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Recieved: 1999/12/22 06:36
Subject: Re: [K-list] 'Different' energies?
From: Ckress

On 1999/12/22 06:36, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

Jenell wrote:

<< This is about having realized there are two distinctly 'different' kinds
of energy, 'power', that I 'detect', from others that are themselves
'channeling energies >>

Don't know if this is relevant to her observation. I studied acupressure
before my K was fully active. Back then, I wasn't anywhere as attuned to
energy flows within myself as I am now. My instructors taught us that in
addition to pressing the correct acupressure points, we were supposed to be
directing "chi" (energy) to the person we were working on. We learned by
taking turns working on each other in class.

I was able to feel energies from some of the other students when they worked
on me. Not all -- some didn't seem to be utilizing chi at all; they were
just focused on physically pushing on the meridian points. But among those
who were channelling energy, I noticed that they had distinctive energy
"signatures." One guy who worked on me was inundating me with a very
unpleasant cold-metallic sort of energy. Trying to be diplomatic (so as not
to embarrass him for sending me yucky-feeling energy), I mentioned that his
energy had a very unusual quality -- much "cooler" than anything I'd
experienced from anyone else. He knew what I was talking about and
immediately replied with obvious pride, "Yeah, I've been told that before.
Someone said I have 'silvery energy.'" (Maybe that person had liked it... ??
 Felt to me as if he'd frozen my bone marrow and it took hours afterward for
me to internally warm back up.)

One of the women in the class had the most deliciously sweet energy I've ever
felt -- it sent you into instant bliss. Hard to get her for a class partner,
tho; everyone wanted her to work on them.

When I worked on people, I tried not to send them my own energy so much as to
open my crown chakra and channel universal chi. This was something I did
mostly intuitively, although while I worked, I would silently chant a brief
prayer I'd once heard and liked from a Catholic liturgy: "Espirito vene tu"
(Spirit, come). During one class session, one of the advanced class
instructors was babysitting our beginner's class. He was quietly walking
around the room observing us as we worked on one another. He stopped in
front of me and watched quietly for a few seconds as I was working on a
fellow student, mentally chanting "Espirito vene tu."

He leaned over and gently said to me, "Yes. You are sending the chi the
right way." (He said nothing like this to anyone else.) I was very
surprised he could tell what I was doing just by watching me. (Now I
understand -- obviously his K was up and roaring!)


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