Issue 38
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Subject: Re: The Ajna Chakra

Hi: David

. >  How To Center The Mind At The Ajna All The Time without said 
near super-human effort?

 >Without a doubt it is the fastest short cut to Infinity.  I have thought of

purchasing an electro-stimulator (a la acupuncture/light and sound 
machine type gizmo)
Please accept my simple reply.  If you spent all of this time buying a gizmo
and stimulating  the charkra then why don't you just contact the source
waiting inside you.   You are looking in the wrong direction.  Buying a gizmo
is like going to the bar and having a beer. It sure is not permanent!  

This kundalini wants to wake up and maybe the reason it won't is just because
you are still playing.  You are still caught up with all the sights, sounds
and gizmos in life.  Nothing is easy that is worthwhile.  Every thing in
creation is a temptation to lure you. He wants to come to you, but you won't
let him; you would rather seek a little pleasure (Gizmos). So he will just
say  : All right , My child, Play on."( Pg.109 MEQ.SRF)

Talk to you later.

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Subject: Re: Magnets

It appears to me that the bioelectro magentic field aid s the body by
allowing the body to go to the area of concern and do its job, healing.  Each
cell has a positive charge on the outer surface of the cell, and a negative
charge on the inner cell. In the case of pain, the positive charge portion of
the cell is supplied with more potassium by the blood which increases the
positive charge. The result is the powerful current we call pain. When the
site is exposed to an alternated magentic field the different charges are
neutralized and the current flow declines and often ceases altogether. The
magnets don't do anything put create the frequency for the body to do its
job. Gloria

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Subject: Re: fresh k topics

Omar, thanks that was great. You explained that with such great terms of
definition. I'm going to copy it out and give it to people who ask me
questions about it. If that is ok, Gloria

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Subject: Re: The Ajna Chakra

My answer to that is to first become in harmony with the divine energies
working in your life, then when you are prepared for this awakening it
happens naturally. I myself had an initation where a being appeared to me and
touched me on the third eye, and it was done. I was put in the hospital
shortly after for ten days, but it was a great gift, I laid the body down to
be taken care of by others and I was on a spiritual journey that was very
enlightening. Gloria

 [5]: From: Richard Satin 
Subject: re: Swan Song

Dear Patti,

You really captured my own thoughts in your response.  

There is a place for a cerebral orientation.  While at first I found some of
the postings irritating - very quickly I moved to the place where I realised
how much good was being accomplished.  It is wonderful to be here at the
list.  Like a tide the threads move from high to low, touching here and
there.  Now a little dry, now a little obscure, now a bit earthy, now a bit
exciting.  But they are all coming from people who are part of this
experience.  All of us as individuals grow a little closer together as time
goes on.  And, I think, all of our various and sometimes contradictory
realities will - while remaining real - be overshadowed by the ultimate
connection we share.  

By working hard 8 hours a day you may get to be
the boss and work 12 hours a day. 

 [6]: From: (Rick Kennerly)
Subject: Re: Important: Topics of Discussion

I joined this list because in my off line life I do not know anyone who is
experiencing what I am experiencing.  I am a mental health professional yet
I question my own sanity at times with what I am experiencing.  I signed up
to hear the thoughts and experiences of others, and in good time share my
own.  I did not sign up to hear about homeopathy or any other topic, there
are other places to talk about other things.  There are so many messages
coming at me now that I am pressed for time to read them all, so please
lets stay on topic.  Thanks


At 2:04 PM 6/24/96, Richard Satin wrote:
>Response preferred but not essential
>Dear fellow listmembers,
>I received a personal email today from someone on the list who likes it very
>much, but feels that topics are too tightly restricted, and should be
>allowed to naturally open up a bit.  This would enable longer threads, and
>would allow discussions to develop which might add insight that would not be
>as likely to come out with things as they are now.
>On the other hand, now that we have more than 100 members, if we allow
>things to go too far away from the subject matter, then there is the
>possibility that the list will generate huge quantities of email.  (Of
>course the digest option is always available to anyone who would prefer to
>get their posts in 32k clumps (15 posts or so at once).)
>This particular person brought up the case of the homeopathy thread recently
>.  For those of you who are new, that was a conversation between a few
>members dealing with the efficacy of homeopathy.  One of the members took a
>purely "scientific" approach, and likened homeopathic medicine to plain
>water.  Others tried to defend homeopathy.   Bill Peay (who maintains the
>Kundalini Resource Center pages
>html) and I worked to get the conversation back on track, feeling that the
>discussion was off topic and not so useful in terms of a discussion of
>My questions to all of you are the following:
>1.  What are your thoughts on this?  Should we be open to posts and threads
>which are related, but not exactly dealing with kundalini?
>2.  If so, where do we draw the line?  If possible, give me some ideas for
>3.  Do you feel at all hesitant to post?  If so, why?  Or, why not?
>Following is the stated purpose of this list from the FAQ (http://www.execpc
>.com/~libra/kundalin.html), and excerpted posting guidelines from the old
>kundalini list.
>       This list is for the free exchange of information, advice and
>      friendship among those interested in, undergoing, or in any way
>             involved with the awakening of Kundalini energy.
>      By the very nature of the phenomena, such a process touches upon
>       every aspect of life. As a result, this list is set up to be a
>       forum in which list members should feel able to post openly on
>                any subject which is related to this topic.
>For this list to be effective, we ought to have some rules. These are a few
>ones, and we'll all add to it as we go along if the need arises. Information
>in Bold
>applies to our "reposting" of the List Server messages on the World Wide
>Web "Kundalini Resource Center" Sites.
>1, No flaming. We are all humans and mostly adults who ought to respect each
>2. No preaching. If you are religious - fine. Don't press your views over
>peoples head.
>3. Discussion outside of the lists purpose, which is to make the transition
>to an
>Awakened Kundalini easier and with more confidence, should be discussed
>off-list. Only a subset of the messages specifically relating to kundalini
>be reposted on the Web Server.
>4. No "I quite agree"-posts. Waste of bandwidth.
>5. No advertising except in the tail of your message.
>Note that 1, 2, and 4 are not under consideration.  We haven't had any
>problems with flaming, and no longer seem to be facing issues with
>"preaching" or personal posts not of interest to the list.  As for
>advertising, occassional posts dealing with kundalini services such as the
>recent post for SEN are very helpful and relevant.  So the real questions
>seem to be concerning the definition of 3.
>I hope that everyone will respond to this post, either to the list
>( or to me personally (
> My goal is to provide a forum which will meet your needs; you being those
>who are undergoing or involved with kundalini awakening in some way.  Let's
>hear what your thoughts are.
>Very truly yours,
>Richard Satin
>I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep.
>That's deep enough.  What do you want--an adorable pancreas?
>-Jean Kerr

// "Que era el hombre? En que parte de su conversacion abierta
// entre los almacenes y los silbidos, en cual de sus movimientos
//   metalicos
// vivia lo indestructible, lo imperecedero, la vida?"
// Pablo Neruda

 [7]: From:
Subject: Re: Swan Song

Hi: Richard 

A person may take a train, bus, boat, car or an airplane to the destination
and that is not so important as just getting to the destation. 

Take care,

 [8]: From:
Subject: Re: Important: Topics of Discussion

Topics of Discussion.

I just have to ask this question.  Is not kundalini connected with every
single topic there is?  If your an artist then you kundalini is at work.   I
could say from a cook to a school teacher. It is all related.  Kundalini
could  cover everything.  Just give may any topic and I could relate it some

Take care.

 [9]: From: Niles Rodrick 
Subject: Clarification

> Hey Kiddies,
>      If this post comes across screwed up its because Im trying to
save online cost by writing in my word processor and pasting. It hasnt
worked so far, but, what the hell, more time for the gypper.
>      I have been hesitant in replying because I kept getting the feeling
that I was missing something, and I couldnt quite put my finger on it
until now. I have been thinking in the concept of group, when, in
 reality, this is a chat line. Nevertheless, I must clarify my position in
 this matter.
>      I like to have all the cards on the table, ...ALL the cards. If I
get the slightest inkling that this is not the case, then its time to
turn the table over and find out whats wrong. Some of you said that I
should have done it privately. I must disagree. The reason groups form is
 so they can get together to share in a common interest.  A united effort
 comes into play, which creates a bond between those involved, and the glue
 that binds them together (within the framework of the group) is  one
 for all and all for one
>       If a group is to survive, the members must be totally open, honest,
and above board with each other (in the context of the group), and
everyone in the group must know what is going on within the group. What I
brought up effects the group, and therefore demands that the entire group b
e involved  in rectifying the situation.
>      I say Gloria, that if you were one of the group, you wouldnt
constantly be telling people to write directly to you, rather than the group.
The fact that you suggest this, gives your position away. You are purposely
separating the members of the group,...from the group, ...for your
own interest...
>      As to the mattress pad,...I still dont see any info on the board.
You have bought a mattress pad, therefore you have names, addresses,
phone numbers, prices ,etc., yet you refuse to make that info available.
Why? It cant be because it doesnt pertain to Kundalini, because you
yourself said that you had a Kundalini experience while using it. So what
 is the problem here?
>      You have created what I see, and that is a person outside the group,
fishing for business. Which is fine. Just do it above the table, for all
to see. As for your making money, by all means make money. If you were
 an agent for Nikken, and I was interested in a pad, YOU would be the one
 I would want to deal with. Why? Because we are bonded thru our mutual
 involvement. To me, being a member of a group is the same as being married.
 (again, I speak in the context of the group) and the rules of marriage
 apply. And in this particular case, it even includes sex!
>      I have no desire to sit at a table for discussion, knowing that ot
her things are going on under the table as well. As far as I'm concerned,
if it cant be put on the table, then it doesnt even belong in the room.
>      But I do apologize to you Gloria, and to everyone else that I
offended, because, as I said earlier, this is not a group, but rather a chat
line, open to all. And thats where I got my wires crossed. (Its not
 my fault, ...the moon made me do it!)
>      Although I will no longer be participating, I am going to keep this
link open, because I find solace in some of the conversations that cross
the board.
>      On closing I want all to know that the short time spent with you has
been extremely beneficial to me. I have been working with Kundalini for
thirty-seven years....alone. Tying into you has given me confirmation of
some of my findings, and the reassurance that I am not going ga ga. Books
are fine, but they dont help much when one is in the throws of change.
I hope that it has been the same for you.
>      Love, hugs, and kisses to all, and that includes you, Gloria,

[10]: From:
Subject: re Oceans of Kundalini (or Gone Fishing)


Your dogma-deflating, earthy honesty and your Laughing-Buddha-Wisdom gives me
gallons of hope.

The question of what constitutes a strong spiritual foundation has come up
several times on this list.  To me, your responses model elements of a sound
foundation: personal integrity and self-authenticity, the willingness to
question *everything*, always listening to one's heart, and realizing that
humor is as valuable as compassion and faith!  Taking our spirituality
seriously and honoring ourselves easily turns into leaden heaviness or
convoluted self-importance without the leavening of mirth (and I hope what
I'm saying here is not a case in point!).

Humor is called "the light side;" levity lets us take ourselves lightly so we
don't get so bogged down with the baggage of self that we cannot reach the

With wings and aviator jacket,

[11]: From:
Subject: Re: Clarification

I used my wordperfect to read your post and it was just fine.

It would be a shame if you stopped participating in this group. I certainly
can understand how Gloria could irritate you. I'm sorry if some people in
this group made you feel unconfortable expressing yourself and it's certainly
not the way to really communicate if we are to censor people's opinions.
People should be aware that a person going through the process can very often
feel oversensitive on all fronts and having to go through it alone makes
it unbearable. Sometime we go through a rough patch and we would like it to
just go away, making us quite impatient with everything.

I've been told eons ago that the most difficult relationships in our lives
are the ones that help our evolution the most. With experience came the
realization that it's true.

Some posts will fly completely over my head and I put them aside to read
later, when I could possibly be more interested in those subjects.

The evolution of K is not a linear process. Doesn't matter if you've been
affected for 40 years of for 2 years, there is always something to discover,
to look for, to expect. Some people will go through phases very quickly,
others will muddle through for a longer period of time. But if there is
something that helps me tremendously, it's the exchange of ideas that is
put forward here in this list.

I want to hear from everyone on all kinds of subjects pertaining to the K
and the path that lead to it, not just an edited version of what people have
to say and I think that's what Richard has done to this day.

The key is love.

And all of you on the list have my love.

>See: [9]

[12]: From: Swenson O 
Subject: Re: the blue pearl

Dear Martin.

Thank you for your posting.

The "blue pearl" is also referred to as the "Jewel of the Lotus"
or "electric fire".  It is in essence the "causal body" or what
we can refer to as the "soul".  It is the "chalice" where the
energy experience of the re-incarnating unit of consciousness is
stored, and that which is the nucleus for our (humanity's)
ascension out of the human kingdom and onto the lower realms of
"monadic" evolution.

When human evolution has run its course and all the energy
experience that needs to be learned by the evolving units
of consciousness the "three bodies" are no longer needed and
the spiritual evolution of what is now called humanity will
move onto a higher rim in the spiritual evolutionary ladder.
Our evolutionary journey will then be focused within the
lover levels of the "spiritual triad".

Relative to the limited consciousness that we live by at this
time this is indeed "pure consciousness".  In this state of
consciousness the individual unit of consciousness is ONE with
everything that is in consciousness, but only on that level.
As spiritual evolution unfolds further other greater vistas will
unfold and that particular step will only be seen as one more
step in the ladder of infinite consciousness, which ALL beings
are in the process of climbing, from the minutest sub-atomic
particle to the greatest concept of energy that humanity can
conceptualise as God.

Kundalini has no direct action or effect on the "blue pearl".
But through the evolutionary progressive rising of the
kundalini energy the increase of energy quality flowing
through the energy centres of the three bodies, as a result
of many lifetimes that are in harmony with the objective of
the spiritual evolutionary flow, the "petals" that cover it
will slowly unfold to reveal its true glory and to allow it
to fulfill its destiny.

As has been said before, the kundalini is a neutral energy
and its raising is not necessarily an indication of spirituality.
It can be, and often is, raised by relatively undeveloped
individuals through various so called "spiritual" exercises.
It is unfortunate that these mis-informed individuals then
set about to declare themselves closer to divinity than us
mere mortals.

Yet when one listens to the words of some of these
individuals one discovers that not only does their
intelligence come across as quite average, but one also
observes a generous dose of vanity, or self elevation.
Mind you, this personality fault is indeed one that we
are warned of when there is stimulation by the kundalini
energy in individuals that have not put in place the
necessary personality development required to deal with
these energies safely.

Enough said for now.

Love, Omar.

On Thu, 4 Jul 1996, HyperMedia Technologies wrote:

> After all these years, I just learned of the 'blue pearl' which resides in
> the Sahasrara chakra. (Muktananda)
> The pearl is 'pure conciousness'. Inside the pearl is the macrocosm and all
> is revealed to the individual conciousness.
> Does anyone have more information on the Kundalini's action on this little
> 'gem', or the pearl itself.
> Martin

[13]: From: Royale Jills 
Subject: Re: the blue pearl

At 10:23 AM 7/4/96 -0400, HyperMedia Technologies wrote:
>After all these years, I just learned of the 'blue pearl' which resides in
>the Sahasrara chakra. (Muktananda)
>The pearl is 'pure conciousness'. Inside the pearl is the macrocosm and all
>is revealed to the individual conciousness.
>Does anyone have more information on the Kundalini's action on this little
>'gem', or the pearl itself.
>Hi Martin,   i have noticed that many list writers here are asking
questions of what i call a technical nature.  For this infor there are
numerous books available at the library or bookstore. I have a whole
bookcase full of them  and they are good to have and read.  I think reading
and studying about the kundalini helps one to get in tune with the energy
and get it going in the body.A few references are books by Muktananda (sp)?
Yogananda, gopi krishna or any other guru.  Also books on the chakras, out
of body experiences,magic, and other esoteric subjects can help get you in
the mood.  I highly recommend all of these methods.  But, the actural
experienceof the personal kundalini is an individual thing and each one
experiences this in their own way and each way although may e simililar , is
different.  i think that it is very hard to speak about these experiences.
Because the words cannot actually discribe these states unless you have
already experienced them.
I do not believe that religion has to be apart of them but it may be.
Expressions , for example, about the blessed mother, and god,  etc, which
sound like Catholicism and any Christian religion expression of religious
sounding names are totally unnecessary to kkundalini.  There are many people
who are not Christian in the world.(MOst of them, i believe.).  I know this
puts some people off and i wish we could do without that.  But that is the
only way some people can express what they feel.  Anyway,
The real event needs to be on a personal and private level to really be
understood, and many people on this list, i feel, have had this experience
but some have not.  To talk of symptoms of the awakening, is interesting but
it wont really add much to our understanding .  The point is  different
people , experience different experiences according to their own bent.  In
others words, these thing are very secondary to the real consciousness
raising that goes on, and this is the real benefit of the experience. I had
a friend once who used to say, "those who say do not know, and those who
know, do not say".  In a way this is true, because it is so damned hard to
describe.  But its fun to try.  Royale