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Recieved: 1999/01/20 18:58
Subject: [K-list] List lull
From: Ckress

On 1999/01/20 18:58, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

A poem to honor the seasons and cycles of activity and quiescence:

by El Collie

We begin with Zero.
With a hole where the world falls through,
where the world goes whizzing in static space,
ricochetting like a blown-up pinball.
The world goes WHAM!
Lights shrieking, bells flashing, manic momentum.
The nerves on wheels,
racing up the spiral track twisted like a spring
spewed loose from the cosmic gismo.
Gyrating juxtapositions,
the mind a somersault looping crazy eights
down the double helix, the senses in high gear.
Every impulse an axis for the churning
of kaleidoscopes down the centrifugal deep
concentric orbits...
Everything gives a spin.
Everything rolls like dice.
Everything comes around.
The whole scenario a roaring rotation
spawning "oohs" and "ahhhs"
like fish eggs, like caviar,
like exotic everyday equilibrium
too dizzy to set itself straight.
And right smack in the middle of the maelstrom,
snug as a light at the end of the tunnel
sits Zero,
the brave little bubble,
containing all the nothing there ever was,
quiet as a porthole, open like Einstein's eternal mouth.
Waiting for the whole colossal show to shift
and once more fall through
to the other side.


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