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To: K-list
Recieved: 1999/01/04 08:47
Subject: Re: [K-list] A Green Flash
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent

On 1999/01/04 08:47, Mystress Angelique Serpent posted thus to the K-list:

>Jeanne wrote:
>>Does the K-list really =want= to be listed in the same place with Martin's?
>It's not my decision to make, for which I'm very relieved, but if Mystress
>Angelique ever takes a vote, I would say, chuck the KRC, and keep our current
   The web is big enough for all.. we can have both. The website will link to all the Kundalini resources on the web, whether we approve of them or not. Is it not the very nature of the list, to let each seek their own path? Even my own K-links list on my website, (domin8rex.com) has a link to folks insisting Kriyas are evidence of demonic possession..
  Like Freda wrote, Spirit is the BS monitor, or whatever.. Goddess has it handled, resonance of truth speaks for itself. This list is a Lighthouse.. it draws folks by synchronicity that defies probability.

At 09:23 PM 03/01/99 EST, CKRESSATnospamaol.com wrote:
>Refusing to list with KRC would be ultimately punishing the thousands of
>people visiting that site who have not yet found their way to a Kundalini
>mailing list and who might have otherwise been helped by coming here. If this
>list decides to carry on a vendetta, it will destroy the positive Spirit here
>faster than anything an outside provocateur could accomplish. Is this what we
>want to do? The "enemy" was never KRC; the problem was underhanded tactics on
>the part of three people (and never included Bill).
>The "green flash" Bill witnessed is an omen of healing and renewal. Isn't
>this what Kundalini is really all about?
  Absolutely. I don't know Bill well, but I saw Sharon's response from him earlier than the list did. (She Is Deputy List Mistress and knew I was mostly absent, moving.) It confirmed my feeling that he didn't know what was going on. I didn't either.. I still don't, really.. shrug, don't care.
  The actions we were seeing didn't feel like they were Bill's doing, to me. Tamras note smelled of politics, as Nancy noted.. Tamra later said she didn't write it, she forwarded it from Martin.

    The partnership between the K-list and the KRC has been a mostly silent one, but it endures. The child has outgrown the parent, the parent is dating odd bedfellows, but that is not reason to server ties.
    I also want to thank you, El, for your role as diplomatic liaison thru this tempest. You were a voice of calm in the storm. Sometime before this, you asked for a safer list.. and now you can have your wish.
  This list has the ability to block someone from posting without unsubscribing them. I haven't figgered out how it works, yet..:) but in future I will have less patience (too many good intentions..oops) with the spewing of K-flares.. I'll ask for a few people to support the spewer off-list and ban them from posting till the crisis is past.

  Or, send them off to our new chatroom..:) Hugs and love-bombs to Frans, who put it up..:) My name for it: The Tea Room.. seems like a name for a place to chat about K. :) I'll let him unveil it when it's ready..
  Thanks to all who sent warm fuzzies about the move and the website.. I am pleased at the timing for the New Year... the new home is a castle, reflecting the heart chakra green flash of a perfect sunset in paradise, and I can hear the children singing..
  Someday, I'll respond to Martin's post.. some day when I wanna hug a porcupine.. for lack of anything better to do.. for now, I am familiar with the kundalini charisma/revulsion effects, and know better than to try to fight 'em. Live and let live.


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