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Recieved: 1999/07/25 22:32
Subject: Re: [K-list] wayward servers #2 (CKRESSATnospamaol.com)
From: Christopher Wynter

On 1999/07/25 22:32, Christopher Wynter posted thus to the K-list:

> One other thing I've been meaning to post here. Every once in awhile,
> compassionate list members offer to send me Reiki or other modality healing
> energy to help me with my health problems. With my nonstop Kundalini
> activity, I find that any additional energy input makes my symptoms worse.
> I've been told by numerous other people with awakened K that receiving energy
> from healers increased the intensity of their symptoms. This may not be true
> for everyone with risen K, but it's something healers should know about.

Reiki (and other forms of Spiritual Healing) projected out of the need of the
healer to be a 'Saviour' is a mental projection ... and a Thought energy.

True Reiki cannot be directed by thought and the effect of Thought or Mind
energy on K is to awaken the body's natural memories of repression/control which
is what we have done to our own Divinity ..

which exacerbates the symptoms of K ...

which are only the body getting rid of unnecessary garbage ... (from mind

Thus the body will react furthur against control/manipulation ... from whatever
source ...

To project energy by use of the mind onto another ... without their asking for
it ... or without the other's express permission ... is a defilement of Divinity
... which is what the narrow views of Religious dogma have been about for
generations ...

With Respect
Christopher Wynter, Hobart Tasmania

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