Date: Wed, 19 Jun kundalini-l-d Digest  Volume 96 : Issue 19 
 [1]: From: David Farthing 
Subject: To Melissa/Rushing Kundalini?

Dear Melissa: I was glad to read your comments about "allowing kundalini" 
versus "taking action." I for one am quite interested in what some call 
mere manifestation or effects. Since the time of my awakening I have been 
using the energy pulses I feel to heal minor wounds, reduce swelling, 
drain sinuses and other small healings. The pulses also help me in my job 
as a musician. Somehow they help me "tune in" the people I perform with 
and we play better and more together. I am very curious about what all 
can be done or experienced with this energy and will continue to 
experiment, no matter what the experts say. I would be interested in 
hearing from you, Melissa, or anyone else about anything they are trying 
to accomplish or discover. Love, David Farthing

 [2]: From: (Viviane Brisson)
Subject: Re: White fog - Lubuvitcher Rebbe

I get this all the time when I'm calm. But I'm not sure what it is. I get the 
white vision (it's like having milk in your eyes) and I feel this lightness 
in all my body, as if my spirit was about to rise up in the air. I can do it 
at will. Do you feel some kind of pressure from behind your eyeballs? I do.

Does anyone knows the meaning of this?

>Subject: White fog - Lubuvitcher Rebbe
>From: Richard Satin 
>Last night I was at a fundraiser honoring the Lubuvitcher Rebbe.  For those
>of you who are not familiar with him, he was a very powerful individual,
> who
>could and did effect people from all walks of life, sometimes simply by
>looking at or touching them.  His strongest quality was his overwhelming
>love for all people from all races as individuals.  It was this awareness
>which came over me almost as a presence.
>At this presentation, a short video was shown of the giving of the U.S.
>Congressional gold medal, presented recently posthumously.  Interspersed
>were pictures of him at various times in his life.  Throughout the evening,
>the vision out of my left eye blanked in and out, as if by a white fog. 
>While this was going on, I sensed a palpable lightness about my head and
>torso.  The experience faded in and out repeatedly.
>Sensations are pretty common for all of us.  I tend to observe them, and
> not
>give them to much importance.  But this was pretty odd (for me).  Has
> anyone
>else experienced anything like this?
>By working hard 8 hours a day you may get to be
>the boss and work 12 hours a day. 

 [3]: From: (Viviane Brisson)
Subject: Unidentified subject!

I almost always feel a wave of energy in my face, with feelings of pressure 
in the bones, the cheeks, the jaw, the upper part of the neck,my eyes feel 
just about ready to pop out. I feel some kind of pressure on the skin at the 
lower left jaw.

I used to be able to project, but this symptom is distracting. 

Does anyone know what this is about?

 [4]: From: (R. H. Mace)
Subject: Re: Reason for awakening.

On Tue, 18 Jun 1996 15:46:44 -0500 (CDT), the conversation went as 
>> Many people spend a life time trying to awaken this Kundalini 
>>and may never succeed. I have a stupid question for your 
>>Newsgroup to help me with. I should know better, but what is the 
>>real reason some one would want to awaken {kundalini}

>In this life experience, I want to learn all that I can. I want 
>to evolve as much spiritually as I possibly can.  If awakening 
>the Kundalini helps empower me to do so, then it's well worth 

First, let me apologize that I am mostly "book-learned" about K 
with only a bit of personal physical/spiritual experience. But 
just from the books of others' experiences, I've learned that 
Kundalini is not just some powerful flow of energy up the spine. 
It is also connected to the seven (or more) major chakras, many 
minor chakras, tons of mini-chakras. Each of these are related to 
meridians, nadis, etc. So the whole system is affected.

Just a study of the seven major chakras tells one that different 
aspects of personality is affected, physical health is affected, 
latent karmic energies are stimulated (in order to be cleansed 
thru personal experience) and the physical vessel becomes an 
endless font of the purest spiritual energy which can then be 
transmitted to others for healing.

Also, another note on an e-mail I just read about someone whose 
third eye is open, but no excess kundalini energy...... We can 
open and close specific chakras, like the third eye without the 
whole K channel being stimulated or closed. Practically EVERYONE 
has such imbalances in their energy fields. K-power may blast a 
hole in some of these closed chakras, therefore the dangers of 
premature excitation (careful, this is a G-rated list!).

So I see the bigger picture for K energy, not just the single 
channel up the spine. There's Ida and Pingala, there are Chakras 
higher than the physical body, there are over seven layers of 
energy, blah, blah, blah, and ALL are affected by each other, 
ESPECIALLY the condition of the main Power Source, the Kundalini.


 [5]: From: (Jean Tracy)

The subject of partnering under the influence of Kundalini has been on my
mind lately and I thought I might bring the subject to the group.
Especially since Carlo is on.

It seems many marriages split as one spouse rockets through personal work
and leaves the other spouse dazed and confused, wondering who or what this
uninvited force of change is.  (It is very hopeful that Carlo is so
forthcoming in his desire to understand this phenomenon and willing to
engage this group.)

My own husband had fears that I was mentally unstable during the initial
experiences.  He did not want to listen to what was happening nor did he
want to share in a spiritual quest.  We have two children and are committed
to providing them with a stable and nourishing environment.  Not being able
to share the many levels of living with him has left me feeling very alone
throughout these last six years (even though I have a rich inner life).

I wonder what, if anything I could have done in the beginning that would
have eased him into accepting Kundalini.


 [6]: From:
Subject: Re: questions

Sounds like you are getting some movement in your etheric body and are seeing
things differently as the energy is shifting from one body to the next. The
sound came first and then the vision, give me more information. Gloria

 [7]: From: Niles Rodrick 
Subject: Evolution

I am the father, of the son
whom I give birth to,
...which is me.

 [8]: From:
Subject: Re: Unidentified subject!

I have those same things, I use anti-histimes to reduce the swelling in the
jaw, face and tongue. You do realize this is physical, kundalini also makes
the brain swell. Gloria

 [9]: From:
Subject: Re: Reason for awakening.

There is so much more to kundalini then what we have discussed so far, we
haven't even removed the surface. Gloria

[10]: From:
Subject: World Peace

Just a reminder that the coming Solstice on June 21 (Friday) is GLOBAL
PRAYERS FOR PEACE DAY.  All who wish to participate are asked to join in
prayer/ritual/celebration for world peace and healing of the earth and all
her inhabitants.

Anyone familiar with the Spindrift group's scientific studies on the results
of prayers knows that they discovered the more severely distressed the
organism being prayed for, the more miraculously positive the prayer results.
 The world is certainly severely distressed so according to this principle,
our combined prayers should have maximum effect.

I also have some thoughts to add regarding recent mention on this list of the
"MAP team" which refers to "a group of ascended souls" called the "White
Brotherhood."  If this system appeals to you, it is probably right for you to
use it.  However, it is not necessary for anyone to follow this specific path
in order to get help and guidance from "ascended souls" and spirit guides.  I
know of quite a number of people, myself included, who commune with
heaven-realm (or higher dimensional) Beings without using concepts like MAP
teams.  I simply ask all "Holy Ones and Beings of Light" for help, and my
prayers are always answered.  I also ask specific Goddesses for blessings and
protection and I have received positive results from this as well.  But I
need to clarify that the "answers" come in many forms and while they give me
what I need, they are not always what I wanted.

Anyone who has trouble believing in spirit helpers might do as Elisabeth
Kubler-Ross did.  She put out a challenge to God (and the spirits) to help
her as she was embarking on her now famous near-death research.  Within a
week, people came into her life who were the answers to her prayer.  This
incident and many other stories of love in action through both human and
divine sources can be found in her book, DEATH IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE, ISBN
0-88268-186-9 (1995).  On page 95, Kubler-Ross says: "We are surrounded by
these beings who guide us, who love us, who protect us, who try to direct us
to help us go on the track where we have to be to fulfill our own destiny."

One other comment Re Melissa's remark that we tend to see holy personages and
Masters in our visions that correspond to our religious upbringing or our
current beliefs.  Where Kundalini visions are concerned, quite the opposite
often happens, which is why such visitations can initially be very


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Subject: would like to hear your stories...

I am 33 and have been engaged in psychotheraphy and spiritual direction work
for the past three years.  A little more than a year ago, during hypnosis, my
head began to feel as though it were going to explode.  This was followed by
uncontrollable and violent shaking.  Since that time, I engage in hypnosis
weekly or bi-weekly...always the experience includes the body taking over.
 It always begins with a coiling energy in my back which explodes into
noncontrollable body movement.  This is often accompanied by strange
babbling, chanting, and intense pain in the lower back.  My counselor has
suggested the experience is kundalini awakening.  WE have done a lot of work,
and I have done a great deal of reading about kundalini.  I am a skeptic.
 The more I read, the more unsure I am of this whole thing called kundalini
and where it's leading.  I would love to hear from others who have struggled
balancing and making sense of the experience in a Christian context as it
relates to psychological and spiritual growth.  

[12]: From:
Subject: Re: reply to Pam

Pam, Hi
I'm looking into some very exciting information about magnetics. In fact I
have just been given a matress to sleep on for a week. It is suppose to work
on your magnetic field, and uses a very complex magnetic gemotric pattern to
do the balancing. It is very big in Japan. I will learn more after a few
days. Gloria

[13]: From: Carlo Izzo 

 Jean wrote:

> The subject of partnering under the influence of Kundalini has been on my
> mind lately and I thought I might bring the subject to the group.
> Especially since Carlo is on.
> It seems many marriages split as one spouse rockets through personal work
> and leaves the other spouse dazed and confused, wondering who or what this
> uninvited force of change is.  (It is very hopeful that Carlo is so
> forthcoming in his desire to understand this phenomenon and willing to
> engage this group.)

	I can tell you how I lived through this. In the first few years of
	our marriage, Zana was very mystically oriented, and I was extremely
	"matter of fact". Well, this is not entirely true: I always had a
	feel that "there is something more, something higher". I was (and
	I am) just happy with this "knowledge" that there is "something", even 
	if I didn't know what was this "something". At that time, my wife
	was reading a lot of what - in my opinion - were very silly and
	shallow books. Something like "The secret of life in 20 lessons",
	with the picture of the author on the back cover displaying a very
	inspired expression, or some artificial self-reliance. I told her 
	that there is something better to read. I suggested her to "go to 
	the original sources", and I bought her Lao Tze, Chuang-tzu, and 
	other Zen stuff (old masters). She found them fantastic, and she 
	abandoned her previous readings. We were always discussing, and we 
	were able to agree on the most basic things. In any case I refused
	too much mysticism, and we sometimes had arguments lasting days.
	I was pulling in one direction, and she was pulling in the other,
	but we never lost touch. We knews that it made sense to discuss. 
	She even convinced me to practice some meditation - but after a 
	short time I refused it because for me was pure nonsense. She kept 
	reading dozens of books, of good quality, and she kept meditating. 
	She kept me informed about her progress, and I saw her awakeing 
	happening in real time, day after day. I was impressed. She was 
	looking to me more and more calm and relaxed, till she came to me 
	overexcited, describing her kundalini awakening (she didn't know 
	anything about kundalini). I trusted her immediately: I knew she 
	was not pretendig (she NEVER pretends: she is the most open and 
	honest person I have ever met). I was extremely impressed, astonished 
	I would say. Almost scared.

> My own husband had fears that I was mentally unstable during the initial
> experiences.  

	I was doubting she was mentally unstable too, sometimes. 
	Her hard-headedness about meditation, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism
	etcetera worried me. I felt *happy* when some of our Chinese, Indian 
	or Japanese friends were telling her that these are religions
	as any other religion - with nothing specially different in them. 
	In fact, she got quickly convinced about it. I suggested her to 
	read the Bible and the New Testament, in order to become aware that
	"wisdom" is not limited to the Far East, but is also part of our 
	own culture. She always refused to read them, by the way: she
	was not convinced. Or she found it useless.

> He did not want to listen to what was happening nor did he
> want to share in a spiritual quest.  We have two children and are committed
> to providing them with a stable and nourishing environment.  Not being able
> to share the many levels of living with him has left me feeling very alone
> throughout these last six years (even though I have a rich inner life).

	No, even if I often disagreed with Zana, I never lost touch with
	her: I was always listening carefully to what she said, and I
	tried with all my might to understand her. Sometimes I failed,
	sometimes I succeeded. And, in a way, I was *really* interested.
> I wonder what, if anything I could have done in the beginning that would
> have eased him into accepting Kundalini.
	This is so difficult to accept, Jean: it sounds too much like
	"magic", a sort of silly "new age" thing. It is difficult for
	people who didn't experience it to accept it as a real thing,
	and not as a hoax, or a mental illness. You can just try to explain,
	and hope that your partner would understand.

	Ciao,   Carlo

[14]: From: Melissa Ann Fornof 
Subject: re:partnering and Kundalini


Have you shown your husband this list?  There are a lot of people on it, 
myself included, that have thought THEMSELVES that they were going 
crazy--none-the-less others around them.  Maybe this list would help him 
understand--suerly, we can't ALL be crazy; undergoing the same or similar 
experiences and from all over America and the world.  Do you think this 
will help?  Try it--it can't hurt, can it?  Let us know what happens.

Love, Melissa

[15]: From:
Subject: Jimmy crack corn

How about this--I had broken up with a man I was with for sometime. I later
encountered him at a party where I was escorted by my new beau. Man number
one walked up to us and  loudly sang/growled the line, "Jimmy Crack corn, and
I don't care". I though it was kind of odd, but I figured the I don't care
part was the key, his trying to bluff some ambivalence I knew he did not have
at the time. This was around January of this year. This is not really much of
a story, but I had to relay it anyway.....

[16]: From: Gordon Held 
Subject: Beginning kundalini

I find myself ready for some "spiritual" growth and have found the 
subject of kundalini interesting, but have only explored it 

I would like someone who is successfully into it to recommend some 
introductory reading material to help me learn more about it.

Also, I would be interested in a seminar for beginners.

My wife is quite into organized religion but this does not mean she will 
automatically reject everything else.  I don't think kundalini is 
competition, but could use some insight here, also.

Thanks to anyone who can provide some insight/help.

[17]: From: Iver Juster 
Subject: Beginning kundalini

I have known people who have deliberately tried to raise their kundalini for
years with no success. And of course others for whom the k was raised
without any effort on their part.

Common ways to do so include taking psychoactive substances, meditating,
yoga, and going to a guru for direct transmission (known as shaktipat.) But
there are no guarantees that the kundalini will take hold,no matter what you do.

Bookstores now have a fairly decent amount on the subject, espcecially if
you can find a spiritually  oriented one.   You  might try going in and
reading different books, each will give you different ideas and approaches
to try. See which one appeals to your underlying sensibilities.

Also some  people  like Rosalyd Bruyere talk about using the kundalini
energy for healing and it doens't necessarily require an awakening, just an
awareness. Again, a good bookstore is where I would start. Good luck,

Best, Patti

[18]: From:
Subject: Re: Fwd: Returned mail: User unknown

To User unknown. 
Glad to share my experience, why don't you write to me directly at Gloria Joy Greco

[19]: From: Paul McDonald - Bon Air Branch 
Subject: Shaktipat

I would be interested in hearing about people's shaktipat experiences.  I 
seemed to have had a gradual shaktipat experience culminating through 
meditation, chanting, being with others who have been awakened and meeting 
Gurumayi Chidvilasananda last summer.  All my chakras feel alive, my heart and 
third eye in particular.  I guess I would classify the awakening as gentle yet 

Thank you.


[20] From: The Psy-kick Worrier ov Gaia 
Subject: Touchy subjects & an Introduction


I was thinking of joining a support group but this suits me down to the ground for the 
moment! I've been 'lurking' for a while so this is my first post. I'll introduce myself 
but first this is what booted me into action;

Viviane wrote in kundalini-l-d Digest V96 #18

> May I express my gratitude for this mailing list that enable us to exchange
> on this very touchy subject that we can't discuss with our friends in
> general.

I've had experience of this; friends have reacted in a certain ways (eg.
"don't get involved in that californian wierdness, it will send you
mad") and I've had to be careful not to take that as a threat from them.

I think people have an instinctive uneasiness about such subjects
because buried deep inside there is knowledge about the 'other' as some
call it. The 'other' is a dark room at the moment to many people and
when some of us shine torches we unwittingly scare others (this is the
classic scary film effect - the dark dusty loft with the faces of old
toys being caught for a split second in the torch beam!).

Going off the subject a bit, this has parrels with racism; an
instinctive tribal reaction in my opinion, that happens for very good
reasons. Again people get scared and (knee-jerk) react. The problem is
they don't know *why* they react. If only things like the 8-circuit
model of human consciousness (of Timothy Leary, Gurdjieff, and others;
see ) was taught in
school. The reason why it is'nt is a whole other can of worms though.

Of course, I do have friends I can talk to, and now I've found this
mailing list!

My interest in Kundalini is closely related to my history. Three and a
half years ago my mother died of Cancer. As a family we were all closely
involved in the illness and the process of working through mothers death
which included a Humanist service and much sadness, happiness, distress
and support. Both my sister and brother went through periods of
depression. My sisters depression (specificly, manic depression cycles)
was complicated by 'recreational' drugs that weren't (ie. psychedelics).
This has also been the case with my brother (he was labelled 'Paranoid
Schizophrenic' for a while) but in my opinion his problems originated
from a number of meditational sessions that he embarked on without any
advice or guidance. In both cases I have recognised that the unusual
behaviour that I witnessed was k energy; the symptoms of too much of it
too soon (see Spiritual Emergence or Psychosis? by Selene Vega ).

Of course I have had my own struggles as well; especially with coming to
terms with these events and the reasons for them. Many have told me to
leave the whole situation alone fearing that I was becoming obsessed
with it (more like stubborness on my part!). At one point I was
convinced I was dropping into the same mindset that caused my brother
and sister so much pain. Eventually I finally came to a place where I
could except the spiritual reality of what was happening to me and my
family. Trust is definitly the word. I can now trust in the paths that
my brother and sister follow with enough understanding not to interfere
and cause more problems. This leaves me to concentrate on myself - I
have recently started a course of hypnotherapy.

I am 26 (fairly close to your age Melissa if you're reading this!) and
live in the Lake District, Cumbria, the UK.

"We must understand that every moral idea is strictly a hallucination.
It creates guilt which creates muscular tension, which creates rage.
That leads to further armoring, to hold the rage in. That leads to all
the psychosomatic illnesses that orthodox medicine can't cure and to all
the social pathologies around us. Rape. Child-beating. War."

Robert Anton Wilson. Excerpt from "Wilhelm Reich in Hell, a 2-act musical".
( )

Peace, Love, No Blame!