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Recieved: 1999/12/18 18:57
Subject: Re: [K-list] Re: Suffering as lllusion?
From: Ckress

On 1999/12/18 18:57, Ckress posted thus to the K-list:

In a message dated 12/18/99 10:18:26 AM Pacific Standard Time,
icemanATnospaminecco.net writes:

<< You know my story dear El. I was in war. I was see a many dead chilndrens
 and people
 who was die in my arms. I was in that time eat every fourty day. I was
 allways wake up,
 because I was on first line. I don't like war, and I belive that I didn't
 kill anyone. But you
 can't understud what is to be in real war. Many of my friends are die on
 front of me,
 poeople lose his legs and arms from mines. But in that time, God or
 something what
 give to me a strength to carry on, and that was a thought of me, every

 For you El, I don't have words. Just my hearth to share.

Dear Zarko,

I am awed by your incredible strength and great beauty of soul to have lived
through all this without hatred and bitterness! I too have experienced some
bad things, but nothing so terrible as you have witnessed and experienced. I
have many extended family members who died in Nazi concentration camps, but I
was not there; I have only heard of the horrors.

Yes, as you say, just to suffer with someone is not helpful to anyone. For
me, empathy is an impetus to do something to help, to try to "get them up,"
as you put it.

And you are right: I don't understand how you regard all you've seen and
experienced as "no suffering on Earth." Others who have lived through
similar atrocities come through them with the opposite view -- that suffering
knows no limits on this earth.


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