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Memorial Tribute to El Collie.

Following is a letter from El's husband Charles, to Bob Boyd who passed it onto Jerry, who sent it on... please pass it on it turn, to anyone you know who knew El, so they may know of her passing and include her and Charles in their prayers.

Hi Bob,

This is Charles, El's Husband. El Passed away on Wednesday 17 April. As you can imagine I am still in a state of shock and grief. I feel like my heart has been ripped from my chest. My family has been a great help in assisting me and spending time with me. El was such a great source of strength and compassion, but in the last few years her health deteriorated and her pain and suffering kept getting greater. Now she is liberated from the pain of the body, but we who are left behind miss her greatly. I hope at some point to be able to post more of her writings and poetry to the web, but for now I am still too broken up to do that. She Is being cremeated as she wished and her ashes will be scattered at sea on the 3rd of May. If anyone wishes to make a donation in her name she always liked the IRC (international rescue commitee), Project open Hand, and Habitat for Humanity. Prayers for her and our family are also appreciated. Thanks for all you have done. You have always been a beacon of light and love.



PS you can share this message If you like on your web site or with those that knew her.

1996. El speaks of her love for Charles:

Now I must make a confession. I am Internet illiterate. I have a pc on which I do word processing (and database work for the newsletter), but my husband Charles is the computer whiz (at least from my vantage point). I compose my email messages on my dinosaur Multimate program, then Charles takes them off disk and does whatever magic he does to convert them to bona fide electronic mail. If it were not for him, you would never hear from me.

He has kept me grounded, sane, safe and alive through these roller coaster years when no one else I have ever personally known could have stood by me or understood me so deeply. I make all the noise, but without him, Shared Transformation newsletter and Web pages would not exist. He devotes untold hours every week on all the behind the scenes work -- and there is a *lot* of work -- to keep the newsletter going. Yet he has never expressed the slightest disappointment or jealousy when people, not realizing his enormous contribution, give me all the glory. He is truly a great soul and by his example I learn much about the beauty of humility and selfless giving. (He will be embarrassed that I am gushing over him so, but he always indulges my desires so I am pretty certain I will be able to *softly* twist his arm to get him to send this email to the list anyway.)

I also want to say to Carlo and any other husbands, wives, partners and loyal friends of those of us going through awakening: DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE YOUR OWN SPIRITUAL BEAUTY!!! Just because you are not the "identified target" of the risen Kundalini does not in any way mean you are not equally involved in profound spiritual growth. It may well be that your loving support of your spiritually awakening partner is more soul-stretching and blessed than it is to be directly experiencing Kundalini manifestations. Gopi Krishna, throughout his life, repeatedly gave credit to his beloved wife for her unflinching support and help to him throughout everything. Without her, he would not have lived to tell his tale. (Those of you who are going through awakening solo -- without a close friend or partner -- are a marvel to me. I don't know how you manage.)


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