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1997/10/03 11:36
kundalini-l-d Digest V97 #491

kundalini-l-d Digest Volume 97 : Issue 491

Today's Topics:
  Re: free will
  Re: Ear Ringing not Tintinitis
  Re: kundalini pain
  Re: A few words anonymously.
  Re: Is Morality Relative
  focus on the good
  A Thought..............
  Re: to those desperately seeking
  Re: A Question?
  NEW best seller (before it's even published)
  conserving a lifeline resource
  Re: My journey...there and back. LONG
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 10:35:17 -0400 (EDT)
From: Engy989ATnospamaol.com
To: kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com
Subject: Re: free will
Message-ID: <971003103401_-1899002584ATnospamemout10.mail.aol.com>

<< < From: mistressATnospamdomin8rex.com (Mystress Angelique Serpent)
    The point of playing the control games in the first place, is to learn
the lessons of the truth of free will, which is that they choose how to
 percieve their life experiences, I cannot ever ever ever control that. The
cosmic law of free will says that there are no victims, and the
 knowledge of that truth, fuels the game. No one controls their happiness,
ultimately, except them.
To which In a message dated 97-10-03 09:28:05 EDT, SchrLLATnospamaol.com writes:

 Once again here is another reference to free will and its place in our
 So, folks out there, how can you say that to be really spiritual we must get
 rid of the ego and still maintain free will? Linda ATnospam->->--

First post here.....

Humility does not mean abdication of my free will, though at times I need to
surrender it to the Laws of the Universe. The reason that ego surrendered is
that even though we have Free Will, it is also true that each one of us has a
destiny, and to deny that is not "going with the flow" to battle the forces
of the Universe. In the altered states of conciousness of satori,
cantemplation, or whatever name you one to give it, the ego (sense of self)
is lost. That doesn't mean that I am gotten rid of. It means that my sense
of THE BIG I is annihilated, and there is no boundary between me and anything
else in the Cosmos. The cosmos and I are ONE.

It is a paradoxical Truth that both statements constitute reality. I have
Free Will. I also have a destiny. There is only 0ne way in which both of
those statements are true. One of the reasons that the Great Souls are great
is because they were humble yet realized, in the words of Jesus, "I and my
Father are ONE." Zen masters don't think in terms of duality. Free Will vs
Predestination. A statement from I think Phillipians goes something like,
"Work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God working in
you." The Law of Thelema states, "do as thou wilt, shall be the whole of the
law"....presumes that the forces of destiny are working WITHIN the magician,
and I believe it was St Augustine that said something like "The entire
gospels can be summed up in the sentence "Love God, and do as thou
wilt!"..... a more modern version might be "Love God, and sin boldly!, and if
you are of the commercial persuasion an appropriate paraphrase might be "Just
do it!" =) And if you are a country and western fan, there is a song that
entitled, "Shut up and Kiss Me!"

Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 07:47:10 -0700
From: indra <indraATnospamsmartt.com>
To: SchrLLATnospamaol.com
CC: kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com
Subject: Re: Ear Ringing not Tintinitis
Message-ID: <3435056D.2EEEATnospamsmartt.com>

SchrLLATnospamaol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 97-10-02 18:19:23 EDT, you write:
> Hi dear people,
> please forgive me my bad english, it's my first attempt/try.
> Since some weeks I was reading all the messages of you, sometimes my head
> began to rush, sometimes all my hairs are standing up, and sometimes i in
> tears . I only want to share with you, that it is so helpfull, to read
> what other people are experiencing.
> I came to k-list by a search about kundalini, i read the book from
> Gopi Krishna. A Meditation-Instructor asked me if i Know it, because i told
> her, that i'm doing Healing with "Universal Energy" and it has to do with
> chakras. At this time, a half year now ago, i felt a turn in a lot of
> opinions. I learned the healing by a Dr. med. XXX who activated our Chakras
> 2-7 in aTime of 6 Days they called to 60 %. Since that time we have to
> meditate
> min 5and max 30 minutes a day to sustain this activation until our 100%
> activationif we want it. Befor this i was interested in Buddhism, took
> refuge by a lama, and meditated daily one or two hours. this meditation is
> called shamata.
> Sometimes I felt during this meditation a heat comming upto my head.
> I
> thought it was because of the temperature of anny unhealthy in my body,
> my
> spine isn't the newest. Since that time of the chakra-activating the
> meditation turned intoanother quality. Then i decided to do the activating of
> the chakras to
> 100%. It was a 2 day course in germany where we learned how to use the
> Hands and chakras to help to heal. The final activating was in Holland, where
> the
> master, i can't imagine that you know him, Luong Ming Dang, activated us.
> Here where over 1000 People together in a great Hall. We sit down on a
> chair. Some advices where given to us, about the procedere of the
> activating. Then the master entered the hall, say some words to welcome
> us. Takes a siton the stage and in 30 - 40 seconds oure chakras wer
> activated. I must discribe it because i could not understand how it happends.
> This course is
> called Niveau 3, The next two days i stayed in Holland for Niveau 4,
> where
> the Master gave us a transmission of energy. In this couse only people
> asks any questions and the master answered. It was very interesting but
> sometimesit was to much, i've had problems to belief al this.
> Since these days i felt a desire to meditate intensiv now up to 2- 3
> h
> daily (the master said: It is not nessessary to meditate for the
> chakra-activating after 100 %). There is a intesive feeling in chakra 6
> and 7, heat sometimes, dizziness, tingling (often by reading these k-List)
> on
> different places, constant on chakra 7, sometimes very intensive like a
> long spike in the upper head.
> At first i thought that i must be ill, some pain ocoured, i tryed to
> heal myself with the energie, special the "high sound" in my reight ear, i
> thought it was tinitus, the pain in my spine.
> But then i read the book from Gopi Krishna. I was a little bit
> affraid, what doing now. I found this Web-site and the list, and now i
> wanted to
> tell you, that i am very glad that i found it. rfull sensations people
> sometimes discribing, I have a question; I see no ligths, colors, Auras,
> Chakras
> other beings and so on. Only in the meditation on afternoon, sometimes ther
> occours a very bright light, I began to fell verry well, and wenn i open
> my eyes, i can see a sunbeam at the window. So I always find a ordinary
> explanation for sensations that I observe. The only I realy feel is a
> strongly rejection to adopt any Building of Thoughts, I abandoned the
> buddhist meditation group, it was suddenly to narrow. I gave up the martial
> arts I was training for more than 15 years. Drinking isn`t possible because
> of the intensive pain (i tryed 1 bottle of beer one time).
> Your posts where a lot of tips/hints/examples they helped me to
> understand whats going on. I meet sometimes some people they are also
> activated, but didn't meditate, so they dont have such experiences. You
> are the only in this moment. I want to talk to someone If it is possible by
> the masses of post in the list.
> Thank you for your attention,
> Uwe
> >>
> ATnospam->->--Dear Uwe. It sounds like you are finding your way slowly and
> painfully. Perhaps my experience may help. The ear ringing can be useful.
> Consider a binary code and the fact that you have right and left sides,
> positive and negative. I have created a communication bridge by assigning
> which side is right etc. Then practice testing it out. Works for me and
> has
> gotten me out of a lot of situations which could have been detrimental.
> What
> is it? I don't know. I just use it.
> Love and LIght, Linda ATnospam->->-- the rose
> >>
To all who are interested:

This morning I was strongly inclined when out of all posts totalling 41
I came across this one. There are lots of Lamas and the like who
practice the Black Tantras and they are able to transmit shaktipat in
order to arouse the Kundalini even to a group but the effects would be
lasting for about 10-15 minutes max, at the time.

Many of the recipients of this kind of shaktipat are totally unaware
that when the Kundalini is aroused it floows the path of least
resistance. It very few people would it activate the central nerve of
the sushumna. In most it is activated almost immediately in the Ida
(solar)and Pingala (Lunar) channels.
When the shakti starts to work through the Ida and Pingala channels, the
results are delibitatting,devastating in 95% of recipients.
They suffer immensely , emotionally and psychologically. Unless trained
prior to this experience most loose their heads , discernment, and
clarity of thought. I had the experience of quite a few who had to be
hospitalized for trauma arising from such shaktipaths.
All the posts here have now prompted me to write an article on the
effects of K, based on my experiences on my web page in about two weeks
My web page is at http:/personal.smartt.com/~indra.

This is just for information of all those interested.

In Love, Life & Light,

Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 11:14:43 -0400 (EDT)
From: SchrLLATnospamaol.com
To: kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com
Subject: Re: kundalini pain
Message-ID: <971003111158_1011048828ATnospamemout15.mail.aol.com>

In a message dated 97-10-03 02:17:09 EDT, you write:

<< To: yodaATnospamband1.bandwidth.net (Mike Beaver)
 CC: SchrLLATnospamaol.com, kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com
 At 08:39 PM 10/2/97 -0500, Mike Beaver wrote:
 >If you know of anyone on your 1200 list who lives in Portland, Oregon I
 >would love to give them some free hypnotherapy help for their relentless
 My Dear Friend Mike,
 I am only an hour and one-half from Portland.
 I suffer from the relentless pain of shame, alienation, and separation from
 my Self. Would this challange be of interest to you?
 Sincerely Seeking,
When talking with ElCollie, I referred to my book, Loved by the Light" which
she is reading in which I explained that I used to have this pain. I no
longer have it. I am blissful and happy, and quite comfortable with my K now.
But thank you for bringing this to my attention. Linda ATnospam->->--
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 11:20:02 -0400
From: "Sharon Webb" <shawebbATnospamyhc.edu>
To: <kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com>
Subject: protection
Message-Id: <199710031529.LAA23957ATnospamhoboken>

Hi Everybody,

There have been several posts lately about the pain and difficulty of
handling the negative feelings picked up from others in the work place or
from being in groups. This is a very real problem and can lead to extreme
fatigue, anger, depression and so on...and sometimes to illness.

I feel sure that many/most of you may already know how to shield or cloak
against this. If you do, I don't want to bore you, so you might want to
stop reading this now. But if you don't, maybe this will help. It
certainly helped me.

There are probably a thousand or more ways to do this, and most of the
variations deal with differences in imagery. So, I'll offer one here...and
you can tailor the visuals to best suit your own purposes.

Creating a shield requires going into an altered state at first---alpha
will do...or the deeper theta state of meditation. While in the altered
state, visualize yourself at the center of a transparent bubble. Be sure
that the bubble extends a couple of feet above your head and below your

Fill this bubble with light and energy, drawing up from the earth for
centering and down from the sky. See the energies meeting in the heart
chakra---each beat of your heart pumping more and more light into your
protective bubble.

When the bubble is full, turn your attention to the skin of the bubble.
See it as an intelligent membrane that keeps your own energy from
dissipating and allows only positive energies from others to enter.
Imagine someone sending you love. Turn this into a visual image---perhaps
a heart, or rose petals. See these allowed to float gently into your
bubble. Now imagine someone sending volleys of anger or fear in all
directions. Try visualizing these energies as arrows aimed at your shield.
 See each arrow as it strikes your bubble fail to penetrate, but instead to
fall harmlessly into the ground.

When you complete this construct, you now need a way to instantly call up
this protection. While you are still in a meditative state, give yourself
a symbolic act that you can take away from the meditation. One way is to
put your first two fingers and thumb together and say to yourself, "When I
put these three fingers together and think the work 'shield,' I will
instantly be protected."

There are many things you can do with these shields...you can protect your
house, your loved ones, your car...you can extend the shield to include
others and nurture them...you can pump more energy into it when you are
tired and need a boost...and on and on.... You are limited only by your

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Honorable Mention
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 08:35:03 -0700
From: onarresATnospaminreach.com
To: kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com
Subject: Re: A few words anonymously.
Message-Id: <>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

Hi Linda,

In response to Anonymous you made a valid statement, however... there are
entities other than those of which you speak. Often after a soul leaves the
physical body, they choose to remain earthbound and not follow into the
light. These confused souls refuse to leave due to some attachment to
Earth. They often will hang out in hospitals, bars/taverns, anywhere they
can find a warm body to which they can attach. They too can bring all types
of emotional disturbances to anyone who falls victim to them. They attach
during periods of unconsciousness, drug abusers, alcoholics and surgical
recipients all can fall into this category. While a person is in a state of
unconsciousness, they are able to attach. Of course this would not apply
while we are in a state of sleep.

You will find transpersonal hypnotherapists who can reach these entities
and convince them to vacate the host body and go into the light. Dr. Edith
Fiore has written a book on this subject, 'The Unquiet Dead' a
psychologist treats spirit possession. Published by
Ballantine/Parapsychology/35083. Dr. Winifred Lucas has done some
exceptional work in this field as well. What does this have to do with
kundalini? Search me, I haven't the faintest idea, but thought I'd throw
it out here... just in case! love dor

Angelique, please no reprimands for not deleting previous message. I needed
to leave them in, to complete the picture.

>At 09:40 AM 10/3/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>In a message dated 97-10-02 17:53:44 EDT, you write:
>><< >
>> >There are entities who attach to our bodies, they cause all types of
negativity, illness and conditions that we are not aware of, they manifest
little by little, so much so that we are not aware of them. To rid oneself
of these attachments, we need to seek help or a deep meditative state in
order that they may be released. There is a clearing that must be done. >>
>>Dear anonymous,
>>FYI Those 'entities' you speak of are bits of emonional discharge sent
>>out into our psychic spaces. People who emit these strong emotions are
>>disturbed about something and either are unable to or will not share
them. So
>>these emotions grow and may even take on a separate personna, split off and
>>cause one to believe that a devil or alien is wandering about.
>>Communication, communion, community are all so very important for our mental
>>health. If you are too isolated, how will you be able to share? How will you
>>be able to express and look at these strong emotions, to vent them and to
>>shed Light upon them?
>>Love and Light, Linda
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 12:00:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: SchrLLATnospamaol.com
To: kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com
Subject: Re: Is Morality Relative
Message-ID: <971003115753_1208081803ATnospamemout17.mail.aol.com>

In a message dated 97-10-03 11:04:11 EDT, you write:

<< .I don't know how well a discussion of conventional
 morality vs K morality would fly on the list...yet I am trying to work out
 those issues myself. Any thoughts? >>
 Let's see what we get. If you are and I did, everyone else probably is too.
Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 13:17:41 -0700
From: E Jason <vv60ATnospamdial.pipex.com>
To: tariqasATnospamworld.std.com, kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com,
 insight <insightATnospamworld.std.com>
Subject: focus on the good
Message-ID: <343552E5.DDAATnospamdial.pipex.com>

If you need to focus on the good, then that is what you should be doing.
 It is very important to be aware of what it is you should be doing at
any particular time.
Quite often people think their spiritual development is occurring from
one direction, when it is in fact occurring from a completely different
source. Many individuals who undergo some formal training, develop
certain qualities. Much of this is to do with developing inner calm.
However such a quality is a precursor, not a result of spiritual
training. It is very necessary to calm the body and mind and ensure that
it is working in harmony.
Many people develop qualities of calm through life experiences. However
calm is an internal not external manifestation.
Calm is necessary in order to observe. Observation of self and others
and of the world is the means to actual progress. Most people are more
interested in engagement rather than observation. They would rather be
stimulated them observe the process of stimulation.

Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 12:29:02 -0400
From: "F. Drew Leyda" <leydaATnospamvalunet.com>
To: <Kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com>
Subject: A Thought..............
Message-Id: <9710031915.AA14677ATnospamns.valunet.com>

" The heart has reasons that the mind can not conceive ".

F. Drew Leyda
" So Far, So Good "
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 10:35:07 -0700
From: "Elle D'Coda" <dcodaATnospamtherapist.net>
To: <morganaATnospambest.com>, <madammumATnospamptialaska.net>
Cc: <kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com>
Subject: Re: to those desperately seeking
Message-Id: <199710031732.NAA20574ATnospamren.globecomm.net>

My kundalini experience seems to be unique. BEFORE my kundalini delivered
shakti-pat I experienced the kind of alientation , pain, and suffering
that I read daily here. AFTER Kundalini's shakti bore its fruit, I felt
free of suffering and have continued to live this way for years. I can't
conceive of feeling lonely. Its true that there are no people in my
community who share my experience, no one I can talk to...but we are closer
than words can convey. There is no small self anymore to feel lonely. There
is no person here...only a divine presence of love-intellegence through and
through. As for pain...pain is necessary, suffering is optional. Even pain
has its beauty. How beautiful to care enough about ANYTHING or ANYONE to be
moved in the heart enough to feel pain.

Meet ya in Paradise...

Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 11:02:19 -0700
From: "Elle D'Coda" <dcodaATnospamtherapist.net>
To: <onarresATnospaminreach.com>, <kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com>
Subject: Re: A Question?
Message-Id: <199710031800.OAA25271ATnospamren.globecomm.net>

Another excellent book on the subject of Jesus is "Jesus and the Riddle of
the Dead Sea Scrolls" by Barbara Thiering. A thorough scholarly text
unlocking the secrets of his life story. She shows that not only was Mary
an Essene, so was Joseph. For instance, an interesting point is made of his
virgin birth. The New Testament itself doesn't give very good authority for
the virgin birth: its dealt with in only two of the four gospels, and those
same two gospels give a genealogy which says that Jesus was descended from
King David through his father Joseph, a complete contradiction. And Paul
says very clearly that Jesus was "of the seed of David". Joseph was a
descendent of King David, he was also an Essene. The Essenes were celibate
but to continue the community (& esp. the line of David) they had to bear
children. A compromise was made through an unusual marriage procedure.
First was a long betrothal period of several years. Then a marriage
ceremony which permitted sex - a trial marriage lasting up to 3 years. When
the woman became pregnant they had their second wedding ceremony because it
was known that children would result. At this point sex was stopped and the
husband went back to the celibate community.

The women were religious. At that time there were religious women called
Vestal Virgins, the word "Virgin" meaning a kind of nun. She had to be a
"Virgin" meaning member of an order, as well as physically. If she got
pregnant during the betrothal period and before the first wedding it was
said that a "Virgin had conceived". She was still regarded as a Virgin
legally if not physically. This is what happened with Mary & Joseph.
Normally this was punished by putting the mother & child away. But
continuing the line of David was very important for the Essenes who were
embroiled in a lot of political turmoil which would resolve with an heir to
the kingdom. So after consulting the elders it was decided Joseph should
marry Mary in a second wedding, skipping the first.

Perhaps this little nugget will whet your appetite...many paradoxes are



> By all means, you may wish to read some of the Edgar Cayce material,
> especially 'The Story of Jesus', Jeffrey Furst, ed. Berkley, ISBN
> 0-425-1027-7. Or perhaps you may wish to read more of the Essene religion
> in 'The Gnostic Gospels, Elaine Pagels, Vintage Books, ISBN 0-679-72453-2
> and also 'Gnosis, The Nature & History of Gnosticism' by Kurt Rudolph,
> Harper Collins ISBN 0-06-067018-5. There is so much information out
> that one can readily find books available for research into these areas.
> Sometimes the truth lies closer to the surface than we chose to believe.
> dor
> >v: i do not DISBELIEVE you, but - how do YOU KNOW??? you write like it
> TRUTH already, but unconventional it is! please, PROVE it!
> >
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 1997 13:08:50 -0500
From: MrNamasteATnospamwebtv.net (MrNamaste)
To: Kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com, indraATnospamsmartt.com
Subject: NEW best seller (before it's even published)
Message-Id: <199710031808.LAA07754ATnospammailtod-2.alma.webtv.net>

I am pleased to bring to your attention that Eric Siegal of "Love Story"
fame has a new book in the works which I believe many of you will
appreciate. Now, this is just my 2-cents, and thus potentially as
invalid or lacking in any True Value, as it were, as any wooden nickel.
His new book will be entitled, "Enlightenment Means Never Having To Say
You're Sorry."

Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 11:26:21
From: Mystress Angelique Serpent <mistressATnospamdomin8rex.com>
To: kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com
Subject: conserving a lifeline resource
Message-Id: <>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

  A gentle reminder from List Mystress..
  Many folks have written lately, of what a lifeline resource this list has
become for them.. and they are right, it is. I really hate using bandwidth
to be a bandwidth dragon, but sometimes I see a need to point out some
ideas about conservation of the resource.
  I usually speak up on this topic, after a certain number of folks have
unsubbed, with regrets, simply because they cannot keep up with list
traffic. Usually because they have not enough time to wade thru all the
posts, or because their physical resources are limited.. they get email at
work, or pay by volume of mail sent and recieved, or even by the hour,
online.. email is not free..
  I am happy that so many members are posting, and I don't want to inhibit
anyone's freedom of speech.. (especially my own verbose self.. LOL!!)
  The most painless way to cut list traffic, is for members responding to a
post on the list, to DELETE all of the post you are responding to, except
for a line or two to indicate the particular comment that caught your eye.
  Reposting a 4k post to the list, in it's entirely, to add a few lines at
the bottom, to my mind, is lazy and disrespectful to other members time,
resources, and intelligence.
  The moment you save by not snipping, is multiplied and paid for, 300+
times, by the members who must then download and scroll thru the repeated
information that you have been too thoughtless to remove.
  OK: so my reminder is not so gentle.. more like a spanking.. but it is an
important consideration.
  I leave you with the information on the subject, from the intro post that
everyone recieved, when they subscribed. By Richard Satin..

>I will repost these guidelines every few weeks for the benefit of new
>members and to serve as a gentle "reminder" to everyone else - myself
>included. As always, these constitute a framework only which is subject to
>change if necessary. So, here goes:
>1. Please don't quote any more of a post in your reply than necessary.
>The optimum is not to quote anything at all except what is needed to put
>your comment in perspective. DO NOT post "I agree" notes to the list. And
>especially do not post "I agree" notes which quote a 7k long post!!! Your
>fellow list members thank you.
>2. Take "private" jokes, conversations, etc. off line. Do not post anything
>which is of interest to only one person to the list in general. Remember:
>everything which is posted to the list is rebroadcast to more than 300
>people. Keep this in mind, and post privately whenever appropriate. This is
>treating others with respect and consideration.

    If you need more info, feel free to write to me at
 Love and electric blue K. fire, List Mystress.
   Website <http://www.execpc.com/~libra/kund/kundgate.html>
   in europe <http://www.telebyte.nl/~frans/kundalini/>

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Date: Fri, 03 Oct 1997 11:30:14 +0100
From: Gloria Greco <lodpressATnospamintercomm.com>
To: NancyATnospammagiccity.com
CC: kundalini-lATnospamexecpc.com
Subject: Re: My journey...there and back. LONG
Message-ID: <3434C933.2D6BATnospamintercomm.com>

My goodness that is a story, I can relate to your frustration and anger
and even your newspaper business. I published a newspaper for 12 years,
it was a community goodnews newspaper that was wonderful and a truly
great experience.

If you are experiencing kundalini through all of this then I would share
somethings that maybe difficult but is necessary for you to get past all
of this.

First it is an illusion, you are being tested. And, remember there is no
victim. So, how do you move out of the victim role and of course you are
injured, feel violated, etc. Can you look at it as clearing up a past
karmic debt so that you can just cut it off?

I would say you are in some active karma with your husband, or x, which
ever he is and others that you have met and worked with. And, you need
to detach so that he/they doesn't have access to you at least for the
present. The thing that is sometimes difficult to do is what is most
needed, love those who harm you or in a sense is your enemy. I know this
is very hard, so you say God, I can't do this. So, I'm giving him and
the situation to you, you handle it, he/they/we are all your's. So I
love all in the situation even though I can't understand it now. And
then let go. That negative energy keeps you open to the frequency and it
will continue. You need to detach, observe, take your energy out of it,
and close the chapter.

You have a tremendous amount of ability to care for yourself.So know
this, turn to God for strength and ask to be given grace to heal and go
on without bitterness and malice towards anyone...including God.

This way you aren't zapping and getting zapped, which is the worst thing
possible with kundalini. You see when you access power within and your
energies go out in static, you create without knowing it odd
things...like what happened with the checks, jail, etc.

 This is not unusual when you have a great deal of psychic energy and
are undisicplined spiritally. Not that he/they aren't doing things, but
it is also the environment that is working off of you. It just isn't
your husband it is a series of things, so something from your thoughts,
projections, etc is coming back. Step away from it, let it go by,
observe without judgment and then you will be able to release the
negative energy and move forward with a new attitude.

Sharing that story was hard but it shows you are ready to go within for
answers. Gloria


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