Date: Mon, 24 Jun kundalini-l-d Digest  Volume 96 : Issue 24 
 [1]: From: Chris Mallette 
Subject: Re: Newbie questions


My awakening began about eight years ago.  I had a dream where a snake
allowed me to be her for a time.  It is one of the most exquisite feelings
I've ever had.  It wasn't until much later that I realized it was a
kundalini feeling.  It marked a long period, still not over, of transition.
It also led me to an accelerated rate of growth and learning.

Am I glad it happened?  Yes.  But it's not been easyy holding on sometimes.
And the realization I can never go back brings a sense of responsibility and
resignation that I can't quite label as unpleasant, but sometimes a little

For the last two years I have been experiencing altered perceptiions,
randomly, with my eyes.  It's like peering through aprism from the inside
out.  In the last year colors have been added.  It's really quite beautiful
and I always wonder is there something I should be doing with this.  Mostly
I sit passively and wait to see where it goes.  Sometimes it comes at a very
inconvenient time, while I'm at work trying to relate to other people and
pretend nothing abnormal is going on.

Anyone else have similar experiences or any insights?

Many Blessings

At 08:54 PM 6/23/96 -0700, Jean Tracy wrote:
>>I would like to ask those of you have had a kundalini awakening if you
>>are glad it happened to you.  If you could choose, would you rather it
>>*not* have happened?
>I am absolutley thrilled with the experience of awakening now that I'm
>through the worst (I hope).  During the dramatic moments, I wanted it to
>slow down, to take it easy, and I had to try very hard to keep from
>swimming out to sea and never stopping.
>>BTW, I am currently enrolled in the course of lessons put out by the
>>Self-Realization Fellowship.  I understand that after one has taken the
>>basic lessons, which cover meditation and related subjects, one can
>>elect to be initiated into kriya yoga, which (I think) aims at awakening
>>the kundalini.  That was not my reason for starting the lessons, but it
>>will be interesting to see if that's where they lead.
>It is true that Kundalini is the rocket ship of transformation - can you
>support these rapid changes with careful attention, courage and faith?

  "We're all stumbling towards the light with varying degrees of
                 grace at any given moment." ---Bo Lozoff

Many Blessings from the Land of Mato
White Bear

 [2]: From: Richard Satin 
Subject: Fwd: Introduction

Dear all,

My name is Michelle, and I am new to this list, and have been reading for a
few days.  I tried to post a few days ago my introduction, but it must have
gone astray, and I accidentally erased all my files yesterday - so I don't
even have a copy of it.  I sent a copy to Richard by mistake - so Richard -
if you still have it maybe you could post it to the group?

[Note:  Here is her intro.  It is also available at http://www.execpc.
com/~libra/a_mich.html              -Richard]

Date: Friday, 21-Jun-96 10:39 AM

Dear all,

My name is Michelle, and I am a visionary artist with a very spiritual
nature.  I joined this list because I believe that I experienced the
kundalini energy at the beginning of my spiritual awakening, and continue
to have it now, and might be able to shed some light on some others who are
wondering the" why's and what's going on's".  This is not to say that I
have any answers for anyone - just examples of how it has changed my life.

About 2 years ago I started experiencing sudden "knowings" which were like
a block of knowledge just dropped into my head, and it was always
accompanied with a very high energy surge through my body, which I grew to
absolutely LOVE.  It felt like pure unconditional love, just coursing
through my body, and settling in my heart and throat. So great was this
feeling that I almost always dissolved  into tears afterwards.  How could
anything love me this much?? was my constant wondering.

Over the next year I went through what I now see as an intense heavenly
plan to open up and awaken me to heaven.  It definitely started with what I
thought was kundalini at the time - but I couldn't find anyone, or any
books on the subject - so I guess it's still debatable.

In the beginning I had intense energy washing over and through my body,
which felt like extreme love, and I immediately associated it with an angel
trying to get into me, and communicate with me.  I saw the TV screen
Melissa spoke of, and this developed into a real seeing.  I can now see
angels in any given situation, and auras, and energy shifts, grids etc.
But I have never seen anything evil - only sensed that sort of thing.  For
me this has all been very light, and loving - never has it felt bad - or
threatening, although extremely intense.

Also in the beginning I felt extremely confused about what was happening to
me, and why.  I now understand that it was a process and it was entirely up
to me to continue, and to believe in it.  The feelings of things pressing
on my skin developed into seeing angels with hands on me comforting me - or
sending healing, or actually cleansing me of very hurtful memories.  They
can reach into my subconsious and pull out things which I had long
forgotten and bring them to light, so I can deal with it - and move on.
All these experiences are filled with the extreme kundalini energy.  At
times I have even asked them to stop because I felt that my body couldn't
stand that high an infusion of energy, and love. :)  And they always listen
to me, and try to open me in the ways I will allow.

Heaven has reminded me of many past lives and helped me to understand that
this is why I am so talented in this lifetime - I am a sort of blending of
all that I have been, and this is to be the climaxing lifetime  :)  It's
the best so far, and I am truly happy in almost every sense of the word -
still confused about this heavenly contact and what I'm supposed to do with
it now.

I was given the vision of a beautiful angel which I now make out of
porcelean.  In the vision I was shown exactly what she was to look like,
and what an entire collection was going to be like.  I was shown how they
were going to inspire people in masses, and that she would help people to
find the place where we all speak to heaven in our own individual way.  I
followed this vision as if it were a drug - this is how persistant heaven
has been with me.  It's almost as if they nagged and nagged at me - and
constantly put the answers to the how's in my face, so I couldn't pass it
up.  I haven't been allowed to give up - because I did't know how to do
something.  Heaven has always arranged it so that I find the pertinent
information about how to do the next step.  I am not an artist - and have
never done any sort of sculpting before - but I am sure that I was an
artist in many different lifetimes and also that I have been a wise woman
and able to feel heaven and mother earth before.  I particularly like
feeling Mother Earth, when She's not telling me how much we've hurt her :(
For the most part Mother Earth is loving, happy energy and easily
accessible and easily felt.

I am getting off the subject just a bit - but wanted you all to know a
little about me.

I am the mother of three, and lead an outwardly perfectly normal life.  I
don't have all the time in the world to explore these spiritual feelings, I
run a daycare for about 45 hours a week, but I have found children to have
the purest, and most joyful energies.  Excepting for the fact that I can
now feel people, and sense when things are about to happen - along with all
the other odd phenomenons, I am a fairly happy and normal married woman.
The kundalini energy was what started it all - and I never believed it to
be the negative energy which I had heard about, but never able to find any
sort of information on.  This was my reality, and I went through most of it
all by myself - feeling rather insane, but knowing that this intense
feeling was associated with something much bigger, than I couldn't even

When I was first being shocked awake I saw many things and felt many
things.  I needed to try to figure out something else besides the feeling
within the experience - and there was always some little thing which I
learned along with every kundalini experience.  Whether it was seeing
something while I closed my eyes and just allowed myself to float away with
the intense loving feeling - or sensing a presence, and trying to speak to
it in different parts of my consiousness.  Slowly I learned more and more
about where communication with these energies happens.  I now know that it
isn't just an energy but heaven - or spirit guides, for me it is angels.  I
have met many of the arch angels and they have shown me many truths about
myself - so I have no reason not to believe that this is all really

I am looking forward to hearing all the amazing things which you all are
feeling with your kundalini energies.  Mine are intensely wonderful, and
continue to be filled with more and more knowledge, and conversation -
along with the physical feelings of joy, happiness, peace and love.

In light and love,


"Every breath of air and ray of light and heat, every beautiful prospect,
is, as it were, the skirt of their garments, the waving of the robes whose
faces see God."
                      -John Henry Newman

A difficult life is better for someone who truly wants to learn.  
Comfortable lives always end in bitterness.
-Jalal ad-Din Rumi

 [3]: From: Richard Satin 
Subject: Re: stuff

> Interesting....I just started having this phenomenon.  Richard, is this 
> what you were referring to?  I must have misunderstood.  I thought you 
> were describing something you witnessed with your eyes open.  

Yes, my experience was with my eyes open.  But the effect was similar.

A difficult life is better for someone who truly wants to learn.  
Comfortable lives always end in bitterness.
-Jalal ad-Din Rumi

 [4]: From:
Subject: Re: Newbie questions

It may seem really hard at times, but the blessings far out weigh the burdens
if you learn to just flow with what is happening. If you simply recognize
that life is a challenge and that you are having a special opportunity to
learn 'deeply' about yourself and the etheric body then it isn't so weird.

 [5]: From:
Subject: Re:Karol's reponse to stuff

Jean & Richard,
Talk about the light seen before going to sleep, I have always been aware as
light and sound from the inner planes as manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

 [6]: From:
Subject: Re: confession

REgardless of how it happened, you now know something that you didn't. Take
the negative energy off of your experience, it isn't important how it
happened, and you probably will never feel you need a to do that again. And,
here you are today, cut off from the past and start as if today was the first
day of your life. Gloria

 [7]: From: Royale Jills 
Subject: Re:Karol's reponse to stuff

At 12:40 PM 6/24/96 -0400, wrote:
>Jean & Richard,
>Talk about the light seen before going to sleep, I have always been aware as
>light and sound from the inner planes as manifestations of the Holy Spirit.
>.-I too see lights in the dark, but is almost always purple or indego, and
i have decided that it is my aura at the eye level.  if i open my eyes it is
still there in the dark but daylilght is harder to see if not impossible.  I
have had this for may years but i do find it a comfort for some reason. Royale

 [8]: From:
Subject: Re: Newbie questions

Chris, Light Bear,
HI, kundalini manifests in your energy/etheric body in such a way to
stimulate your higher knowing of your self. Anytime you have light or sound,
its my personal experience those are direct manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
It is learning how to work with it that is the challenge so that one actually
purifies the body, mind, and emotional bodies, while preparing to work in the
etheric bodies with consciousness. Gloria

 [9]: From:
Subject: Re: Fwd: Introduction

Welcome to the list, it is not at all unusual that you would have this
connection with the spiritual world. We live both in a visible world and
invisible world, sometimes that which is unseen comes into the seen to break
away the illusion. I have had that all of my life, and have been carried
forward with the inner knowledge of working as a spirit/soul in a body.
Kundalini is our earth energies stimulating and raising the frequency of the
spiritual body so that a true meeting with ones Higher Self can happen
spontaneously. Gloria

[10]: From: Royale Jills 
Subject: Re: confession

At 12:54 PM 6/24/96 -0400, wrote:
>REgardless of how it happened, you now know something that you didn't. Take
>the negative energy off of your experience, it isn't important how it
>happened, and you probably will never feel you need a to do that again. And,
>here you are today, cut off from the past and start as if today was the first
>day of your life. Gloria
>.-Melissa,    I also had been an alcoholic before my experiences but its
not important.  We all get there by different routes. Royale

[11]: From: Richard Satin 
Subject: Re: confession

Dear Melissa,

You shouldn't feel that your experiences will be discredited because you
smoked dope.  I bet many people on this list, and certainly in American
society, have experimented with drugs at one time or another.  The danger,
it seems to me, from organic drugs such as Marijuana, is that they remain in
the body for long periods of time.  But after a year or so, (and certainly 5
), all of the residual psychoactive elements will have been removed from
your system.

Drugs really can open you up.  And for some people this is an excellent way
to explore.  The problem (or one of the problems) is that some people are
opened much too quickly and without guidance.  As for kundalini, awakenings
with drugs (I've read) can cause the energy to circulate wildly and
violently.  Whether this is true or not, I don't know.

I personally don't do drugs, and haven't since my teens (30 now) - though
I've been tempted from time to time. Even then it was rare.  I find that the
times that I drink alcohol in moderation, though enjoyable, seem to dull my
mind and leave me feeling "less connected" and even somewhat "spacey".  My
more or less Vegan diet (no meat, fish, eggs or dairy) is a direct outgrowth
of my own process.  It might not be for everyone, but it has helped me in a
lot of ways, and left me feeling great.

A lot of teenagers just don't make it.  It's an extremely difficult time,
and especially in today's culture and if one's spiritually oriented.  I'm
sure glad that you made it through your "dark period".  If marijuana helped
you, then thanks be to it.  And you shouldn't have any guilt.


I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep.  
That's deep enough.  What do you want--an adorable pancreas?
-Jean Kerr

[12]: From: Richard Satin 
Subject: Important: Topics of Discussion

Response preferred but not essential

Dear fellow listmembers,

I received a personal email today from someone on the list who likes it very
much, but feels that topics are too tightly restricted, and should be
allowed to naturally open up a bit.  This would enable longer threads, and
would allow discussions to develop which might add insight that would not be
as likely to come out with things as they are now.

On the other hand, now that we have more than 100 members, if we allow
things to go too far away from the subject matter, then there is the
possibility that the list will generate huge quantities of email.  (Of
course the digest option is always available to anyone who would prefer to
get their posts in 32k clumps (15 posts or so at once).)

This particular person brought up the case of the homeopathy thread recently
.  For those of you who are new, that was a conversation between a few
members dealing with the efficacy of homeopathy.  One of the members took a
purely "scientific" approach, and likened homeopathic medicine to plain
water.  Others tried to defend homeopathy.   Bill Peay (who maintains the
Kundalini Resource Center pages
html) and I worked to get the conversation back on track, feeling that the
discussion was off topic and not so useful in terms of a discussion of

My questions to all of you are the following:  

1.  What are your thoughts on this?  Should we be open to posts and threads
which are related, but not exactly dealing with kundalini? 

2.  If so, where do we draw the line?  If possible, give me some ideas for

3.  Do you feel at all hesitant to post?  If so, why?  Or, why not?

Following is the stated purpose of this list from the FAQ (http://www.execpc
.com/~libra/kundalin.html), and excerpted posting guidelines from the old
kundalini list.  



       This list is for the free exchange of information, advice and
      friendship among those interested in, undergoing, or in any way
             involved with the awakening of Kundalini energy.

      By the very nature of the phenomena, such a process touches upon
       every aspect of life. As a result, this list is set up to be a
       forum in which list members should feel able to post openly on
                any subject which is related to this topic.


For this list to be effective, we ought to have some rules. These are a few
ones, and we'll all add to it as we go along if the need arises. Information
in Bold
applies to our "reposting" of the List Server messages on the World Wide
Web "Kundalini Resource Center" Sites. 


1, No flaming. We are all humans and mostly adults who ought to respect each

2. No preaching. If you are religious - fine. Don't press your views over
peoples head. 

3. Discussion outside of the lists purpose, which is to make the transition
to an
Awakened Kundalini easier and with more confidence, should be discussed
off-list. Only a subset of the messages specifically relating to kundalini
be reposted on the Web Server. 

4. No "I quite agree"-posts. Waste of bandwidth. 

5. No advertising except in the tail of your message. 


Note that 1, 2, and 4 are not under consideration.  We haven't had any
problems with flaming, and no longer seem to be facing issues with
"preaching" or personal posts not of interest to the list.  As for
advertising, occassional posts dealing with kundalini services such as the
recent post for SEN are very helpful and relevant.  So the real questions
seem to be concerning the definition of 3.

I hope that everyone will respond to this post, either to the list 
( or to me personally (
 My goal is to provide a forum which will meet your needs; you being those
who are undergoing or involved with kundalini awakening in some way.  Let's
hear what your thoughts are.

Very truly yours,
Richard Satin
I'm tired of all this nonsense about beauty being only skin-deep.  
That's deep enough.  What do you want--an adorable pancreas?
-Jean Kerr

[13]: From: Richard Satin 
Subject: Fwd: Food and Kundalini

The following is an anonymous post from a list member,  and is not
the opinion of the list owner (though he	's interested...)
Food and K

The following is an outline on what traditional Hindus think about food.
view is non-dogmatic and has evolved through an empirical approach. Of
course, members of the list are not being advised on what to eat; just
being informed of what people, who were either awakened or striving to get
awakened, thought about food.

Food is divided into 3 categories. They are satvika food, raajasvika food
and taamasvika food. The best food to eat is satvika food and the worst 
is taamasvika food. The Sanskrit terminology is now explained.

satvika comes from 'sat' which means truth. So satvika food is food which
is 'truth-inducing'. This type of food, when eaten, will not affect the
person in any adverse way. It won't make him feel sleepy/lethargic or make
the mind dull in any way. The eater's passion is not aroused. It is
wholesome and easily digestible.
Nearly all vegetables come into this category. Food made from flour and
rice and dairy products is also satvika. In particular, ghee (clarified
butter, made by cooking unsalted butter or cream and filtering out the
solid residue) should be mentioned. It has a very high calorific value and
is easily digestible. Pulses are satvika too. An important exception is
lentils with their husk; lentils without husk (called daal in India) is
satvika. Carrots, onions and garlic are NOT satvika (Swaami Vivekaananda,
founder of the Ramakrishna Mission said that they are worse than meat).
In general, roots should be avoided.
Food eaten upto 3 hours after being cooked is considered as satvika. 

Next comes the raajasvika category. raajas is passion and so raajasvika
food is 'passion inducing'. This causes the person mind to get agitated
and he/she get involved in anger and lust more easily. It is very
difficult to engage in any kind of meditational activity after eating such

Fish and eggs are in this category. These should be avoided. 

Last is the taamasvika type of food. taamas means darkness and the
taamasvika food makes the eater lethargic. This is the worst food to have
if one wishes to meditate.

Meat, onion, garlic, carrots and many roots are taamasvika. 

The awakened person usually turn by themselves to the satvika food. In the
initial stages of the awakening, habits are still strong and raajasvika
and taamasvika food are consumed. However, this causes the body to react
against these types of food and this adds to the psychological trauma.
By adopting only satvika food from the beginning, the awakening can be
much more gentle. Also, 'toxins' (from the more evolved body point of
view) present in the raajasvika and taamasvika food are eliminated from
the body by various violent means like diarrhea, vomiting, bad smelling

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[14]: From: Royale Jills 
Subject: Re: Important: Topics of Discussion

At 02:04 PM 6/24/96 -0500, Richard Satin wrote: *how do i avoid these
threads? too long. anyway I think the list is just as it is, as a newcomer.