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Recieved: 1999/07/02 19:18
Subject: Re: [K-list] Hard Core Kundalini
From: Dale Parks

On 1999/07/02 19:18, Dale Parks posted thus to the K-list:

Nothing strikes negative here!!

But believe this should have been the
positive in first post, so had to address
that one the way I did!!

Eventually we will all be fully realized,
but it`s a wonderful thing to be aware
of, a part of, evolutionary gains that
can be made in this lifetime!!

I wish you well,



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There are so many levels and subtleties to awareness that something which
resonates with great validity for some may seem contradicted by the
experiences of others. Colette spoke of Kundalini "severing attachment to
the body in favour of the Spirit," which may well be the lesson her illness
was intended to teach her. Yet at other levels of development (not higher or
lower, just different views through the prism), Kundalini can integrate body
and spirit, healing the separation between the two. From this perspective,
rather than conceiving of the body as an opposition to Spirit (or an
imprisonment of the soul), the body is experienced as both messenger and
living presence of Spirit. I have come to a more profound awareness of this
through my experiences of being animated and danced (literally as well as
figuratively) by Kundalini-Ma.

On the other hand, being able to say "adios" to the body when things get too
painful on a physical level sounds like a neat trick. I wish I could do it
on command! (I've tried, believe me, through meditation, visualizations,
self-hypnosis, etc.) But if I could do it, I'd probably never be here at
all! With chronic pain in the body, if I could escape it, I'd be long gone!

I think Colette is also speaking of the ability to detach, which is an
advanced spiritual discipline which I have yet to learn. Or perhaps my path
this time around doesn't allow me that option. We're not all here to learn
the same things in a single lifetime.

It may also be, as Colette says, that the deepest opening of the heart cannot
occur until Kundalini clears the heart chakra. But not everyone with
awakened Kundalini finds their way to their heart center since the clearing
of the chakras can take many lifetimes. Conversely, simply living from the
heart can itself awaken Kundalini. And there are many people whose Kundalini
seems dormant, yet who live beautiful and exemplary lives from the light of
their hearts. It's all so mysterious.



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