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Kundalini mailing list

Memorial Tribute to El Collie:
Her Thoughts about the K-list.

Thu, 6 Jun kundalini-l-d Digest Volume 96

I am very glad this new Kundalini mailing list has been created. As I and many others have discovered through our communications in ST newsletter and Web pages, there is always more to learn, more to explore, more to share with those who are fellow travelers on this great journey of expanding consciousness! Thank you Richard, thank you Melissa, thank everyone who has come together to help us all in this vital way. Sincerely,
El Collie

Sat, 8 Jun kundalini-l-d Digest Volume 96

Has anyone else noticed that this mail list is blasting with shakti? I am not talking figuratively -- I am getting supercharged torrents of energy from everyone's Kundalini stories. If the energy keeps up this strong, the people who want to awaken Kundalini will only need to join this list and get shaktipat by email! Wow, maybe we're creating an electronic group-mind guru!

Then again, I may be crazy.

El Collie

Date: Sun, 9 Jun 1996
Subject: So much heart energy

In the wee hours of the morning I felt/heard a new sensation: the buzzing of "bees" in my heart chakra. Today, finding all your kind words to me in the Kundalini mail list, I understood. Quite literally, you are making my heart sing!

Friday, 05-Jul-96
Subject: Heaviness


The "heaviness" you felt from the mail list may not have been entirely from "toxic" (I would call it "obnoxious") dogma-blustering. I have been following this list since its inception a month ago and discovered that whenever anyone posts something on the list that is a direct response to something I've said -- especially if there is an emotional charge to their response -- I feel an incredible tenfold increase in the gravitational field around my body before I have even checked for email! This happens even when the responses are very positive.

My explanation for the heaviness is an electromagnetic overload that builds up when I am thrown psychic cords by people radiating mega-energy (i.e., if their Kundalini is active). More than one person focusing on me with this much energy really hits hard. At first I thought I was coming down with sudden chronic fatigue!

For this reason, I've learned to keep my posts to this group to a minimum (thus avoiding drawing attention and excess energies to myself). Luckily, I am able to disengage from the cords/energies through aura cleansing. I began doing spontaneous aura cleansing (on myself, no clientele) about six years ago when my Kundalini was at a crescendo. I never received any training for this, but it sure helps sometimes to be able to do it.

I think that we are sitting on a unbelievably potent group-energetic force that eventually will be tapped for distant healings and so forth. (I understand that other Internet groups already do this kind of work, but how much more intense would it be if all the participants had active Kundalini?) The possibilities are staggering.


Mystress notes: It was necessary to take steps to reroute the Shakti to keep it from frying the listserv computers. Hard to explain how that was done, but along the way a transformer was added, which altered the heaviness into something more blissful.

Subject: [K-list] Hard Core Kundalini

I'm the author of the "Danger: High Voltage" article Jenell mentioned. I've been following her recent series of posts to the K-list with interest. Like Jenell, my Kundalini erupted spontaneously and has been going nonstop since '91. I've experienced the no-boundary psychic overload of unwanted clairvoyance, clairsentience, telepathy, "long distance sex," intense and prolonged altered states, mystical and paranormal experiences with all kinds of weirdness. However, for me, this has not been the chief problem. The physical impact has been the worst. For eight years straight, without a day's respite, I've endured chronic pain and illness.

In my opinion, the voices of people like Jenell's -- and the many others who have spoken up in a similar way -- are needed on the K-list to help "keep it real." I too have protested (both on K-lists and in Shared Transformation newsletters) the notion that a mild and primarily pleasant Kundalini awakening is the result of being able to control the energies well (or indicates a more spiritually advanced soul). I've seen considerable arrogance from people who take personal credit for what, in my opinion, amounts to sheer grace. The attitude that people who are doing the right things have an easy time of it is not only self-inflated delusion; it cruelly stigmatizes anyone whose Kundalini is very demanding and overwhelming.

I have also encountered people with gentle or very blissful Kundalini experiences who are humble, kind and compassionate to those who have a harder time of it. Most incomprehensible to me are the people who have been hit hard with Kundalini crises of their own, yet later turn around and disparage the ones who are still suffering. This isn't unique to Kundalini awakening;
I've seen it happen in all kinds of situations where instead of relating to others with empathy, people attack them for being in the same painful and vulnerable situation they once faced. Abused children who grow up to be child abusers are a prime example of this. (I'm not saying this always happens; some of the best and most productive children's advocates were themselves victims of childhood abuse.)

There are some list members a friend of mine refers to as "starry-eyed aspirants" who yearn to awaken their Kundalini. They may genuinely wish to further their spiritual development with a realistic understanding of what this may entail. Others have a naive idea of the spiritual path, assuming that risen Kundalini will free them from the drudgery and conflicts of ordinary life, or that it will endow them with psychic powers to turn them into invincible superheroes.

For those in whom it hasn't already risen, Kundalini isn't the only or best spiritual path. To me, living from the heart is the crux of mature spirituality, with or without the Kundalini experience.


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