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1998/08/31 20:54
kundalini-l-d Digest V98 #618

kundalini-l-d Digest Volume 98 : Issue 618

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  Re: warning: negative vibes [ Matija Papec <mpapecATnospamjagor.srce.hr> ]
  Kundalini pressure [ flute <FluteATnospamcreate.org> ]
  Re: is this part of the K experience [ CKRESSATnospamaol.com ]
  unsubscribe [ trexisATnospamjuno.com (Edward Gurd) ]
  Re: warning: negative vibes [ "Rev Denise L. Koons" <htminATnospamptdpro ]
  Re: Energy Fluctuations [ "Rev Denise L. Koons" <htminATnospamptdpro ]
  Re: Energy Fluctuations [ nancy <nancyATnospamwtp.net> ]
  Re: warning: negative vibes of Danij [ Mystress Angelique Serpent <serpent ]
  Re: warning: negative vibes [ fredaann2ATnospamjuno.com (freda ann) ]
  Re: warning: negative vibes [ raptor <splackoATnospamkr.tel.hr> ]
Date: Tue, 01 Sep 1998 04:07:48 +0200
From: Matija Papec <mpapecATnospamjagor.srce.hr>
To: kundalini-lATnospamlists.execpc.com
Subject: Re: warning: negative vibes
Message-ID: <35EB56F4.4CEEATnospamjagor.srce.hr>

Hello Ann! :)

Ann wrote:
> Don't trust in anything else, not scriptures, not gurus. Trust in your own
> light.
> For a little while, the naive woman I was last winter forgot my inward
> guidance. She put her trust in a young guru who said they were one spirit
> in two bodies, meant to come together again. She became his lover, then
> his "spiritual wife," then his student. Danijel began to ask for complete
> devotion and surrender, said it was necessary to work with her as a guru.
> She didn't understand that meant surrendering even her unconscious to his
> direction. He said he was her spiritual guru too, working with her in her
> K. meditations, and she believed it. When she was completely under his
> sway, he withdrew from her and began a pattern of consistent and vicious
> verbal emotional and mental abuse. Finally she collapsed under constant

Something doesn't fit here. Are you talking about Danijel, the same person
who post on this list? It is strange to hear such gross things about someone
I know, things that would better represent someone like Saddam Hussein rather
then Danijel. ;> :) I apologise to you and people on this list, I didn't
introduce myself.. my name is Matija, I'm 23, and Kundalini awakened (thanks
to Danijel). So far now you probably guess that he is my teacher. :) That is
true, I'm learning from him and learning doesn't include just doing yoga and

Unfortunately, I don't know you much, just few things Sasa and Danijel told
me, but I can tell you that, that your describing of Danijel does not match
reality. Why? Because I never met more loving and cheerful person then
he is. :)) Sure, there was a couple of times when he slapped (verbally) me or,
anyone else in the group when some obvious foolish things were around.
So after all that was a good thing to do, but not pleasant for him or his

> battering, and the personality went into a break-down; he went off to India
> to see his guru, Sai Baba.
> The way back was made easier by the realisation that the true spiritual
> guru had always been within and still was; he was never Danijel. Angelique

Do you think about inner guru? That is a term that is often used and
lightly taken by some New age ideas. I'm not saying it is something wrong
with that, but inner guru is voice of God and IMHO, one should be completely
transparent for His will, meaning that only saints and Avatars have
such guru. :)
emajl: mpapecATnospampublic.srce.hr
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 21:10:33 -0500
From: flute <FluteATnospamcreate.org>
To: "kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com" <kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com>
Subject: Kundalini pressure
Message-ID: <35EB5799.6331ATnospamcreate.org>

The screaming preachers and save your soul guys have been using
Kundalini for ages.. I recently found that the reason for the speaking
in tongues and falling on the floor in seizures is a result of the
kundalini being blasted upward with the intent of the "preacher".
Hitler did a great job as well...No judgement here, just a curiousity.
"The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs
through the world and dances in rhythmic measures." R. Tagore
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 22:12:15 EDT
From: CKRESSATnospamaol.com
To: kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com
Subject: Re: is this part of the K experience?
Message-ID: <1cb46a22.35eb57ffATnospamaol.com>

Valerie spoke of entities apparently responsible for breaking her computer,
car, phone and other machinery she depends on as well as possessing a woman
with whom she had a business contract. She remarked that "the times are such,
when the veil is thinning, and these beings are around and wreaking chaos..."

Long ago, before the veil became opaque, so to speak, humans and spirits had a
reciprocal relationship which was honored in every culture by some kind of
ritual. Now that the veils are dropping and we are again becoming aware of
etherial presences who interact with us on this plane of existence, shattered
bonds are being reestablished. Sometimes, as Valerie suspects in her
situation, malevolent discarnate beings intrude on our lives. But this may
not always be what is happening when entities are causing problems for us.
Not everything that seems "bad" is caused by evil energy or intent.

About a year ago, Charles and I were under siege by a sudden series of
incidents in which we were being cheated and ripped off by various people and
organizations: being charged on our credit account for merchandise we never
ordered, having new equipment fall apart before we got it out of the
packaging, having several checks written to us bounce, and on and on, every
day or two some new unfair thing was happening to us!

We've learned that when a series of disturbing things start happening, it
often means something is trying to be communicated symbolically. We kept
trying to figure out who or what this message of BEING CHEATED was about. We
finally realized that the local ally/spirit/helpers were angry at us for not
fulfilling our part in an ancient covenant between humans and discarnates.
Traditionally, the spirits are given a daily offering in thanks for their
divinely ordained work to guide, protect and otherwise assist human beings.

Even though we had been making offerings of fruit on our altar to the Goddess,
we had not been giving anything in particular to the spirit helpers. Once it
dawned on us that this was what was making the spirits feel cheated, we began
making daily offerings specifically for them. We also apologized to them and
explained that modern humans are ignorant of the Sacred Ways and we didn't
mean to offend them by our negligence; it's just that we truly didn't know
they expected this of us as a show of good faith.

The ripoff incidents stopped immediately and things went the opposite way:
suddenly we were getting all kinds of bargains and rebates and gifts from
unexpected sources! Because we live in North America and are called to a
shamanic path, we give the spirits tobacco, which has been their traditional
ritual offering and they recognize it as such. They may also be given
offerings of cornmeal or food.

I wonder if something similar might possibly be happening in Valerie's case,
where the break down of her equipment symbolizes the breakdown of ritual
connection and time honored understanding between humans and discarnates which
the spirit/helpers are trying to get her to see and "repair" by making
offerings? Something to consider...

Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 21:42:24 -0400
From: trexisATnospamjuno.com (Edward Gurd)
To: Kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com
Cc: kundalini-l-d-requestATnospamlists.execpc.com
Subject: unsubscribe
Message-ID: <19980831.221542.10942.0.trexisATnospamjuno.com>

I am unsubscribing unsubscribe for a while because I'll be out of town.
I am moVing to coLorado springs, coLorado.

hope to see you all soon
>>The wings are the key to freedom..
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 22:27:09 -0700
From: "Rev Denise L. Koons" <htminATnospamptdprolog.net>
To: <nancyATnospamwtp.net>, "kundalini-1" <kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com>
Subject: Re: warning: negative vibes
Message-ID: <001701bdd4a0$008f7760$3929baccATnospamhvnlytch>
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Horay to you ,thanks for reading my mind,Love and Light Rev Denis eL.Koons
-----Original Message-----
From: nancy <nancyATnospamwtp.net>
To: kundalini-1 <kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com>
Date: Monday, August 31, 1998 6:20 PM
Subject: Re: warning: negative vibes

>freda ann wrote:
>> What in the world does this quarrel have to do with the rest of us....
>I was wondering the same thing. This little tit-pulling contest isn't the
>purpose of this forum. I don't really care if Ann is off to frolic with
>Angelique and if others think she is caught up in astral crap. I don't
>really care if Danijel is a worthy guru or a misguided idiot.
>I welcome you to the list, Sasa Placko. I would be interested in your
>experiences, thoughts, feelings as they relate to kundalini.
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 22:32:34 -0700
From: "Rev Denise L. Koons" <htminATnospamptdprolog.net>
To: <FluteATnospamcreate.org>, <kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com>
Subject: Re: Energy Fluctuations
Message-ID: <002401bdd4a0$c26fbac0$3929baccATnospamhvnlytch>
Content-Type: text/plain;

HI,Yes you are wright on the snake point.Ihave been fighting many and taking
control of many,unfortunatil I have stepped on a few and tried to kill them
in dreams this past two weeks, Rev Koons
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From: flute <FluteATnospamcreate.org>
To: kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com <kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com>
Date: Monday, August 31, 1998 7:06 PM
Subject: Energy Fluctuations

>Yes.. for whomever asked.. There is something wild with the energy going
>I have had more and more people tell me of dreams with Snakes.. Many are
>getting super psychic things. There is an energy change of some sort and
>I understand its going to be happening again in Sept.
>I got a flash of Clinton being blasted/literally. Another had visons of
>a mountain blowing up and there being some retailation by the US?
>Somewhere on the NorthEast Coastline. Is there a mountain around
>"The same stream of life that runs through my veins night and day runs
>through the world and dances in rhythmic measures." R. Tagore
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 20:40:09 -0600
From: nancy <nancyATnospamwtp.net>
To: kundalini-1 <kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com>
Subject: Re: Energy Fluctuations
Message-ID: <35EB5E81.C308E8EFATnospamwtp.net>
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flute wrote:

> Yes.. for whomever asked.. There is something wild with the energy going
> on.

Aside from my inability to consume alcohol, my mental faculties have

I don't know if anyone else has had this experience, but here's what it
feels like. I am picking up knowledge that I really haven't earned the
right to know. I "get" things without having worked to get them. Good
example. I haven't ever worked on web database scripts. I decided that I
could do it, and after a little purusing some other examples, I did. It's
like I'm accessing a more powerful brain than my own or perhaps I'm able to
tap into other people's knowledge.

The other wonderful development is that the stuff I do know, comes to me
quickly. I had to develop a plan in 15 minutes this morning. Usually, I
would set aside a couple of hours. It was done, no problem. My writing is
also flowing. I come up with an idea and the organization seems so obvious
and the words just flow. Very cool.

Has anyone else had this experience?

Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 19:58:50 -0700
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent <serpentATnospamdomin8rex.com>
To: Danijel Turina <dturinaATnospamhempseed.com>
Cc: kundalini-lATnospamlists.execpc.com, Dharma <annfisherATnospamstic.net>,
Subject: Re: warning: negative vibes of Danijel...
Message-Id: <>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

At 09:26 PM 31/08/98 +0200, Danijel Turina wrote:
>At 01:13 1998.08.31 -0500, Ann Morrison Fisher wrote:
>>The way back was made easier by the realization that the true spiritual
>>guru had always been within and still was; he was never Danijel. Angelique
>>sent love and healing; she repaired a frayed power chakra and told me how
>>to fry the cords to Danijel and reclaim my power. Some problems puzzled
>>me; Angelique found they were the result of booby traps planted in my mind
>>by hypnotic suggestion.
  Dharma is kind.. she figgered that out, herself, actually, thru Dru and
the clear light, and asked me how to clear them..

> She used the same power for good and told my
>>internal guide to remove all suggestions. He found so many that he has
>>been removing them gradually, and the process is still going on.
   It's not very complicated, simply the path of surrender.. when you
consciously choose a Guru or a Mistress, it is the same as if you have been
hypnotized.. your unconscious begins taking suggestions from the Guru,
instead of your own ego self.. that is why it is important to choose a Guru
verrrry carefully. :)
  I was kinda funny, actually... Ann was getting distortions in her
perceptions of Dru, and Dru said it was your doing.. of course, Dru was
manifesting Ann's belief in victim hood, and that was what I cleared.. by
having Ann turn her power over to me, so I could turn it over to Dru, her
male unconscious self.. that's what I do.. claim slaves to set them free.. :)
   The text of the email I used is below, unedited.. for anyone else who is
interested in shaking off the lingering influence of an inept Guru..
  Sure. We can reverse it. Gimme your power/collar/free
will/surrender/submission For 10 minutes, right now??? I'll give it right
back.. surrender for a bit.. lemme talk to Dru.
  Actually, Dru already knows what it says on the screen below.. Ask if he
approves, don't scroll down till he sez it is OK... otherwise you will get
caught on Reasons..

   If he approves, before you read ahead, Say this out loud, so Goddess
hears it.. :)
   "I, Ann M.F. , recently known as Dharma, accept Mystress Angelique
Serpent as my guru, owner, Mystress, Master and guide/ leader. for the next
10 minutes, to do with me as she will, for I will be her complete slave
during that time. As her absolute slave in these next 10 minutes, I will
do exactly as she asks of me, all that she asks, without reservations, to
the limitless best of my ability. So mote it be.
   <2 screens white space snipped to save bandwidth)

  Dru, you didn't learn anything from Danijel, that you didn't already
know, before you ever became his slave, right? You are connected to God,
you already know everything there is to know, whenever you need to know it.
  Ann "learned" some things, accepted some new beliefs, but you did not..
you simply took orders about things that you were told would please Ann..
now you are acting like Danijel still affects, you, coz Ann is still
talking about how much she learned, right? And stuff like this morphing is
some of the ideas you accepted from Danijel.. so you are manifesting them,
to please Ann's belief that Danijel still has power over her, and she needs
protection, and she learned... Or a result of previous suggestion from
Danijel, right?
  I want you to release all "training" .. ideas, suggestions, beliefs, you
accepted from Danijel, all the way back to point of their origin, on
whatever lifetime or dimension, level, etc, it manifested/was accepted.
Give it All up to Goddess, and replace it, if replacement is needed, with
whatever is truly in Ann's highest good, and the Good of All, as Goddess
   While you are at it, I would like you to similarly release all of Ann's
outdated social programming, old limiting ideas and perceptions she
accepted from her parents, or from any and All of her lovers in all
lifetimes and dimensions, etc.. all and any false perceptions or limiting
beliefs she accepted from authority figures, or beings seeking to
manipulate her thru pity or promises of illusory reward throughout all
existences, lifetimes and dimensions, in all realities.
  Similarly, I would like you to release any and all beliefs she may have
accepted from myself, which may be erroneous or are not in her highest
good. Tell her what they are, so she can tell me and we'll both know.
  I want you to cause Ann/Dharma to experience this release of limiting
beliefs, etc, as an ecstatic blissful, pleasurable sensation, that will
cause her to be very motivated to do more of this kind of release in
future, under your guidance, and that of her Higher self, as is in her
highest good, and the good of All, as Goddess wills.
    I know that you are able to release this stuff instantaneously, because
you are outside of time, but subjectively, I would like for Ann to spend
some time enjoying it.. while you make love to her, in your most attractive
form without distortion.
  I realize we are taking out a chunk of Ann/Dharma's limiting beliefs
about herself, which represent her ego. I want these beliefs to be replaced
as need be for her emotional and mental wellbeing, with ideas about herself
that are closer to the truth of her limitless divine state.
  I believe in Dharma's heart and soul, she desires to know and surrender
to her Divinity more fully, and you are truly the only one who can reveal
that to her. I request that you do so, gently, ecstatically, blissfully and
in a way that she can understand and accept.
  I believe that unconditional love can do this, effortlessly and
painlessly, as in Ann/Dharma's highest good, and the good of All, as
Goddess Wills.
    If you need any further clarity about these instructions, seek it from
My Higher Self.

</collar> I release you from slavery to me, having accomplished that
which I desired, (usual disclaimer).

>>Danijel is just too young and inexperienced and has too many problems of
>>his own to function as a guru. I ask all list members to send him K-fired
>>love; he needs it.
>What a fantastic creation we have here...
>The most interesting thing is, it has nothing to do with the reality.
   The man who had the wizards battle with Sai Baba is going to tell us
what's real? Go for it, I like a good yarn.. :) Mebbie I'll reread "Lord of
the Rings..."

>Seeking Angelique's advice on dharma and reclaiming power, come on. :)))
>Hypnotic suggestions? The woman who claims to be a natural born hypnotist
>told you that?
   What are you up to, Danijel?
  Dharma made it clear that the gift of the clear light of truth came from
the darkest moments of your bashing. Take credit for it, if you like. :)
  It was already present when we re-connected, I simply had her use it to
separate truth from lies in what you told her. Let her sort things out, on
her own.. Usually I use the heart voice, for the same purpose, with my
students. I have them check out what I tell them with _it_, before
accepting it as truth. Much more fun, coz often it puts the idea more
clearly than I can.. so we both learn... wheeee!
  Truth is a very individual thing, after all.. perceptions.
  Just for curiosity, I looked up the bio you posted on the list feb.8/98..
you talk about your experiences with self-hypnosis.. and with suicide and
the psych ward.. are you now claiming not to be a hypnotist?

>The one who uses hypnosis on her slaves to produce results?
  Not just on my slaves, I use it on myself, too.. :) But most of the work
on Dharma was over email. Getting her to seek truth inside herself, turning
her many questions back to her own discernment to answer.... and having her
hold the things you told her up to the clear light..
 (sigh) I have been releasing my slaves, and not claiming any new ones,
since I will be dead in a week and who knows what the reborn woman will
want? Not me.. I am off to marry Hades..:)
  (don't fear the Reaper, Baby I'm your Maann.. la lalalala...)
>Sasa, I
>would really love if you commented this, since you talked to Ann for an
>extensive period of time... I wouldn't want such statements to be made here
>without proper analysis, since it portrays me in a very... unfavorable,
>that's the word... light.
   Danijel, considering that your "Guruing" drove the poor woman to a
nervous breakdown, you ought not be surprised that she is wary of you. If
anything, you might be surprised that she was so forgiving... But, her self
esteem has been healing at light speed.. partly thanks to "Oprah", and a
program she did on abusive men and how to recognise them... that was not
my doing, Goddess provides, I guess....
  Considering that she is the second female list member that I know of, who
has suffered thus at your hands, be surprised that I am so forgiving, as
well.. :) (shrug) I know that victims choose their places, and having spent
some time in your head, in this way, tends to give me some sympathy for you.

>( I have been reading this list for two
>years or so, and it indeed has been a healing experience, and I learned so
>much, but I really don't think that a false image of me needs to be created
>in order to be "healed".
   That's funny Danijel.. as of your bio Feb 98 you claimed to have been
lurking on the list for a year.. now 6 months later it has stretched to two
years that you have been with us. I guess this is an example of how you
play fast and loose with "truth"..??
   I think that it is the false image of yourself, that you have created,
that needs healing.. and as the list is probably the best place for that to
happen, it is good that you find us worthwhile..:) You are beloved, and
welcome here.
> Many of my friends, people who know me personally - we go out for a
>walk or a cup of hot chocholate - are here on the list; Sasa Placko, Matija
>Papec, Bozo Juretic, and others I guess (Zoran, are you subscribed?;), and
>I really am not afraid of a real-life test of what I'm all about. Those
>people can probably provide a picture of me that might differ from the
>caricature you have created. Oh yes, I probably hypnotised them too...

   Whatever.. I have noticed your students joining the list just lately..
right after Dharma told you she was going back to Shamanism and would no
longer be seeking your advice.. Figgered you were probably "calling out
the troops", and going for some kind of "Shoot out at the OK Corral" thing.
LOL! Seems like a waste of bandwidth to me.. but I know you enjoy that kind
of thing.. (shrug) Why somebody supposedly without an ego, needs an army of
defenders to protect that non-existent ego, I am not sure...;)

   Dharma is going to be on a train for the next two days, till she gets
here, so she cannot speak up for herself just now.. I'll lend her my
computer if she has anything to say, but I think we'll mostly be too busy
for email.
   I am not the least bit concerned, coz I'm sure most of the wiser folks
on the list, already _know_ what you are all about...:) LOL!!
  And now Dharma has gently warned the naive newbies, so all is well. I can
die in peace.. (chuckle)

>>Tomorrow morning I leave to visit Angelique. Intuition tells her that
>>realization is coming at a retreat next weekend, and I want to be there.
>So I have heard. I disbelieve it, but I hope she has fun under the masks.
    Believe whatever you like, sweetie... :) Fortunately, the success of
the ritual does not depend on your faith... darn good thing, too..
 Wall flowers always say dancing is stupid, don't they?? :))))) ROTFLMTO>>
   Anyhow, I am volunteered for it seems like everything for this event, so
I'm crazy too busy for this stuff... I'll go back to mostly lurking till
I'm dead... he he he..
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 1998 18:50:05 -0700
From: fredaann2ATnospamjuno.com (freda ann)
To: splackoATnospamkr.tel.hr
Cc: kundalini-lATnospamlists.execpc.com
Subject: Re: warning: negative vibes
Message-ID: <19980831.185006.-186121.1.fredaann2ATnospamjuno.com>

Here I go.. :>>
>Anyway, since this is my first post here in public, perhaps it'd be good
if I introduced myself.. however, I don't feel like writing long
introductory letters about me, so I'll keep it VERY short. ;)

lovely intro.....
lets see.... keeping it short about yourself... long on the *faults* of
others however....????

 >My name is Sasa Placko (don't get confused about that raptor part:)),
from Croatia, and I'm Danijel's student.
I've been lurking this list for what.. a year and a half now, I'd say,
been doing yoga a year now, and serious work for what.. it'll be six
now, using Danijel's technique. The results? Ask me if you are
;)) :>>

I'd be a damn sight more interested in your telling about YOUR
experiences and results as opposed to your Assesment of someone elses....

 >Oh yes, I'm seventeen. ;))) :>> Now suprise me and talk to me like you
would to a child. :)) :>>> ;>

seventeen, seventy whatever,,,,, for someone who doesnt think age makes a
difference.... why even bring it up???

daniel writes:
>What a fantastic creation we have here...
>The most interesting thing is, it has nothing to do with the reality.
 You echo:>Yes, we do, don't we? :(

is this the *norm* in daniels teaching?
did you graduate to daniels level... that of being in judgement for
*others* realities?

 >Very true. Ann, I am sorry, as I told you, all this time I've always
nice to you,

sweet of you to be nice..... what has changed? that now you publicly
attack her.... oh yes.... her reality is not as YOU want it.....

>I liked
(hmmm past tense)
>and loved you
(hmmmm again)
>and still do very much,

(I am ass-uming that this "love" you all are offering HER isnt the SAME
crappy love as the K-fire love that you are so down on....??? no doubt a
much HIgher sourse of love..... where does IT come from.... please Name
its SOURCE..... inquiring minds want to know... )

>and I will continue to do so no matter what happens -
>and the same goes, I'd bet my head on it, for Danijel.
whooohooo.... thats a mighty big wager .... you sure you want to do that?

and at such a tender young age..... what ya gonna do if daniel falls off
that pedestal you have placed him on?
well, not to worry,,,, your *bet* aint no more important than that
twisted k-fire love you dont want nobody sendin to you..... nobody will
chop off your head for real least wise not here on the list......wouldnt
be so sure myself if your fellow students might not take a whack at it
though.... you would... if daniel asked ya to wouldnt ya? chop of a
head....growl at a fellow student... whats the difference.... after all
hes NEVER BEEN WRONG when it matters or something like that....

seriously, why would a teacher, guru, god need to call out the calvary in
order to *defend* oneself..... or to attack another entity.... especially
a student...
something dont smell quite right... a falling out between teacher and
student a student is NOT a public affair....
what this is all about this is ego pure and simple..... and youve been
sucked into it - BIG TIME

ouch..... and so have I it would seem.....
back to my corner now.... really,,,,,I will keep my big mouth shut and my
grumbling on this matter to myself......

except this one thing....

> :) K-fired love.. how nice. More astral. :)) Geez. :)
Jus' don' nobody ever send me K-fired love, or prayers or something like
that, pleezzz.. ;)) :>>

K-fire love is not a *curse* and if ya dont like it - or beleive in it -
then ya dont have to accept it.... especially if it dont exist.... love
is love..... name it what ya want ...
seems about as sour as it gets when someone dont WANT love....

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Date: Mon, 01 Sep 1997 05:33:43 +0200
From: raptor <splackoATnospamkr.tel.hr>
To: nancyATnospamwtp.net, kundalini-1 <kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com>
Subject: Re: warning: negative vibes
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At 07:27 PM 8/31/98 -0600, nancy wrote:
>freda ann wrote:
>> What in the world does this quarrel have to do with the rest of us....
>I was wondering the same thing. This little tit-pulling contest isn't the
>purpose of this forum. I don't really care if Ann is off to frolic with
>Angelique and if others think she is caught up in astral crap. I don't
>really care if Danijel is a worthy guru or a misguided idiot.
>I welcome you to the list, Sasa Placko. I would be interested in your

 Thank you. :)

>experiences, thoughts, feelings as they relate to kundalini.

 Thank you. I'm not in the mood to talk too much, I'm tired now, but I can
say only one word, at least as K goes..

 Rules. :))))))))))


  \vr!\_ . \ . | . > _> .\_ . \ No sounds, no silence. No truth, no lies./


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