Date: Sun, 23 Jun kundalini-l-d Digest Volume 96 : Issue 23 
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Subject: Re: New stuff

I agree with you that the K is an intelligent force. The thing is that I 
didn't practice anything to awaken the force and I think this is true for 
several people on this list. It all came down on me like a ton of brick. What 
was faith became knowledge in the sense that what I believed became verified 
all of a sudden (life after death, etc.). In hindsight, I don't regret the 
experience at all, but the physical and intellectual effects aren't 
negligeable and can lead to confusion and depression. Knowing what I had to 
deal with, I can't understand why someone would want to trigger this 
phenomenon. Gurus are few and far between where I live, so I can't count on 
one to teach and direct me. 

But for me, a sentence heard on a tv show struck a very powerful cord in me: 
"The Thing is Love". It was said by a woman who had a NDE and came back with 
this notion, which was also reported by Danion Brinckley in his books about 
his own NDE and by just about anybody who had an NDE. Robert Monroe made 
several references to it in his experiences in astral projecting. So if 
something can make you love all people, it can't be a negative experience.

I needed the push but didn't recognize it until I was well into the most 
active period of k awakening and it can be scary when you don't know what's 
happening to you. Again, the K is an intelligent force: hints were dropped in 
front of me one by one and I did find out about kundalini. I've been relieved 
from my negativity and general resentment.
Yes, my lips are twitching, along with the rest of my body, and I need other 
people's confirmation of the reality of all this and that's the main purpose 
of this list, at least for me. The awakening prompted me to read several 
classic books about eastern beliefs and I have also a couple of books on the 
technique to awaken and control K, but I guess I'm not ready for it. 

Love to all...

>This kundalini is an intelligent force.  It is the most powerful force
> thats
>known.  If any one went through the experience  they would not ask why are
>their lips moving or twitching and things like that? 
>If you are not ready and if the kundalini is forced to awaken then your in
>big trouble. On the other hand many people are ready, but just needs a
> little
>small push or the right word.
>I would like to hear from people on your mailing list.  What is your
> opinion
>on giving out the technique to awaken this force and opening of the third
>eye.  There are always some people that just want to play around and then
>might find them selfs in one of the mental hospitals. This is very
> dangerous
>You are all searching or you would not be on this list.  You will see many
>books on the subject. Books are just books.  

 [2]: From: Swenson O 
Subject: New to this group...

Hi everyone!

My name is Omar and I am 42 years old.  I have been interested in
things of "spiritual" nature from childhood and that interest has
persisted with me throughout my life in differing intensities.

About eleven years ago I was doing concentration exercises,
focusing on a spot between my eyebrows, and had been doing
those exercises for about a week for about half an hour each day.

One evening while focusing on this area I became aware of a light
within my head and focussed my attention on it.  The intensity of
the light grew stronger as I concentrated upon it and it's
intensity reached a climax in a rush of energy that can best be
likened to a strong sexual orgasm within my head.

There was no sensation of energy rushing up the spinal column nor
was there any sensation in the BOS centre.  For over a week
afterwards I was well aware of energies active within my head,
especially when I was not focusing on other tasks.

I had studied various "esoteric" books over a number of years
prior to this experience and was, and still am, of the mind
that Kundalini is a neutral energy that when activated in
this fashion increases the innate faculties that are functioning
within each individual, so that "good" as well as "bad" habits
are magnified to a considerable degree.

In the light of this view I chose to lay these exercises to one
side at the time and place emphasis on building a foundation for my
personality to grow on, through education on matters spiritual
and cultivation of attitude.

I have had an enquiring mind on spiritual subjects throughout
my life, even from childhood, and that search for understanding
has continued to this day.  Looking back over the years after the
"Kundalini-rush" I can see that I have had a stronger sense of
"guidance" than before and I have learned to listen to that
guidance, which has in turn had considerable influence on both my
life and on the life of many individuals that I have come in contact
with through the years.

I am committed to a life of "searching" for greater meanings and
as I "expand" in understanding I try to share that understanding
with other individuals that walk across my path, as well as to
learn from the lessons that those individuals are willing to share
with me.

For some time now I have sensed a longing to turn back to
cultivating these inner energies and to await what their arousal
has in store for me.  Coming across this list on the "net" has
sparked greater confidence in "jumping in" and I see it as a
valuable resource in the process that I am undertaking.

Thank you all for your contribution to this list.

Omar Swenson

 [3]: From: The Psy-kick Worrier ov Gaia 
Subject: Horses, Left face, Madness=Mad Love

Buenos das! 

Gloria wrote

> Sounds like you are getting a grip on things now. Just don't let your
> thoughts and emotions run away.

Yes, my horses can get well frisky at times, and the intellectual one really
does need to chill out for a while! Thanks.

To Melissa and others who are experiencing pressure on the left side of the face.

Maybe your're aware that all the nerves in our bodies cross over; ie the left
side of the face connects to the right side of the brain. If you are activating
energy that is associated with the right brain could this explain some of what
you are feeling?

To David A Katz,

> But for many, it will not be madness as in insanity but madness as in mad
love and joy > without limit, without boundary.

I know what you mean! I've seen this with my brother who was comitted when he
had a scizophrenic episode. He was obviously wildly ecstatic about something
that he could'nt quite articulate to me. *Something* was happening. I knew it
was'nt just some kind of chemical imbalance as it was explained to me by the
doctors; although this might have been completely true on a physical level the
medics could'nt see beyond this. Very frustrating for me but I now trust that
my brother is on a path to understanding what happened to him.

About UFO's . . . mmmm. Surely with almost 10 billion people thinking
increasingly similiar things at the moment (What is our future? Where are we
going? Even - What are UFO's!) strange things are bound to happen. As Pat Welsh
mentioned I think it has more to do with a paradigm shift than explicitly an
alien visitation (I know you did'nt mention aliens but this is the common
misconception I believe - the key word should be UNIDENTIFIED); my mind remains
Anyway, I should be in news://alt.alien.visitors on this one.



 [4]: From:
Subject: Re: New stuff

Hi: Viviane 

You said:

* I agree with you that the K is an intelligent force. The thing is that I
didn't practice anything to awaken the force and I think this is true for
several people on this list. It all came down on me like a ton of brick.*


Yes I agree with you.  It seems like a lot of people experience this force
like a ton of bricks.


* I believed became verified all of a sudden (life after death, etc.). In
hindsight, I don't regret the experience at all, but the physical and
intellectual effects aren't negligible and can lead to confusion and
depression. Knowing what I had to deal with, I can't understand why someone
would want to trigger this phenomenon. Gurus are few and far between where I
live, so I can't count on one to teach and direct me. 


*  100% agree with those words," Can't understand why someone would want to
trigger this phenomenon".   You also mentioned, "The Thing is Love" If you
can understand that then you are on the right track. That is the real meaning
and in fact I don't think the force can be awaken with out love. My own
thinking is that this force is the main creative force behind the universe.
 It is sexual energy, intelligent energy and maybe ever God himself or
herself.   If a person is ready and the body is pure enough then the force
wants to awaken the body.  That is why a foundation so important.  The body
must be made strong enough to hold the energy.  The force can be awaken
premature by concentration and breath control, but then if the body is not
strong enough to hold it what good is that?*  


* Robert Monroe made several references to it in his experiences in astral
projecting. So if  something can make you love all people, it can't be a
negative experience.*

Robert Monroe's books were the first ones that I studied after all of these
experiences and I really respect his deep and honest  personal experiences.
 I understand that Monroe passed on just a few weeks ago. 

Thank you for the feed back * (This is just what I knew inside , but wanted
confirmation of reality also).


 [5]: From: Niles Rodrick 
Subject: From my mate, Shirley, to all

"Out of every tragedy comes something wonderful", so, nurture and 
love.    Lov-ya, Mom

 [6]: From:
Subject: Re: New stuff

There are techniques to awaken this but I wouldn't recommend them unless one
is very detached in their ability to flow with life. Kundalini changes the
level of energy you must live with, even those with a gradual energy eruption
must learn to do the dance. Some people find it easier to live with strange
inner experiences going on because they are naturally focused inside, and
don't automatically think of negatives. Then it is ok. Other's are not
mentally or emotionally balanced so that when dramatic movements and forces
move in the body, it is blown out of proportion and then the mind/emotions
create panic and fear.  I do believe we live at a time that more and more
people will feel this because the energies in the planet are being stepped up
tremendously as we speak, because of this, many will experience it, some will
turn it over to God and flow with it and others will literally fight a
dragon. This is just starting now, what I see from dreams, meditations and
visions is that the spiritual explosion is just now registering, we have
barely started, once it is increased, then we will see tremendous fires
burning. This is very good, but it is also a challenge to prepare for the
tidal wave that is coming, without doubt. Gloria 

 [7]: From: (Jean Tracy)
Subject: Re: responses to PARTNERING and KUNDALINI

Thanks to all for responding aobut this subject.

Carlo it seems you were very much a part of Zana's search so things didn't
take you by surprise.  She is very fortunate that you are a willing
listener.  It's so important to be able to share such sacred magic with
your partner.

Karol - how wonderful that your spouse is now having the experience himself!
>I believe most of the fear of k is out of ignorance.  We were
>never taught about this energy or what it could to to an unsuspecting

Yes, I agree.  Education is imperative.  Have you seen the movie 'Powder'?
I think it has a definite Kundalini flavor to it.  Bucky Fuller once said
that his ideas were accepted because he always placed them 50 years into
the future. People are not threatened by something that is that far away
and are able to actually ingest the concepts.

In a way, this movie did the same thing.  It presented a fantasy character-
far from the present- who showed us how to be in relationship and how to
utilize the extra voltage for healing.

Melissa, I hadn't thought of inviting my spouse into this group.  With all
of your permission I think I will print out some of the responses and offer
them for his perusal.

By the way - Happy Solstice.  I hold you all in celebration of the
culmination of the light (of consciousness)!


 [8]: From: (Jean Tracy)
Subject: Re: Newbie questions


>I would like to ask those of you have had a kundalini awakening if you
>are glad it happened to you.  If you could choose, would you rather it
>*not* have happened?

I am absolutley thrilled with the experience of awakening now that I'm
through the worst (I hope).  During the dramatic moments, I wanted it to
slow down, to take it easy, and I had to try very hard to keep from
swimming out to sea and never stopping.

>BTW, I am currently enrolled in the course of lessons put out by the
>Self-Realization Fellowship.  I understand that after one has taken the
>basic lessons, which cover meditation and related subjects, one can
>elect to be initiated into kriya yoga, which (I think) aims at awakening
>the kundalini.  That was not my reason for starting the lessons, but it
>will be interesting to see if that's where they lead.

It is true that Kundalini is the rocket ship of transformation - can you
support these rapid changes with careful attention, courage and faith?

 [9]: From: (Jean Tracy)
Subject: Re:Karol's reponse to stuff

>> I sometime have trouble falling asleep because I see this white
>>stroboscopic light flicking in the left corner of my closed eyes,
>>sometimes it can seem to be coming from over my head.

>Interesting....I just started having this phenomenon.  Richard, is this
>what you were referring to?  I must have misunderstood.  I thought you
>were describing something you witnessed with your eyes open.

I have this too!  It's almost as if a neon sign has blitzed out.  My
thoughts are that it is excess prana - it only happens when I draw my
attention and breath to the center of 3rd eye.

[10]: From: Melissa Ann Fornof 
Subject: confession

I feel it is time for me to confess.  My initial Kundalini experience was 
brought on by a psychadelic drug--marijuana.  I did not want to mention 
this before, for more than one reason.  First of all, I guess I didn't 
want anyone one to think my experience was "all in my mind" because of 
the drug--the experiences continued MONTHS after the drug-taking.  Second 
of all, I am ashamed of what I did.  I wish I could explain well. I'll 
give it my best shot.  I smoked marijuana QUITE often when I was 17--the 
worst year of my life.  I never experienced anything Kundalini--exept 
maybe some strange body movements--and I DEFINATELY did this last time.  
It had been 5 years since I smoked pot, and I felt very guilty about it, 
but someone close to me told me that for her, pot helped her open her 
mind to new possibilities.  I had been learning of chakras and came to 
believe in them; subsequentlly I learned of Kundalini.  However, I knew I 
was too skeptical.  I was desperately seeking "something more."  Though a 
Christian, I felt devoid of divine intervention--or perhaps abandoned, 
since meeting my husband seemed to be under supernatural circumstances.  
I felt I needed and desperately wanted something more tangible--I saw all 
the attrocities in tbe world, ached to help, and wondered why.  I 
practically begged God or whatever or whomever to give me something or 
show me something.  I felt that the only way my mind would accept 
anything like that would be throug pot.  I am the daughter of "Mr. Spock" 
and "DeAnna Troy" from the two generartions of Star Trek.  I am both very 
logical and very sensitive.  I learned to control my sensitivity, having 
to live with Mr. Spock, but I was still always very sensitive.  However, 
my logical side kept me from excepting non-traditional, non-Western 
ideas, which I really wanted because so much of it appealed to me--at 
least the chakras and then the K.  So, in desperation and hope, I once 
again smoked marijuana.  That night, after reading a New-age book, my 
experience began.  I did not want to tell anyone of my marijuana smoking 
because I was ashamed (even felt guilty at the time, but also thought it 
was the only way for me to go any further spiritually) and because I 
wanted no one to downplay my experience because it was "drug-induced".  
However, I feel this experience was just as spontaneous as any other 
spontaneous experience, because I smoked pot SO many times a few years 
before and felt basically nothing--this time I was spiritually motivated, 
looking for and even asking for something more.  And I got it.  To me, my 
experience is just as real, just as meaningful, and just as spontaneous 
as anyone else's.  I just don't want anyone to think otherwise just 
because I initiated it with drugs.  I am not proud of what I did, nor do 
I recommend it.  But my experience was just as real, spontaneous, and 
life-changing as any one else's as far as I am concerned.  I felt it was 
time for confession.  I have other things to post tomorrow; I hope my 
confession doesn't darken my input.

Love, Melissa

[11]: From:
Subject: quotes

What a wonderful letter from Karol Ann. Thank you. I would like to hear about
your awakening.
The Muktananda quote is very precise. I would like to hear more of your
thank you again.

I am responding to this:
From: Karol Ann Barnett 

>I heard that when Swami Muktananda was once asked about the problems caused
>by Kundalini, he replied something to the effect that Kundalini never causes
>trouble.  The trouble is already there (although often in a latent and
>unconscious form) and the awakening process works to correct and heal these
>pre-existing difficulties.
>It may be that your process will remain gentle and joyful.  Yogananda
>apparently had a very gentle but powerful Kundalini awakening.  Yet
>throughout his childhood he suffered from various acute and chronic
>illnesses, which I suspect were early onset Kundalini cleansings.  Have you
>always enjoyed good health?  Even if you do encounter some difficulties down
>the line, I think your strong faith will carry you through.  I find that
>people who have no context in which to understand their transformative
>experiences and no sense of their spiritual value are most in danger of being
>negatively overwhelmed.  Yet as several people on this list have already
>mentioned, even such a traumatic path can favor tremendous psychological and
>spiritual growth.