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Subject: Re: [K-list] Big Changes

On 1999/03/15 12:10, FRANK JOHNSON posted thus to the K-list:

Dear Michele and others:

Does this mean we should avoid bringing on experiences such as through
Holotropic Breathwork?

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Subject: Re: [K-list] Big Changes

>In a message dated 99-03-12 20:17:10 EST, CKRESSATnospamaol.com writes:
><< Uranus is extremely energizing and revitalizing, which can feel
> it can also over-amp us to the point of hyperactivity, insomnia,
> confrontational behavior and over-the-top emotional outbursts. Buckle yer
> seatbelts -- however it manifests, we're in for a wild ride!
> >>
>Dear List,
>I strongly agree with El. Last year, as Uranus transited my Mercury in
>Aquarius conjunct the Midheaven, I had the most mystical experiences of my
>life! And...it landed me in the hospital. The good part, however, was it
>connected me with a psychiatrist who has read Stanislav Grof's books and
>much about kundalini, so much good also came of this transit. So my
>recommendation is to do eveyrthing you can to keep yourself grounded during
>these mystical yet turbulent times.
>Take care, Michele


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