multiplicity dreamstuff.



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