Date: Sat, 22 Jun kundalini-l-d Digest  Volume 96 : Issue 22 
 [1]: From: (David A. Katz)
Subject: Re: Touchy subjects & an Introduction

>I was thinking of joining a support group but this suits me down to the
ground for the 
>moment! I've been 'lurking' for a while so this is my first post. I'll
introduce myself 
>but first this is what booted me into action;
>Viviane wrote in kundalini-l-d Digest V96 #18
>> May I express my gratitude for this mailing list that enable us to exchange
>> on this very touchy subject that we can't discuss with our friends in
>> general.
>I've had experience of this; friends have reacted in a certain ways (eg.
"don't get 
>involved in that californian wierdness, it will send you mad") and I've had 
to be 
>careful not to take that as a threat from them. 
>I think people have an instinctive uneasiness about such subjects because
buried deep 
>inside there is knowledge about the 'other' as some call it. The 'other' is
a dark room 
>at the moment to many people and when some of us shine torches we
unwittingly scare 
>others (this is the classic scary film effect - the dark dusty loft with
the faces of 
>old toys being caught for a split second in the torch beam!). 
>Going off the subject a bit, this has parrels with racism; an instinctive
>reaction in my opinion, that happens for very good reasons. Again people
get scared and 
>(knee-jerk) react. The problem is they don't know *why* they react. If only
things like 
>the 8-circuit model of human consciousness (of Timothy Leary, Gurdjieff,
and others; see 
> ) was taught in school.
The reason 
>why it is'nt is a whole other can of worms though.
>Of course, I do have friends I can talk to, and now I've found this mailing
>My interest in Kundalini is closely related to my history. Three and a half
years ago my 
>mother died of Cancer. As a family we were all closely involved in the
illness and the 
>process of working through mothers death which included a Humanist service
and much 
>sadness, happiness, distress and support. Both my sister and brother went
>periods of depression. My sisters depression (specificly, manic depression
cycles) was 
>complicated by 'recreational' drugs that weren't (ie. psychedelics). This
has also 
>been the case with my brother (he was labelled 'Paranoid Schizophrenic' for
a while) but 
>in my opinion his problems originated from a number of meditational
sessions that he 
>embarked on without any advice or guidance. In both cases I have recognised
that the 
>unusual behaviour that I witnessed was k energy; the symptoms of too much
of it too soon 
>(see Spiritual Emergence or Psychosis? by Selene Vega 
> ).
>Of course I have had my own struggles as well; especially with coming to
terms with 
>these events and the reasons for them. Many have told me to leave the whole
>alone fearing that I was becoming obsessed with it (more like stubborness
on my part!). 
>At one point I was convinced I was dropping into the same mindset that
caused my brother 
>and sister so much pain. Eventually I finally came to a place where I could
except the 
>spiritual reality of what was happening to me and my family. Trust is
definitly the 
>word. I can now trust in the paths that my brother and sister follow with
>understanding not to interfere and cause more problems. This leaves me to
concentrate on 
>myself - I have recently started a course of hypnotherapy.
>I am 26 (fairly close to your age Melissa if you're reading this!) and live
in the Lake 
>District, Cumbria, the UK.
>"We must understand that every moral idea is strictly a hallucination. It
creates guilt 
>which creates muscular tension, which creates rage. That leads to further
armoring, to 
>hold the rage in. That leads to all the psychosomatic illnesses that
orthodox medicine 
>can't cure and to all the social pathologies around us. Rape.
Child-beating. War." 
>Robert Anton Wilson. Excerpt from "Wilhelm Reich in Hell, a 2-act musical".
>( )
>Peace, Love, No Blame!

Dear Barney,

    Enjoyed your post and thank you for sharing so much, so freely.  I'm
writing to give a warning.  Hypnosis is, to quote the great Paramahansa
Yogananda, "tresspass into anothers consciousness".  It has a definite
deliterious effect on the person submitting to it.  It fosters a sense of
"I can't do it", ie; helplessness, which is the antithesis of spiritual
unfolding.  Take the bull by the horns Barney!!  Stand up like a man and
dive into the realm of Spirit on your own power!  Submit helplessly to
NOTHING!  Yes, hypnosis can reveal a great deal.  But its sort of like
surgery in which the surgeon enters the body to fix the liver but
inadvertently and unavoidably damages the heart in the process.  Please
don't take offense with my unasked  for advice.  

    More unasked for advice (I am half-expecting a "screw you" response from
you).  Avoid this fellow Wilson.  He knows nothing.  Instead turn your
attention toward people like Yognanada, Ramakrishna, or  Baba Ram Dass (Dr.
Richard Alpert).  You mentioned Timothy Leary.  Ram Dass was his best friend
and fellow experimenter at Harvard when they first touched on psychedelics.
Ram Dass turned from the 'shrooms to the East and spiritual discipline,
seeing the limits of chemically induced spiritual states.  He has since
attained all the experiences of psychedelics, but via the ancient techniques
of Yoga which give a permanent peace, not a temporary thrill.

    As for the statement on morality, I don't agree. Morality must be
pursued in the sense that God must be pursued.   Only God is Moral.  All our
attempts at fostering morality are feeble and ineffectual at best, but that
does not mean morality is a sham and damaging to ourselves and society.
Replace the word  morality with the word detachment and you will see what I
mean.  All advancement comes via God's grace alone, but that grace is
forthcoming ONLY after we make a struggle to destroy our worldly attachments
and develop an attachment to Him.  That struggle is the struggle to become
moral in its most correct interpretation.  It is the struggle to become Who
we already are - God.

    Thanks for not being angry!  I share only with the best intentions,
hoping to help.  By the way, I'll be checking out that Leary URL you noted -
appreciate your including it. 

   May God bless you with awareness of Him.


 [2]: From: (withers)
Subject: Introduction

Dear all,

My name is Michelle, and I am new to this list, and have been reading for a
few days.  I tried to post a few days ago my introduction, but it must have
gone astray, and I accidentally erased all my files yesterday - so I don't
even have a copy of it.  I sent a copy to Richard by mistake - so Richard -
if you still have it maybe you could post it to the group?

I have been wondering if I have indeed experienced Kundalini.  I have
thought all along that my spiritual development started with this intense
energy - but it doesn't sound quite the same.

My awakening was filled with a very loving intense liquid love which
coursed through my body and gave me blocks of knowledge.  It could happen
at any time in the beginning, and I didn't seem to have any control over it
- so just enjoyed it, and assumed that it was an angel trying to contact me
in a BIG way - really in my face sort of energy throughout my body - you
couldn't miss it if it happened to you, and I could't just brush it off as

This started happening about 2 years ago, and I have learned through much
patience, and along with heaven's help, to speak with heaven and to see
angels and aura's - all sorts of wonderful phenomena :)

The kundalini you all speak of is what sort of energy??  I assumed that my
awakening was heaven drawing upon a sort of kundalini energy/type of thing
- but I wasn't able to find any books in my area on kundalini, and since I
have noticed that everyone's experiences are entirely unique, decided to go
it alone.  But it is fun to speak to people who are experiencing tremendous
energies in the physical sense.

My energy awakening appears to be lead by heaven, and they have a definite
plan - looking back upon HOW they have taught me to open up in distinct
patterns to enable me to finally do and see all the things I can now - I
don't think we have the forethought to work so hard and meticulously on
tiny little details - such as heaven can - it sees a much larger view of
life than we do  :)

What I am wondering about is WHY do you all think that this energy is going
to hurt anyone?  My angels would never evoke such a powerful energy, and
help me to allow it into my body if it weren't for my own good - and if you
feel that this is a dangerous energy, then why are you wanting to work with
it??  The intense loving energy I feel coursing through my body goes deeply
into my heart, and sometimes leaves me crying from the intensity of the
love :)  but it has never felt anything but wonderful - maybe TOO wonderful
for my poor old body to handle - but never harmful.....

I have alot of the symptoms you have been discussing regarding the TV
screen type of seeing which goes along with the whole awakening, and the
sinus trouble and swelling.  But I lay myself down and put my body in the
hands of God, and ask Him to fill me with healing light and love - and I am
better afterwards :)  Sometimes I see a host of shimmering angels when I'm
done, which fill me with such love that I feel like I'm going to explode,
and like I'm raising up off the bed.  This is what I had thought was a
kundalini sort of energy - but maybe I'm wrong.... - I haven't heard anyone
speak of the love which is the main focus of the energy I am having fill me

In the beginning I was very confused and disoriented and thought I was
going completely MAD!! :)  !! - but felt sure that because of the intense
compassion and unconditional love I felt coming from what I hypothosized as
heaven, that I was just in for a ride, and that something BIG was happening
to me, "just hang in there, this is just the beginning" - was the message I

I guess I am searching for others who are experiecing the same sort of
heavenly awakening, and wondering if anyone here on this list feels as if
what I am now experiencing started off as kundalini??  I do hope so :)
because it is SO wonderful, and I am hopeful for everybody to have this
same experience.

In light and love,



"Every breath of air and ray of light and heat, every beautiful prospect,
is, as it were, the skirt of their garments, the waving of the robes of
those whose faces see God."

                     -John Henry Newman

 [3]: From: Karol Ann Barnett 
Subject: Re: stuff

> I sometime have trouble falling asleep because I see this white stroboscopic 
> light flicking in the left corner of my closed eyes, sometimes it can seem to 
> be coming from over my head. 

Interesting....I just started having this phenomenon.  Richard, is this 
what you were referring to?  I must have misunderstood.  I thought you 
were describing something you witnessed with your eyes open.  

Karol Ann

 [4]: From: Karol Ann Barnett 
Subject: Re: Unidentified subject!

> Those symptoms sound very familiar while I think a lot of strange things have
> to do with kundalini, it still manifests as physical stuff. The one you are
> talking about was for me a severe allergy situation. I became allergic to my
> environment, you know the more sensitive you get, the more things that are

I became severely allergic too which is why we had to move to the desert.

Karol Ann

 [5]: From:
Subject: Introduction

Michelle, in answer to your question -- Jean Roberts had an initial Kundalini
awakening very similar to what you have described of your own.  (Her story is
the lead article, "Risking All for Love," in the May/June issue of Shared

I heard that when Swami Muktananda was once asked about the problems caused
by Kundalini, he replied something to the effect that Kundalini never causes
trouble.  The trouble is already there (although often in a latent and
unconscious form) and the awakening process works to correct and heal these
pre-existing difficulties.

It may be that your process will remain gentle and joyful.  Yogananda
apparently had a very gentle but powerful Kundalini awakening.  Yet
throughout his childhood he suffered from various acute and chronic
illnesses, which I suspect were early onset Kundalini cleansings.  Have you
always enjoyed good health?  Even if you do encounter some difficulties down
the line, I think your strong faith will carry you through.  I find that
people who have no context in which to understand their transformative
experiences and no sense of their spiritual value are most in danger of being
negatively overwhelmed.  Yet as several people on this list have already
mentioned, even such a traumatic path can favor tremendous psychological and
spiritual growth.


 [6]: From: (Michelle Withers)
Subject: introduction

Dear El,

Michelle here.  Thank you for your reply.  You asked if I have enjoyed good
health all of my life.  No certainly not.  I had a very difficult time
after being raped  when I was 19 - and the subsequent pregnancy.
Afterwards I had 3 miscarriages before I gave birth to my first live baby
when I was 23.  Before I had all of my 3 children I had 3 surgeries to
correct much of the trauma I endured when I was raped.

But of the most pertinant - I was most terribly ill - constantly for 4
months prior to my initial spiritual awakening.  I never got better for the
entire winter, and went from one illness to another - and was just plain
old sick, and discouraged - of being sick.  I quit my job, and focused on
my family, and my body, which remarkably snapped back into shape within
about a week of the first onslaught of my first kundalini awakening - which
for me was an ecstatic feeling, after having been so ill to have been
filled with such hopeful and loving energy, when I had felt like my body
was defeating me.

Maybe my awakening could also be a little easier because I feel I am a very
old soul - and I can remember many many past lives - and remember being one
with all of them while I was a child - which my mother promptly drummed out
of me because it wasn't acceptable.  So all of this to me is just
remembering how I was as a child - as I was born intune with nature and the
heavens, it's just unlearning all the boundaries humanity has put on me.

But isn't that what we all must do - to awaken ourselves from the amneisia
inflicted on us sometime after early infancy.  (I believe that infants are
still out of body a good amount of the time - I run a daycare and have seen
many infants follow an angel around the room, and have seen that they can
feel the joy angels have for us - but that's another story

Hope this answers your question.

In light and love,


 [7]: From: Niles Rodrick 
Subject: Re: Introduction

Yes Michelle, you are definely experiencing the effects of Kundalini. 
Depending on how a person handles this energy, it can have positive or 
negative effects. It is like a big mirror,  and what you see is what you get.
     If forced open, wether on purpose, or accidently, before the person is 
ready, it can have diastrous results, something like plugging a 110 lamp 
into a 220 outlet. It is the energy of creation, and quite powerful.

 [8]: From: anna fubini 

I suggest to add : all the Gopi Krishna's books (see on Kundalini 
Research foundation Ldt. on the web) and a very important old (1901) book 
: R.Bucke "COSMIC CONSCIUOSNESS" ,of which I shall attach the (italian 
presentation to an editor for traslate : it was never been traslated in 
italian although it is a classic ) I wonder also that it is not in this 
list of books. 
Good bye

 [9]: From: anna fubini 

       This section contains kundalini related books which have
       been reviewed or submitted by list members. All should be
      available via the Internet at books, or through
                special order at your local bookshop.

     If you have comments on any books listed here, or would like
      to submit a title and review, please post to kundalini-l or
                      mail to

[Image] Indicates a personal library title which is highly

                  Book related posts from the list...

[*] Chopra, Deepak.
                   Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.

[*] Harvey, Andrew.
     Hidden Journey; A Spiritual Awakening. Penguin Arkana,

[*] Irving, Darrel.
                           Serpent of Fire.

[recommended] [*] Judith, Anodea.
 Wheels of Life: A User's Guide to the Chakra System. Llewellyn,

[recommended] [*] Kilham, Christopher.
             The Five Tibetans. Healing Arts Press,

[*] Morris, Dr. Glenn.
                Path Notes of an American Ninja Master.

[*] Muni, Swami Rajarishi.
Awakening the Life Force: The Philosophy and Psychology of Spontaneous
                     Yoga. Llewellyn Publications

[*] Sinetar, Marsha.
      Ordinary People as Monks and Mystics. Paulist Press,

[*] Sanella, Lee
                        The Kundlini Experinece

[recommended] [*] Steinbrecher, Gerald.
           The Inner Guide Meditation. Samuel Weiser,

[*] The Three Initiates.
                The Kybalion. Yogi Publication Society

[recommended] [*] Tweedie, Irina.
 Daughter of Fire: A Diary of a Spiritual Training with a Sufi Master=
 .                     The Golden Sufi Center,

[*] Wesselman, Hank.
                      Spritwalker. Bantam,

[*] White, John (ed.).
               Kundalini, Enlightenment, and Evolution.


Awakening the Life Force: The Philosophy and Psychology of Spontaneous

Reviewed by Martin

     Awakening the Life Force: The Philosophy and Psychology of
     Spontaneous Yoga by Swami Rajarishi Muni is really really
     good. It reconciles quite a few questions I've had over the
     last 20 years of practice and reading.


The Kybalion

Reviewed by Martin

     The Kybalion by The Three Initiates is the book of books.
     Those who understand and apply the seven principles are like
     swimmers on the ocean of life, swimming directly to their
     destination. those who don't know are like logs, cast about
     by the waves of the ocean of life. I highly recommend this
     short book. wonderful. Changes my perspective everytime I
     read it.


Path Notes of an American Ninja Master

Reviewed by El Collie, 8 June 1996

     I am currently reading a book called PATH NOTES OF AN
     AMERICAN NINJA MASTER by Dr. Glenn Morris (ISBN
     1-55643-157-0). He presents some very interesting facts
     about the metabolic and other bodily changes he has observed
     in himself and others who have "survived" their Kundalini
     process, including: the heart rate and breathing rate goes
     way down (he takes only four breaths a minute now), body
     temperature drops, and the bones show up whiter and harder
     in x-rays. He also says: "Your whole body will eventually
     rewire and some parts are definitely not as much fun as
     others. Every place you've been seriously injured, had a
     bone broken, or taken some nerve damage will receive special
     attention, as damage improperly healed often creates a block
     to the efficient flow of energy." (pp. 37-38.)

     Morris is a real iconoclast with what Native Americans would
     call a "coyote" spirit. PATH NOTES is interwoven with his
     observations, ideas and scientific research on Kundalini and
     different levels of enlightenment plus many fascinating
     stories about the martial arts. I highly recommend this book
     to anyone with a strong intellectual or scientific leaning
     who is put off by religious terminology found in other books
     on Kundalini. (For those who are seeking instruction on
     awakening the Kundalini, Morris gives detailed and
     *responsible* techniques for this too.)


Serpent of Fire

Reviewed by El Collie & C. Kress

     SERPENT OF FIRE by Darrel Irving, ISBN 0-87728-830-5. The
     author presents a collection of Kundalini case histories,
     including his own. Most incisive part of the book addresses
     traditional psychiatry's misinterpretation and mishandling
     of Kundalini. Iriving contends that ALL schizophrenics are
     actually misdiagnosed cases of Kundalini. Whether or not
     this is true, this book sheds much needed light on
     psychiatry's monopolistic and oft tyrannical stance as high
     priest on matters of the psyche and soul.


Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Reviewed by Haakon Rian Ueland

     I read an astonishingly, undownable book, Deepak Chopra's:
     Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Its deceptively titled and
     could be passed over because it sounds like any other
     self-improvement, commercialized overhyped 'How-to-books'.

     It is spiritually insightful and comprehensive
     theosophically. This should be read in conjunction with his
     other book: Journey into Healing, amongst other publications
     by him. We have meditated on this and that, we have followed
     the teachings of the ancients, puzzled by their ponderous
     esoteric writing styles, continually lost in semantics and
     interpretation. Finally, along comes the fresh breeze of
     wisdom so succinctly expressed, stretching from science,
     psychology, human physiology to esoteric worlds of phenomena
     and being. This will knock your socks off. Forget the
     delusions and hallucinations of kundalini awakening, mere
     misfired energy and machinations of the ego-mind.


Kundalini, Enlightenment, and Evolution

Reviewed by Patti

     One of my favorite books of all time is Kundalini,
     Enlightenment, and Evolution by John White, editor.
     (available by special order from books.) It
     discusses evolution from a number of the great religious
     thinkers (mostly from INdia- also the scientific and medical
     data, plus personal histories. I found it a good solid
     reference, very comprehensive. John White is the editor and
     he puts together a good overall picture.. I must have stayed
     up all night reading it when I found it many years ago. (It
     was written in 1979 and rereleased in 1990.)

     These reviews are presented with the permission of the
     people involved. Reproduction for anything other than
     personal use is prohibited.

     Feel free to submit any questions you might have about what
     you read here to the kundalini mailing list, The Kundalini
     Resource Center's Bill Peay, Richard Satin, and/or the
     author of the post (if given).


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The ideas and opinions expressed here are those
of the author and/or authors and do not necessarily reflect those of
the site host, or the community at large. Also, any exercises
presented here, either physical or mental, are to be practiced at you=
own risk. Consult your physician, therapist, guide, or guru before yo=
begin, or should you experience any discomfort or trauma from any of
the processes involved in the awakening of kundalini energy. Many
people consider this energy force too powerful to work with on your
own without the active assistance of a guide. Use your own best
judgment. By all means, be extremely careful, and progress slowly and
cautiously on your path to Kundalini Awakening. It is in your best
interest to do so.

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[10]: From: (Anna Abbiate Fubini)
Subject: "cosmic consciousness"

I apologize : Nescape made me a funny trick : instead to send the test
about the book I wrote  (R.M.Bucke "cosmic consciousness") attached an
other document-text.
Now I try to send :


By Richard  Maurice  Bucke, M.D.

COSMIC   CONSCIOUSNESS        is rightly considered  to be one of the great
classics of mystical experience  It is not only a powerful  and moving
book,  it is so daring that, although  written almost  sixty years ago, it
is still ahead of its time.   A book  of this sort can only be produced
under  very special circumstances.  Its author  must  be a brave and
unconventional   man  who has not only the authority of scientific training
and the prestige of an eminent   position in that world, but also deep
seated emotional conviction  based upon  personal  experience. Richard
Maurice  Bucke  was just that man.
  At 36 he had the sudden and illuminating metaphysical  experience  that
lightened his life thereafter and led to the production  of this remarkable
book. Dr. Bucke  claims he learned as much  in the few seconds  that  the
illumination lasted as he had  in years of previous study, as well as much
that no study could have  taught him.  Yet it was just an initiation, and
not until years later, aftermuch  labor, did he understand   its true
meaning - that  this extraordinary  event was not

Continued on Back Flap
Oontinued   from  Front Flap

an isolated occurrence,  or a mental  aberration, but the emergence  of a
new  faculty which was neither supernatural  nor supranormal,  but the
natural  outgrowth  of our present level of consciousness  to a level that
is as far above it as it is above  the simple consciousness  of animals.
Dr. Bucke  calls this faculty cosmic  consciousness,  and he believes that
the men  who  possess it, such as Buddha,   Jesus, Paul, Dante, Spinoza,
Blake, Balzac, Whitman,   and a growing  number   of others, are
forerunners  of the beings who  will eventually  people  the earth. These
men  have  certain things in common   which  indicate ~ by analogy with
the emergence   and development  of other faculties in the human  race -,
that we are witnessing  what  the author  calls a psychical  revolution.
Dr. Bucke  devotes the major  portion of the book  to the massive  and
varied evidence  of people who  possess cosmic  consciousness,  from  the
time of Moses  until the present day.  William  James called Bucke  and his
book  "a benefactor of us all". Generation  after generation  has found
this to be true.


BY Richard  Maurice  Bucke, M.D.

PROfESSOR    WILLIAM    JAMES   read Cosmic  Consciosness  soon  after it
first appeared, and wrote  to the author:   "I believe that you have
brought  this kind of consciousness  'home' to the attention of students of
human  nature  in a way  so definite and unescapable  that it will be
;impossihle  henceforward   to overlook  it or ignore  it...But my  total
reaction on your book, my  dear Sir,is that it is an addition  to
psychology  of firstrather importance. and that you are a benefactor of us

best goodbye for today
P.S.slowly,( because it is absolutely too much : one day I have 56+10+14
mails!) I shall write about my own Kundalini and answer to questions .I
have quite medical questions to propose (some people with K;is my patient
or my friend and need me for medical question when ill : in list do exist
an other medicine doctor for discuss with?

Anna Abbiate Fubini
medicina psicosomatica - psicoanalisi
via Ormea 82 (abitazione e studio)
 TORINO (Italy)
tel 011- 6687080