Date: Mon, 8 Jul kundalini-l-d Digest	Volume 96 : Issue 41 
[1] From: Richard Satin 
Subject: Web Site Updated

Dear Listmembers,

I have updated the kundalini list website.  One of the main changes is the
addition of all of the archived posts in digest format.  The display isn't
too pretty, but they are all available to read and/or download.

Also, there is a new European mirror site hosted generously by Frans Storms
in the Netherlands.  

New Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) files by Kurt Keutzer on kundalini,
kundalini yoga, etc. are worth perusing.  Inspired by his example, I will be
updating the FAQ file for the mailing list this week to include some
definitions submitted by Jim Cook.  There will also be new poetry by list
member Dorothy Bates.  Which reminds me, if anyone has kundalini related art
work, poetry, book reviews or personal experiences they would like to see
included on the web site, please send them.  You will of course retain all
rights, while at the same time providing inspiration to many.

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.
In your light I learn how to love.
In your beauty, how to make poems.

You dance inside my chest,
where no one sees you,

But sometimes I do,
And that sight becomes this art.

[2] From: (Jean Tracy)
Subject: Re: "Wheels of Light"/past lives

Mellissa wrote:

>I know I have a lot of baggage to work through myself, but I have also
>heard a lot about past-life baggage.  How would one know if they have
>even HAD past lives, much less any baggage from it/them.  And, once they
>found out, how would one go about getting rid of such baggage?  It's hard
>enough trying to get rid of baggage from THIS lifetime!

>From my own experience, working through 'past life emotional baggage' was
crucial to clearing the blocks that were met by Kundalini.  I went to a
massage therapist who did 'body work' for $40/hr.  (The Light Institute in
Santa Fe is the gourmet of this kind of work at $1000/week)

She got my energy moving via her hands touching my feet.  Then as she moved
her hands over my chakras (about 1 foot from my body) images would come up.
As we explored the images, a scenario would develop and 'merge' with my
consciousness.  By merge I mean that I would BE the main character.  It
happened quite by accident the first time.  My perspective changed from
bird's eye view to inside the Viking's head.  I felt what it was like to be
in a short stout body, saw what he saw and felt what he felt.  I always
followed him or her, whatever the case was, through to the action that it
wanted me to see.

When the awful deed was done (usually the block was due to some unhealthy
choice he/she had made) the body worker and I would do what was necessary
to heal the situation.  Once the block was healed, there would be an
incredible rush of energy and light that would filtrate throughout my body.
The pain (or other symptom) would vanish and I would come away a wiser and
more integrated individual.

My sense has always been that the images were etheric memory.  That is they
symbolize the basic attributes of the karma that I carry in my body.  I
suspect that genetic memory is involved in the creation of certain
scenarios.  The details of the environments were always things of which I
did not consciously know.

I heartily recommend it.  Carl Jung used a similar technique called 'active
imagination' for his go rounds with the unconscious.


[3] From: Iver Juster 
Subject: Assorted comments

1. Ascended and descended gods: Ken Wilbur has a great model. He says that
there are two viewpoints about god. Ascended god is the one we worship who
is above us, and our goal is to rise beyond our human nature to meet
him(her)it. Descended god has come from heaven and descends into the earthly
realms, raining on everything, now to be found in everything, everywhere.

It seems like the ascended gods are like our patriarchal religions (god the
father, male, etc.). Often people reject or try to leave the human body,
which is considered lowly, unclean, inferior, etc. The goal is to go into
the cosmic consciousness, as if that is truly a better place and often one
that is in another realm, certainly not here on earth, in our bodies.

Descended god has landed everywhere. Everything is divine. There is no need
to go anywhere for we are already divine, and so is everything around us. To
have more divine appreciation we need only to let it in more, to go into the
world (and ourselves), not up and away from it. We are divine, and so are
ascended gods as well as descended gods. ALL.

Kundalini is energy. It exists on all the chakra planes, starting with the
physical, and working up through the crown. Yet many religions deny the
divinity of the physical.

My personal view is to honor all the planes.  TO deny the existince of
kundalini as a physical/mental/emotional force and just call it spiritual
seems to be a limiting, not an expansive, viewpoint. It is all, including

It is the denial of the divinity of the physical that leads to the violation
and degradation of life that we humans tend to do. The patriarchal religions
place woman as inferior to men and spirit as better than other realms such
as life now (the spiritual afterlife is better, etc.)  But spirit realms can
only be better when from the lower levels are less good and not as divine. 

I see the divine everywhere.

Kundalini is the evolutionary force, yes? Well, things evolve because of
procreation. The creative energies fuel our spirits. The creative energies
such as the sex drive begin in the first chakra. Here is the home of the k.
It is sad that so many people want to deny the value of this energy.

Boddisattva is the one who came back to this earth, once he himself had
reached Nirvana. His goal was not Nirvana, while others suffered. His goal
was to come get everyone who had not seen the light. He compassionately said
he would not be truly free until all beings could enter Nirvana with him. He
came back to the earth plane. 

Boddhisattvas fuse an understanding of the descended divine and the ascended
divine. He (she) is more of an evolutionary force than Buddha, IMHO. He
(she) comes back from the trip into the light, the godhead, with his (her)
love, compassion, and light, and gives the awareness to others. 

2. Wheels of Light: This book acknowledges the importance of the physical
and of the first chakra in dealing with healing, spirit, body, and soul. It
has a very balanced viewpoint. It honors the goddess energy of the kundalini
as well as the god energy and is a welcome change from the overwhelming
patriarchal viewpoints about k. This book honors all humans as carriers of
the k. Yes, it departs from mainstream thinking, but for that I am deeply
grateful. I welcome a more balanced paradigm. If this world is to survive it
is because love, and respect for life, balance out the viewpoints about
"gods" that live *only* in heaven. 

Our whole house is reading this book and I have been deeply touched to see
the goddess and procreative energies of the kundalini discussed as well. I
wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone. 

PS yes my viewpoint is Tantric, and I do honor all other viewpoints here
too. They all contribute to our deepest understanding of the k. Thanks for
letting me put in my two cents. I am not necessarily asking for a debate. I
guess I wanted to add a little balance to all the discussions about going
*up* all the time, when I see such magnificence everywhere in the here and now!

3. I haven't seen things vibrating that others also see. Just me seeing
things vibrate, and that is a typical thing to happen to people with migraines.

Love to all, Patti

[4] From: (Spark)
Subject: own best friend...


  Very wonderfully put.  I like how you describe the way our (everyone's)
sharing of our heart-experiences can be helpful to each other at key
moments.  I've certainly experienced this in both directions.

  I also understand what you mean about not knowing how you do certain
things like auric cleansing.  I can do things sometimes and find it
difficult to impossible to say how or much else about them.

  And the part about being our own best friend... cuts right through a lot
of the spiritual-speak to the heart of what I would call self-realization
and beyond.  Thanks for the reminder.  Fun play on words too when you
consider the Shams and Rumi use of the word 'friend.'

  As an aside I wanted to say how much I appreciate the work you and your
husband do with the Shared Transformation Web page.  There is a vibration
that the two of you have created that is very radiant and special there.  I
hope to pick up some of your past newsletter issues as well.  I loved the
title of the one:  Experiences that Tear Us Apart: Shamanic Dismemberment.
The title alone enables a wonderful reframing of challenging experiences
that come along with the 'kiss' of God.  [probably many of you reading this
list came here via Shared Transformation but if you haven't surfed to that
beach I heartily recommend it at:

  I'm glad you're here in either silent or expressive mode.


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[5] From: John Halonen 
Subject: Breath of Air - Third Chakra

I was in a dream and in a dark cavern, there was a man there that was
imprisoned I think.
We were talking about something and then I asked him if he knew anything
about the chakras?
He was in the process of pulling out all kinds of drawings of the human body
with all kinds of diagrams.
The man turned and looked at me and said," just because I use a different
system does not mean we do not know about the energies of life and how to
use them."  Pointing to one of the charts the man says, "Now the breath of
air in the Third chakra, that is an important thing."

This is about all I can remember.

I felt really stupid for asking him the question in the dream after he
answered me that way.

Is there anything to this breath of air?

John Halonen

[6] From: Royale Jills 
Subject: recieving?

hi anyone. Am having trouble sending. have a long message but it keeps coming
 back. can 
you read this?  Royale

[7] From: Royale Jills 
Subject: Shaktipat

Hi to all;  Someone has asked about Shaktipat and i can only tell of my
experiences.  When a local guru came through my town a few years ago I
decided to go as i had not had much in the way of K going on for a while.  I
thought it would help me to ease back into it after my bad experiences.
After attending several of the get togethers, i found that they (she and her
husband) gave Shaktipat .  I went and about 20 others also , and the
initiation was quite a beautiful ceremomy .  This guru was of the meditation
type. (They all use different ways to achieve enlightment or
    We all sat and did meditation and listened to the instructions, then
they came around and touched our heads and transferred their shaktipat
energy to us. As I was told , the idea is that the guru has an excess of the
K energy and therfore is able to transfer it to us.
  As she touched the top of my head i felt an ever  so slight tingling
coming up my body to the top of my head.  That plus a slight euphoria and a
high was basically the feeling of it.  The whole thing lasted about an hour.
Afterwards ,we were fed as we were fasting before it, and given instructions
for chanting meditation to perform for the next 10 days or so.
  After that I noticed alot of heat in my body while meditating.(I found
ways to use it later for healing.)   Also a lot of physical sensations plus
uncaused sounds were hear
during meditation and upon going to sleep and awaking.  To bad that my guru
didnt live here as I could have asked lots of questions
I had purchased several books from her which did explain many things.  For
example, the strange sounds were said to come from the heart chakra which is
discribed as the place where the sound that has no cause resides.
I must say that while my first big K experience was almost wholly a
consiousness type experience, this was more of a physical type.  A can add
that a known side effect of shaktipat is increased sexual arousal.  Is seems
that as the energy goes near but past the sexual organs this happens.   
Well, thats it in a nutshell.  Hope that this was of interest to you all.
Any comments or questions are always welcomned.  Royale

[8] From: Richard Satin 
Subject: Re: Breath of Air - Third Chakra [5]

Dear John,

This is a very potent dream.  One book I have found extremely helpful for
connecting with the energies and personalities behind these types of dreams
is The Inner Guide Meditation by Gerald Steinbrecher.

In any case, one question which comes to mind is, why is this man imprisoned
?  What has he done - or (maybe more likely) what is he being restrained
from doing?  It is obvious that he possesses a great deal of knowledge and
perhaps wisdom.  It is equally obvious that he is very irritated at his
restraints.  They may be there to protect you.  Or, they may be there to
keep you from moving forward until you're ready.  

His message to you may or may not be literal.  If you try to just let your
mind relax, and let the thoughts come and go as they will, it's very
possible that the symbolism will begin to come clear.  

Hope this helps,

It is all right to hold a conversation, but you should let go
of it now and then.
-Richard Armour

[9] From: (HyperMedia Technologies)
Subject: more blue pearl

Thanks to all who responded with info on the 'blue pearl', especially Omar.

Just after I posted my request I stumbled onto quite a bit of info. Omar's
description is very accurate.

I also found the following:

The Blue pearl is:  soul, pure conciousness, the self, and also the 4th body.

1. Gross phyical body appears in meditation as a red aura the size of the
actual body. It has it's seat in the eyes.  (waking state)

2. Subtle body appears within the red aura as a white light the size of
thumb, and is seated in the throat chakra.  (dream state)

3. Causal (mental body) appears as a black spot the size of a fingertip and
has it's seat in the heart chakra  (deep sleep state)

4. Blue Pearl, the Supra Causal body, is the size of a sesame seed and of
course is blue. It has it's seat in the crown chakra. It is associated with
the state of 'Turiya', the trancendental state.

Apparently as you meditate, over time, and as the kundalini rises through
the chakras you will see the 4 bodies. Inside the blue pearl is the
reflection of the macrocosm and all knowledge is revealed at that point.

Kriyas (cleansings) only happen in the gross physical body.


[10] From: (HyperMedia Technologies)
Subject: short K overview

Just found the following gem:

" Within every human being lies a divine energy called Kundalini. This
energy has two aspects: one manifests this worldly existence, and the other
leads us to the highest truth. The mundane aspect of this energy is
functioning perfectly, but the inner aspect is dormant, sleeping.

When the inner Kundalini energy is awakened, it sets off different
processes of yoga within us, and leads us to the state of the Self. This is
why there is no knowledge more important than the knowledge of Kundalini."

I also found a beautiful description of spontaneous kundalini kriyas
(cleansings) which I will post shortly. Even though kundalini manifests
differently in each individual, there are many commonalties.

Many of you who are having strange effects are actually experiencing
spontaneous kundalini kriyas. The descriptions I found parallel many of the
postings, which is why I am going to post it to the group. There is nothing
to be afraid of. Kundalini Shakti is intelligent, but unfortunately your
boss and co-workers may not understand what's happening to you.

Best to all of you,


[11] From: (Michelle Withers)
Subject: Last nights energy

Dear all,

Michelle here.  I had the most wonderful contact/meditation/vision -
whatever you want to call it, last night while I was lying in bed, just
before sleep.

I was praying, with eyes closed, when my angels told me to open my eyes.  I
did, and *saw* on my ceiling all sorts of dancing images, which all spoke
volumes to me - but would take way too long to explain to you all :)  No
offense intended, just don't want to bore you all, with the inner workings
of my visions.

Anyway - I saw wonderful sights which eventually turned into fairies :) :),
and I realized that I was also *feeling* these fairies dancing with my
spirit, and all of a sudden I felt a wave of energy go into my body.  It
was true ecstacy :) Usually when I feel these heavenly/earthly energies
they come in through my heart, but this time it seemed to be coming in
through my belly, as a warmth, and love - right in the middle of my body,
and it spread through me within an instant.  I felt like I had a pillar of
light starting at the base of my spine, with legs dangling, and with a
brilliant light coming from the top of my head.  I also *saw/felt* a light
grid around my body, and that everything I was seeing in reality was made
up of this same grid - it was awesome!!  The grid was transluecent, but in
another sense it was solid and so very bright and vibrant!

I noticed that my body was pulsating with this love energy, and that it
seemed it also encompassed the air in the room and everything around me.
My husband felt like he was a part of this pulsating, but at a different

I know this all sounds nuts, but I have come to believe that I am truly
having an experience with my soul and the energies which make up the
universe - I call it heaven, and angels - my higher self included.  :)

Anyway - I had so many experiences within this energy zap I experienced.  I
noticed that I felt as if I was floating, and I had a greater sense of who
I was within the body - sort of like conciousnes looking out through the
eyes of a human - I could actually *see* a sort of cosmic tunnel as I
looked through my eyes - Mmmmmm :)

I also *saw* everything in my bedroom change, and was looking through all
sorts of cosmic clutter - windows, and doors which all held new experiences
and meanings - like the heavens were also very busy.

At one point I asked what the incredible *feeling* I was having was? and I
felt God reply "This is my gift to mankind" - like the tremendous loving
feeling was intended to awaken us so fully that we could do no other than
to believe that it was heavenly.  The inflection of His voice also carried
in it deeper understanding, I repeated what He had said over and over, and
He helped me *feel* such compassion and unconditional love for humanity -
unlike anything I have ever felt before.  :)

I know this letter is very long but I also wanted to share another thing
which happened when i was just falling asleep, dreaming.  I was watching a
wonderful woman help another.  She was guiding someone in finding the place
of love they had within.  The other person looked suddenly up at the woman
because there was such a sense of inner light and peace coming from her.  I
felt the desire of the other to also *feel* this inner peace.

I suddenly felt within myself a sort of clostrophobic (sp?) feeling, like I
was crawling through a tight opening, struggling.  All the while watching
this wonderful woman showing her soul to this other person she was helping.
She was glowing from her heart, radiant.  :)

All of a sudden I felt a pop - much like the feeling of birth, like you
have finally come out of the restricted/claustrophobic space, out into the
open conciousness.

I was filled with the peace and love from within, and I WAS the woman
helping and showing the other person my inner self, and light.  I felt
heaven moving within me, much like I described above.  I had the same sense
of being the larger soul, looking through the eyes of *who* I am in this

Incredible experiences  :)

I welcome any and all comments.

In light,


ps.  I have also mailed this letter to another lightworker list I belong
to, so if you are a member of lightwork list, please accept my apologies
for the repeat, but it is an inspiring experience and I wanted to share
with as many as possible.

[12] From:
Subject: Re: Breath of Air - Third Chakra

Hi: John Halonen

Breath and the third charkra.  The Hindus call the life - force ( Prana). The
Chinese call it (Che) and the Polynesians, Hawaiians call it ( Mana). The
breath is used to channel the life-force (Prana) up through the charkras
toward the crown charkra.  The life-force (Prana) is not kundalini it self,
but is used to stir the dormant kundalini energy into action.  Through
controlled breathing in which the prana is withdrawn and forced into the
central pathway, the sleeping energy is awakened.  So breathing is used and
and you many run across such words Prana (breath), Apana (out-breath), Vyana
( thought- breath), Samana (co-breath), Udana, Etc.   These are all used in
controlled kundalini breathing to awaken the kundalini.

>The man turned and looked at me and said," just because I use a different
system does not mean we do not know about the energies of life and how to
use them.<    

A different system to me may mean he is using the prana with breath control
because he mentioned energies of life and how to use them. Kundalini is not
being used directly, but through prana.  Anyway that was a very interesting
dream and there may be a deeper meaning in it.  


P.S. I noticed that Richard Satin caught a deepr meaning also in the dream as
he said, > It is obvious that he possesses a great deal of knowledge and
perhaps wisdom.

[13] From:
Subject: Re: Last nights energy

Hi: Michelle Withers

I Like your experience very much, but can not relate to it myself.

This type of experience should show people that there are so many things
going on in our universe and no one person can ever have the wisdom to
comprehend it all.

This is a very interesting life we live in.

As always,

[14] From: Iver Juster 
Subject: Assorted comments


"Convncing" isn't the word I think of. "Allowing" is closer. Conceptually it
is easy enough to understand that we are divine, but how does anyone
translate this into a feeling state, a knowing in the heart, a place to live

We Westerners are skeptics. The very thought that we are divine! Our culture
has taught us so differently, that it is a sin to even suggest this idea
around many people, especially those who feel that we are born in sin. This
is our societal message. So we develop shame and doubt about ourselves and
our beings, and denial of our divinity.

Yes, some people have near death experiences and others have awakenings so
powerful that they never forget the message of the divinity within them. But
what of the rest?

I have seen transformation occur without spontaneous events pushing it
forward when a person can take the information conceptually and apply it to
his or her life. He or she must confront all those moments of missed ecstacy
that happened becuase of the blinders being worn. This can be a sad and
painful thing to confront. Yet, once there has been a truthful and powerful
confrontation, one is *free* to choose again in the now, to live in present
time, to see the divine all around. A person can dedicate his or her life to
living in the light, and choose that from now on, this is how he or she will
approach life. Then the "allowing" can happen.  Osho, aka Bhagwan Shree
Rajneesh, taught his followers much about this possibility of living fully
in the divine in every moment. (Yes, even OSHO is on the web these days!) 

Allowing, we relax, we open, we merge with all around us, we surrender, to
passion, to ecstacy, to light, to love, to believing in the miracle of
existence. All these things are there just waiting for us to open our arms,
our eyes, our hearts, our minds, our spirits.

Allowing, we become an invitation to others to open their hearts and join
with us, too.

Thanks for the acknowledgement, David.
Thanks for the beautiful moving story of your experience, Michelle. I felt
what you said down to my toes and up through my crown! 
Thanks Martin for your research on the kriyas. I am looking forward to your

Love to all, Patti